Which preposition to use with owe

to Occurrences 4010%

The old dog was trying to follow me; but could come no further, owing to the rope, with which I had hauled him up, being still tied 'round his body, the other end not having been unfastened from the tree.

in Occurrences 45%

We slept unusually long; and, owing in part to Wigurd's good cheer, I awoke with a head-ache.

for Occurrences 16%

The people you owe for hotel bills, and horse feed, and supplies, follow you from one town to another, threatening to attach the ticket wagon and levy on the animals.

from Occurrences 9%

According to the accounts of the American Treasury the Allies' War debt is 9,587 millions of dollars: 4,277 millions owing from Great Britain, 2,977 millions from France, 1,648 millions from Italy, 349 millions from Belgium, 187 millions from Russia, 61 millions from Czeko-Slovakia, 26 millions from Serbia, 25 millions from Rumania, and 15 millions from Greece.

as Occurrences 6%

It, therefore, is required of them to prove, that the parliament ever ceded to them a dispensation from that obedience, which they owe as natural-born subjects, or any degree of independence or immunity, not enjoyed by other Englishmen.

unto Occurrences 6%

ii vj Lent Harey Porter the 15 of Maye 1599 the some of | s d | ii vj Be it knowne unto all men that I Henry Porter do owe unto Phillip Henchlowe the some of x's of lawfull money of England which I did borrowe of hym the 26 of Maye a'o.

at Occurrences 5%

Miss How, who is called a young lady of sense and honour, is not only extreme silly, but a more vicious character than Sally Martin, whose crimes are owing at first to seduction, and afterwards to necessity; while this virtuous damsel, without any reason, insults her mother at home and ridicules her abroad; abuses the man she marries; and is impertinent and impudent with great applause.

of Occurrences 4%

As he was even at this time suspicious of the freedmen, he remitted their one-quarter contribution which they were still owing of the money assessed upon them.

on Occurrences 4%

You owe every oneyou owe the paper peopleyou owe on your printing press.

above Occurrences 2%

I am spoiled, I am stripped of all my revenues: I owe above two hundred thousand marks; and if I had said three hundred thousand, I should not exceed the truth: I am obliged to pay my son, Prince Edward, fifteen thousand marks a year: I have not a farthing; and I must have money, from any hand, from any quarter, or by any means."

without Occurrences 1%

The pearly lustre (in the dry state) owing without doubt to the minute sulci on the backs of the cells.

by Occurrences 1%

Why, it is a duty which he owes by right to God, for who else gave him the ability to make all this money?" "Do you think God gave it to him?" asked Mr. Denton, quickly.

than Occurrences 1%

He would not consent to be under any obligation: if M. Dupont could prove that more was owing than that which he had consented to receive, it should be paid directly, but he should institute inquiries as to the legality of his claims, and carefully examine all the papers of the deceased.

about Occurrences 1%

The first big sum I ever was possessed of came to me at the age of two-and-thirty, when I sold a proprietary club (the one Crowther had a share in and which I had ultimately got into my own hands) for nine thousand pounds; but I owed about half of this.

Which preposition to use with  owe