Which preposition to use with page

of Occurrences 1662%

Grevy was a perfect host, very cultivated, with a marvellous memoryquoting pages of the classics, French, and Latin.

at Occurrences 996%

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for Occurrences 548%

[Sidenote: See 15th Page for Extra Premiums.]

in Occurrences 227%

But the list never got any further: it ceased short of one page in the ledger, as you may have noticed.

to Occurrences 147%

Page to Bellmour.

with Occurrences 143%

Large, rounded, and rambling, it filled the page with few and careless words.

FROM Occurrences 84%


on Occurrences 60%

A quarter of an hour may have passed; then, all at once, the dog howled again, and with such a plaintively sorrowful note, that I jumped to my feet, dropping my pen, and inking the page on which I was at work.

after Occurrences 45%

In less than an hour after he had rented the theater, he was dashing off page after page of his proposed dramathe work being done in his room at the hotel.

by Occurrences 35%

"Anybody can condole with a widow, and devote two outer sheets to explaining that you realize nothing you can say will be of any comfort to her, and begin at the top of the inside page by telling her how much better off he is to-daywhich I have always thought a double-edged assertion when advanced to a man's widow.

as Occurrences 28%

Twenty-four thousand individuals,we have its title-page as authority,more or less lineal descendants of Solomon, have become the fortunate possessors of this plethoric guide to earthly immortality.

before Occurrences 25%

The more she tried to fix her attention on the printed page before her, the more the broken statue rose before her eyes until at last she closed the book with a slam and bounced impatiently in her seat.

out Occurrences 16%

He tore the pages out of his pocket-book, and called out to the cabman the address of the Mitchells.

without Occurrences 13%

She turned its pages without pausing to notice the black and sticky obliterations effected by the postal authorities before delivery.

about Occurrences 11%

What signified their endless pages about dualism and monism, about phenomenon and noumenon?

than Occurrences 11%

I get the world news more concisely and more pleasantly from its four pages than when I wade through twenty or thirty of the big pages of a metropolitan newspaper.

into Occurrences 8%

She looked over its pages into the fire.

like Occurrences 4%

With Pallas and the God of War, Enter Olinda like Fortune, a Page like Cupid, bow and go out.

through Occurrences 4%

This I did, first, however, running the pages through my fingers, and noting that they were closely filled with neat, old-fashioned writing which was quite legible, save in one portion, where many of the pages were almost destroyed, being muddied and crumpled, as though the book had been doubled back at that part.

against Occurrences 4%

She is absorbed in a book of the softer sort, and she flips its pages against her lap-dog's nose.

over Occurrences 3%

he commanded of the foreman who entered, aghast at the imperious summons, and yet more amazed at the destruction of those precious pages over which his master had spent days of brooding; but he ventured no protest.

under Occurrences 3%

A second look was necessary to tell the abstracted young mariner that he again saw the attendant of the Rover; he who has already been introduced in our pages under the name of Roderick.

among Occurrences 2%

In 1646, T. F., who is named by interlineation on his title-page among the King's Pamphlets, T. Ford, servant to Mr. Sam.

per Occurrences 2%

Coming back to 'Fecondite,' I should say that M. Zola wrote an average of three pages per day of that book during his exile in England.

beneath Occurrences 2%

I suppose that it is one of the strongest human habits to write down the very things that one is least likely to forget, and vice-versa; for certainly I shall never forget the date and double record on that first fair page beneath the illuminated word Born,yet I often steal up here to peep at it,and live the intervening five years backward for pure joy.

Which preposition to use with  page