Which preposition to use with our

in Occurrences 18%

There are besides in the said island Juana seven or eight kinds of palm-trees, which far excel ours in height and beauty, just as all the other trees, herbs, and fruits do.

to Occurrences 14%

Your eyes are now turned like ours to the battle-line in France.

of Occurrences 13%

Sir, if the Figure you make, approaching so near ours of this World, have made us commit any undecent Indignity to your high Character, you ought to pardon the Frailty of our mortal Education and Ignorance, having never before been bless'd with the Descension of any from your World.

for Occurrences 7%

"It's ours for three years, and not a penny to pay.

at Occurrences 7%

No Martial balloonist, much less any Martial mountain-climber, has ever, save once, reached a greater height than 16,000 feetthe air at the sea-level being scarcely more dense than ours at 10,000 feet.

with Occurrences 5%

Caliban, the Witches, are as true to the laws of their own nature (ours with a difference), as Othello, Hamlet, and Macbeth.

into Occurrences 4%

It was one of those cloudless days in early June when all Nature, and yourself more than anything else in Nature, seems as though it had been taking Champagne,not too warm, but sufficiently so to make out-of-door life a luxury, and an excursion like ours into the country almost a necessity.

from Occurrences 4%

America's ours from to-day.

by Occurrences 4%

What a new bond is at once and for ever established between its soul and ours by this mysterious, inexplicable, almost incredible fact!

under Occurrences 2%

He was a huge, strong fellow of six feet, with a simpering boy's face and curly light hair, and he insisted on carrying me on his back, as well as a small box of ours under his arm.

towards Occurrences 2%

Her interests are closely connected with our own, and her policy is dominated by the same spirit of loyalty and integrity as ours towards Austria.

along Occurrences 2%

The Austrian front line ran along one ridge of peaks and ours along another; between ran a deep valley, all No Man's Land, into which patrols used to climb down at night, often with the aid of ropes.

on Occurrences 2%

The great inheritance of honor, of valor and of all martial virtues is, as Professor Cramb very fitly expresses it, "but ours on trust, the fief inalienable of the dead and of the generation to come," and the summons of the present is to guard this heritage, nor to bate one jot of the ancient spirit; the summons of the future will be so to widen its scope as to apply it in all walks and relations of life.

after Occurrences 1%

It would please me to set down here an account of the adventures which were ours after becoming enlisted men, but it must not be done, else I might never bring the tale to a close, for we saw very much during the time our people were convincing the king, and surely did our duty at Bemis Heights, otherwise our company would never have been mentioned in the flattering terms it then was.

beyond Occurrences 1%

For ours beyond the gate, The deep things, the untold, We only wait.

near Occurrences 1%

She was dressed like a dowdy, and when the ministers bowed she gave them her hand and said, 'How d'ye do?'" "It will really be a liberal education, to the North to have a capital like ours near them, where their public men can learn manners, and where Northern ladies can see how to conduct themselves in public," Mrs. Rodney broke in, laughing.

as Occurrences 1%

To this question no answer is given in the book, but there is plenty of evidence that either the King himself, in order to make his people as much like ours as possible, or his foreign assistants, embellished them with sentimental details.

than Occurrences 1%

In nothing, indeed, is the contrast more marked between that age and ours than in the quantity of books available for the ordinary reader.

down Occurrences 1%

Send the kid to bed right off, and then you and Bert come down here and we'll fix up these prairie dogs of ours down the hole.

Which preposition to use with  our