Which preposition to use with  passage

Which preposition to use with passage

The last three passages of the sun had shown me a snow-covered earth, which, at night, had seemed, for a few seconds, incredibly weird under the fast-shifting light of the soaring and falling moon.

"'Then,' said the persevering applicant for a passage in the Ark, 'I'll go along for nothinggiving the benefit of my counsel and assistance free gratis; more than all that, I'll stand the liquor all round.' "'No use in talking,' says Noah, 'you can't come on board of my craft, on any terms.

| | | ++ [Illustration: A PASSAGE FROM CENTRAL PARK.

Those of strict orthodoxy have even suspected the builder to have been an atheist, for they have observed what double joints and steps and turnings confuse the passage to the devouter booksthe Early Fathers in particular being up a winding stair where even the soberest reader might break his neck.

Then in 1845, when he was in his sixtieth year, he went out in the service of the Admiralty to attempt the passage through the Arctic Ocean.

STOEPEL, having thought of a sweet passage for the fife, in a Chinese opera, plays it uninterruptedly for forty-five minutes.

II there are two further extracts 'obmises dans le premier Tome', a dialogue between the Doctor and Harlequin, 'recit que fait Arlequin au Docteur, du Voyage qu'il a fait dans le Monde de la Lune', and a short passage between Harlequin and Colombine, both of which can be closely paralleled in the English version.

It was played in the schoolroom and passages with empty ink-pots and balls of paper, in the bedrooms with slippers and sponges, and even in their dreams fellows kicked the bed-clothes off, and woke up with cries of "Goal!"

The Lower Fourth were straggling down the passage on the way to their classroom, when they heard a scuffle and the clatter of falling books.

And when morning broke Surya, rising red above the eastern hills, watched the hungry waves cast up beside her fourteen white corpses, the remnants of her crewsilent suppliants for the last great rites which open to man the passage into the next world.

And at last, after so much trying, Martin's efforts were rewarded: he succeeded in getting into the steep passage by which he had come down to the sea on the previous day, and in the end got to the top of the cliff once more.

"'Well,' says the applicant, 'I'll work my passage as a deck hand, asking only a small portion of such spoils as we may pick up.

"This link," according to Miss Lambert, "is but another link in the chain that connects us with the yet more primitive practice of the Red Indian, who secures passage across the Lake Superior, or down the Mississippi, by gifts of precious tobacco, which he wafts to the great spirit of the Flood on the bosom of its waters.

Having made a treaty with Tiribazus, governor of the province, and discovered his insincerity, and that he was ready to attack them in their passage over the mountains, they resolved upon a quick resumption of their march.

The passage about the howling of the wolves, and the fever faint of the victim, is as graphic as anything in Burns The skies spun like a mighty wheel, I saw the trees like drunkards reel.

The Triple Alliance had for some hours ceased to puzzle their brains over either Virgil or cipher notes, and the whole of Ronleigh College was apparently wrapped in slumber, when three shadowy figures assembled on the landing at the top of staircase B, and proceeded noiselessly along the corridor, and down the side passage at the end of which Mr. Grice's room was situated.

They pretend that the fourteenth day of the first month was a blessed day among the Israelites, authorised, as they pretend, by the several passages out of Exodus, v. 18: "In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at even, ye shall eat unleavened bread, until the one and twentieth day at even," v. 40.

She unlocked his chains; she guided him through the secret passage under the moat; they stood at the exit, in the open air.

These rapids are a quarter of a mile in length, with no great amount of fall, but still enough to prevent the passage up them of a loaded boat.

We gladly quote passages like these, to show how eating and drinking may be surrounded with poetical associations, and how man, using his privilege to turn any and every repast into a "feast of reason," with a warm and plentiful "flow of soul," may really count it as not the least of his legitimate prides, that he is "a dining animal." 1882.

It has been traced to an old man and his daughter,a sort of pedler, I think, who took a passage down the river,but where they heard the rumor I don't know."

And especially at a time when he desired nothing so much as to be permitted to remain the footloose wanderer in a strange land, a bird of passage without ties or responsibilities.

He turned, stole softly out of the parlor, and along the passage towards the front door of the cottage.

By and by he heard steps in the passage behind the partition and thought he knew the tap of high-heeled shoes.

In a general estimate of his works, it may be found that he has produced as fine or finer passages than any in his Grecian poems; but their excellence, either as respects his own, or the productions of others, is comparative.

The consul Manlius also having returned to the camp, and posted soldiers at all the gates, had blocked up every passage against the enemy.

In twenty minutes, after many a hazardous passage along a steep bare surface, he came to a spot where the knife edge of the ridge was broken down and blunted into a fairly level space a hundred yards across.

To the bottom of Pitt-street we then went, and seeing two or three females and a man dart out of a dim- looking passage beneath one of the side arches of the railway bridge there, we concluded that we were near the "nest."

You may have a passage before you and paraphrase it unit by unit.

Then I went back, and sat in the doorway of my room, with my revolver handy, staring up the passage toward the place where I knew my camera stood outside the door of the Grey Room.

The storm commenced about ten in the forenoon; ere the sun went down, the days then being of great length, every passage around the dwelling was already blocked up with banks of snow.

Down these steps no feet ever walked now, for not only were suffocating gases said to beset the bottom of the shafts, but men would have it that in the narrow passages below lurked evil spirits and demons.

The little creature, having somehow confounded his passage among the intricacies of those lordly chimneys, by some unknown aperture had alighted upon this magnificent chamber; and, tired with his tedious explorations, was unable to resist the delicious invitement to repose, which he there saw exhibited; so, creeping between the sheets very quietly, laid his black head upon the pillow, and slept like a young Howard.

He proceeds on, examining passage after passage of this essay; but we must pass over all these criticisms, to which we have not something to add or to object, or where this author does not differ from the general voice of mankind.

The perspective was wonderful, for they could follow a line of vision through the broad temple to a passage beyond, along which was approaching a procession of priests, headed by dancing girls and musicians beating tomtoms and playing upon reeds.

The rooms were low, and the passage above stairs gloomy, but the furniture was good.

On the other hand the passage near Placentia was accomplished after the pursuit had slackened; the corps was several miles distant from the field of battle, and had arrived within reach of a Roman fortress; it may even have been the case, although it cannot be proved, that a bridge led over the Trebia at that point, and that the -tete de pont- on the other bank was occupied by the garrison of Placentia.

Someone passed down the passage outside her room and paused at the outer door.

The grated doors which closed the Passage during the night only reached to the centre of the archway.

In the funeral chapters which are inscribed on the walls of the chambers and passages inside the pyramid of King Unas, who flourished at the end of the Vth dynasty, about B.C. 3300, is a passage in which the deceased king terrifies all the powers of heaven and earth because he "riseth as a soul (BA) in the form of the god who liveth upon his fathers and who maketh food of his mothers.

Surely the wonder should rather be that we find so many noble passages throughout this anonymous play.

Within the gateway of a rocky cliff; Sometimes came glimpses of them as they climbed The sloping passages within the cliff A cloistered corridor of carven columns And paused a moment at some rocky window To see the grandeur of the mountain heights.

I followed this passage until a falling in of the roof prevented me from going any farther.

Plain is the passage unto vice, The gaps lie wide to ill: To them that wade through lewdness' lake The ice is broken still.

The last was 17-year-old student who arrived on a military flight early Saturday after being twice refused passage due to a fever.

No progress could be made as there was no room to tack in the narrow passages opposite Sorel.

Pour l'instruction de ceux qui, comme moi, voudroient l'entreprendre, je dirai que l'usage est de traiter avec le grand trucheman de Jérusalem; que celui-ci commence par percevoir un droit pour le soudan et un autre pour lui, et qu'alors il envoie prévenir le trucheman de Gaza, qui à son tour traite du passage avec les Arabes du désert.

I cite a passage therefrom: "I will not give up my royal prisoner to a woman or a child, but only to my own lord, Sire Edward, for to him I have sworn allegiance, and not to any woman.

The comical poet hath prettily painted out this passage amongst the rest in a [5303]dialogue betwixt Mitio and Aeschines, a gentle father and a lovesick son.

The valve shaft is 1-3/4 inch diameter at the end next the link or segment, and diminishes regularly to the other end, but its cross section assumes the form of an octagon in its passage round the cylinder, measuring mid-way 1-1/4 inch deep, by about 3/4 inch thick, and the greatest depth of the finger for moving the valve is about 1 inch.