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Which preposition to use with  parties

Which preposition to use with parties

(Mr. X., Deputy, who waltzes only with his wife, has the honour to send back the card of invitation which the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Madame Waddington have sent to him for the party of the 28... )

One night at a party in the Faubourg St. Germain, I saw a well-known fashionable woman of the extreme Legitimist party turn her back on the Comtesse de Paris.

Trade, in a large sense, is a way of exchange in which each party to the trade receives an advantage.

I remember one charming party at the Elysee for the Austrian crown prince, the unfortunate Archduke Rudolph.

Here Chief Onoyom had a big party for them.

"Very well; go ahead, then," said he, though he looked as if he thought I would delay the party on the road.

Our surrounding party with its silly bared knives could only look after them open-mouthed, as they skipped nimbly between its members.

The dance was an enjoyable affair, and, at any rate for the time, dispersed the depression which had hung over the party from Wynford.

W. then thought the ministry would last over the holidays, the treve des confiseurs, and was quite willing I should have a Christmas party as a last entertainment.

Simpson saw that he was taken at a great disadvantage, and thinking it advisable not to risk the lives of the party by any rash act on his part, he said: "I see now that you have the best of me, but who are you, anyhow?" "I am Joe Smith," was the reply.

Haldimand had not been popular with either of the two chief parties into which the leading French Canadians were divided.

The Federals, progenitors of the present Republicans, formed the friendly party under Washington, Hamilton, and Jay.

The unfortunate ministry, now on the eve of political defeat at home, were sick of civil war and only too anxious for a chance of uniting all parties against the foreign foes.

"I think I can write up the party without being present, Mollie," suggested Louise.

I remember one in particularan old man with white hair, who with his wife and daughter joined the party after dinner.

Therefore I shall not narrate in detail what happened on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, seeing that it was just what might have been expected to happen at a week-end party during the season when there is nothing in the world to do but to play golf, tennis, or croquet, or to ride or drive all day, and to work hard at bridge all the evening; for that is what it has come to.

I got one of them, whom I had previously assisted with his pack, to take me and two of my party over a small creek in his canoe.

Both parties among the Northern members of the Society, those who approved the former action of the Publishing Committee, and those who approved the new policy recommended in the resolutions, those who favored silence and those who favored speech on the subject of Slavery, claimed the victory, while the Southern brethren, as usual, refused to be satisfied with anything short of unconditional submission.

The volley checked them, although they returned the compliment, and shot one of our party through the leg.

In the conquering country we witnessed, together with the rapid development of industrial groups, a quick growth in Socialism and the constitution of great parties like the Catholic Centre.

Lord Denyer, the son of one of her oldest friends, has been making a great speech at Liverpool in the Conservative interest, and her ladyship thinks we shall have a change of parties before long.'

He thought the chances were better with a big party than alone.

to a change of policy and of party within the Chinese Government.

After a minute or two, however, the party about the piano broke up and went off.

"Will you allow your children to stay at this party until half-past eleven?"

He preceded the rest of the party up the winding stairs to the topmost door.

On the right, as they fled, Cadwallader's brigade poured in a destructive volley; and Shields, throwing his party across the road, obstructed their retreat and compelled the fugitives to yield themselves prisoners of war.

His eyes were open, and glared on the party around the camboose; the lips were slightly parted, and, at first, Roswell expected to hear him speak.

A short time after they left, we decided to send a party out ourselves, to follow the Indians and recapture the girl if possible, as well as recover the mules stolen.

Caesar, having perceived this, sent some light-armed Germans and a party of horse across the river, and disposed several parties along the banks to guard them.

Like maxims of war prevailed with both parties throughout England; and the kingdom was thus exposed in a moment to greater devastation, from the animosities of the rival barons, than it would have suffered from many years of foreign or even domestic hostilities, conducted by more humane and more generous principles.

But the death of Sun Yat-sen had been followed after a time by tension within the party between its right and left wings.

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One wonders that their spirits are so high, for they would get short shrift and little mercy from German raiding parties behind our advance.

Only the Social Democratic Party persisted in asserting that Austria was the provocative and guilty party down to the evening of July 28th.

The supposed unfriendliness of the Dutch, or at least of an important party amongst them, to the regicide Government in England helped to force the conflict.

"Did you ever notice that the party inside the taxi knows more about running it than the chauffeur?

I hadn't one of my own men among them, but, to make sure, I sent Petty Officer Trehayne on board at eight o'clock to keep a sharp look-out and to see all the harbour party off the vessel.

Parties of the Jacobins paraded the streets yesterday morning, and disarmed all they thought proper.

"Parties outside pretty comfortable?"

The party near the mills, too, remaining perfectly quiet, there was less occasion for any change of their own, than might otherwise have been the case.

In conclusion, we would only observe, what a contrast the conduct of the Whig party towards Lord Ellenborough exhibits to that of their opponents towards Lord Auckland!

'That principle is and remains placed under the sanction of the collective Guarantee of the Powers signing as Parties to the present Treaty, with the exception of Belgium, which is itself a Neutral State'.

But while Raab and others urged caution, the Slovenian prime minister broke ranks, congratulating Trump and the Republican party via Twitter.

Private Parties at Choisy.

We believe the disease is not so deep-seated as he imagines; and as we see no reason to fear the immediate catastrophe of the Millennium from any excess of benevolence on the part of Mr. Cushing and his party toward white men, (whose cause he professes to espouse,) we are inclined to look forward with composure to any results that are likely to follow from sporadic cases of sympathy with black ones.

The party below consisted of four individuals all of whom were females.

It may easily be imagined, how such a pretty Society, conversing with none beneath themselves, and sometimes admitted as perhaps not unentertaining Parties amongst better Company, commended and caressed for their little Performances, and turned by such Conversations to a certain Gallantry of Soul, might be brought early acquainted with some of the most polite English Writers.

In the search for traces of the missing party beyond this point (as it could only be at the camping places that any traces would remain after so long an interval), it would be necessary to follow such natural features as would probably have influenced the party in the selection of its route, assuming that the general course would be north-west.

Water Parties on the Seine.

Parties for Donkey-riding.

Union of Different Parties against the Queen.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the subject matter contained herein and supersedes all prior oral or written representations or agreements.

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They give a glimpse of the party en route.

"Why don't yo' give a party fo' Mistah Mocking-bird?"

The England star has been keeping fit on the party islandOle Gunnar Solskjaer is keen to snap him up.

Orleans, ou chez les judges de paroisse dans les autres parties de l'รฉtat.

What are the fights of politics and parties beside living neighbourly with one another, and to go peaceable to the grave, our selves that are the oldest residents in the Square.

The long summer daylight yet lingered, and showed the faces of the party atop of the coach.

Coronavirus: Man holds son's birthday party amid.

In theory, once theaters are fully open again and the movie release schedule kicks back up, Cinemark won't have the spare screens to use on five to seven private watch parties per day.

He was most recently a founding co-leader of the People's Party alongside Chun Jung-bae.

And yet the sight of this delicious nook repaid usso more than one of the party thoughtfor our disappointment.

She was indicted and tried in September or November, 1654, and "Ye party above mentioned is found guilty of witchcraft by ye jury."

Towards three o'clock, the warship which was cruising before the inlet, after having sent search parties aboard a few fishing-smacks, suddenly manoeuvred to the entrance of the pass, and awaited the approaching schooner.