Which preposition to use with orientation

of Occurrences 13%

"If we persist in treating the massacres of Christians as an internal affair of Turkey, which is only important to us because it ensures us the Turks' friendship, then we must change the orientation of our German Kulturpolitik.

in Occurrences 5%

Very frequently these opportunities are ignored, and will be until we achieve something of a new orientation in the matter of teaching English.

on Occurrences 1%

This orientation on the plan of so many eastern shrines proves that Stonehenge was the temple of some early sun-worshipping race of men in Britain.

to Occurrences 1%

It is quite interesting to watch the oscillation of the Omsk mind from one orientation to another.

towards Occurrences 1%

He is Republican, having lived long in America, and honestly believes that Russia must be directed in her orientation towards Republican countries rather than to the evidently permanently and exclusively Monarchist country, England.

Which preposition to use with  orientation