Which preposition to use with pacing

with Occurrences 364%

Has the minister, as a thinker and active force of regeneration, kept pace with this advance?

of Occurrences 161%

I had come to within a few paces of it, when, suddenly, a peculiar sense of fear thrilled through mea fear, palpitant and real; whence, I knew not, nor why.

from Occurrences 159%

When the car was a hundred paces from the gate, the king put off his crown of state, changed his dress for a fresh suit, and with bare feet, carrying in his hands flowers and incense, and with two rows of attending followers, went out at the gate to meet the image; and, with his head and face bowed to the ground, he did homage at its feet, and then scattered the flowers and burnt the incense.

in Occurrences 140%

And then, suddenly, we came out from among the trees, on to a great open space, where, not six paces in front of us, yawned the mouth of a tremendous chasm, from the depths of which the noise appeared to rise, along with the continuous, mistlike spray that we had witnessed from the top of the distant bank.

to Occurrences 120%

Thrackles paced to and fro, and the Nigger leaned on his club, farther down the cave.

for Occurrences 45%

If it was rattled she mended her pace for a block.

at Occurrences 36%

It is not my purpose to advance a theory based upon an affirmative answer to these inquiries, but when we contemplate the stupendous pace at which the world is moving forward, who will venture to assert where the limit to this progress is to be found?

along Occurrences 34%

Now as he paced along in this right gallant estate, his roving glance, by hap, lighted on Beltane, whereupon, checking his powerful horse, he plucked daintily at the strings of his lute, delicate-fingered, and brake into song anew: "Ah, woe is me That I should be A lonely wight!

down Occurrences 27%

They were going at a good pace down a gentle slope, and on turning a corner saw immediately in front of them a narrow piece of road with a duck-pond on one side and a high bank on the other.

behind Occurrences 27%

Evasio Mon was nearest to them kneeling apart, a few paces behind Leon.

on Occurrences 26%

The first man he met told him that Evasio Mon must have arrived in Saragossa at sunset, for he had passed him on the road, going at a good pace on horseback.

through Occurrences 23%

As the clouds were gradually obscuring the scene, we made our way at a smart pace through the pines back towards the inn at Payole.

before Occurrences 18%

And it seemed to Rudolph Musgrave that Patricia was tired of pacing before the row of houses, each so like the other, and compared herself to Gulliver astray upon a Brobdingnagian bookshelf which held a "library set" of some huge author.

towards Occurrences 18%

The Boy had gone a few paces towards her, and then turned.

about Occurrences 16%

I paced about in high wrath, not seeing what I was to do; for to take Roland away, even if he were able to travel, would not settle his agitated mind; and I feared even that a scientific explanation of refracted sound or reverberation, or any other of the easy certainties with which we elder men are silenced, would have very little effect upon the boy.

into Occurrences 15%

The Sergeant saw the gleam of his torch once or twice, receding at quite a surprising pace into the distance.

by Occurrences 15%

No runner could keep pace by Caoilte's side, And ere the Fians, following in his path, Had wended from the deep and dusky strath, He swept o'er Clyne, and heard the awesome owls That hoot afar and near in woody Foulis, And he had reached the slopes of fair Rosskeen Ere Finn by Fyrish came.

across Occurrences 14%

There he sat upon the top of his rock, with scarcely room to turn around, with a wide sweep of deep water between him and the nearest land, the fish utterly refusing to bite, and the sun blazing down upon him with heat like a furnace, as it crept with its snail's pace across the sky.

over Occurrences 12%

A garde mobile was pacing over the crest of the slight acclivity that rises near its eastern extremity.

beyond Occurrences 12%

Just ahead of them the road took a sudden turn around a high hedge, and some twoscore paces beyond the bend another road crossed the one they were riding upon.

between Occurrences 10%

"One can scarcely walk thirty paces between Mount Makiling and a place called Bacon, which lies to the east of Los Baños, without meeting several kinds of natural springs, some very hot, some lukewarm, some of the temperature of the atmosphere, and some very cold.

without Occurrences 8%

Having gained the line of foliage which fringed the high tract of land, it was possible to march off at a smart pace without need of taking particular heed to our steps, and we travelled rapidly until having arrived at a point midway between our starting-place and the ruins of Fort Newport.

of Occurrences 8%

"Say, Billie," he added, stopping before her in his excited pacing of the room to gaze at her eagerly, "aren't you crazy to go out and see it?"

as Occurrences 6%

It is true that Colonel Visscher's regiment was detailed as a rear-guard, and I question if even such a precaution would have been taken but for the fact that the provision and ammunition wagons, which were not able to move at as rapid a pace as the men, needed something in the way of protection.

up Occurrences 5%

So we set off at a great pace up the ridge, which soon grew very steep, and forced us to a crawl.

Which preposition to use with  pacing
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