Which preposition to use with pavement

of Occurrences 158%

The bolder features of a cathedral must be grasped to satisfy a quizzing neighbor lest he shame you later on your hearth, a building must be stuffed inside your memory, or your pilgrim feet must wear the pavement of an ancient shrine.

in Occurrences 52%

" They are putting the Fifth Avenue pavement in front of the City Hall.

with Occurrences 32%

But on this bright night in May, as he went angrily down the back street, unconsciously striking the pavement with his cane, with angry blows, the echo of the people's laughter in his ears was bitter as the pains of death.

on Occurrences 17%

For forests, properly speaking, cannot exist without soil; and, since the moraines have been deposited upon the solid rock, and only upon elected places, leaving a considerable portion of the old glacial surface bare, we find luxuriant forests of pine and fir abruptly terminated by scored and polished pavements on which not even a moss is growing, though soil alone is required to fit them for the growth of trees 200 feet in height.

at Occurrences 15%

Away went Tom Walker, dashing down the streets, his white cap bobbing up and down, his morning-gown fluttering in the wind, and his steed striking fire out of the pavement at every bound.

to Occurrences 15%

It was but the other day that I saw six of them together dancing on the pavement to the music, with skirts and pigtails flying.

behind Occurrences 6%

Marcos was kneeling on the pavement behind her.

under Occurrences 6%

The streets are thickly strewn with the trophies, and fallen Elm-leaves make a dark brown pavement under our feet.

into Occurrences 5%

The electric lights before the prison showed every stone in its wall, and turned the icy pavements into black mirrors of light.

without Occurrences 5%

[Footnote 43: Every political student will recollect Burke's description of it as "a cabinet so variously inlaid, such a piece of diversified mosaic, such a tessellated pavement without cementhere a bit of black stone, there a bit of whitepatriots and courtiers, King's friends and republicans, Whigs and Tories, treacherous friends and open enemies," etc.Speech on American Taxation.]

before Occurrences 4%

In other words, he made two people comfortable, by paying a generous price for a housekeeper; his daughter, in the first place, by releasing her from cares that, necessarily, formed no more a part of her duties than it would be a part of her duty to sweep the pavement before the door; and, in the next place, a very respectable woman who was glad to obtain so good a home on so easy terms.

like Occurrences 4%

The Forumgilt-edged marble, tinted statuary, a mosaic pavement like a rich-hued carpet from the looms of Babylonbegan to overflow with leisured men of business.

outside Occurrences 4%

" Norgate's last glimpse of Selingman was on the pavement outside the theatre, surrounded by a little group of light-hearted girls and a few young men.

for Occurrences 4%

My feet didn't feel the pavement for a year.

beneath Occurrences 4%

"The people know nothing of scientific manoeuvres, but with a rifle in hand and the pavement beneath their feet, they fear not all the strategists of the monarchical school.

between Occurrences 4%

They looked to see a flush of pride on her beautiful face as, in answer to the Doge's summons, she came slowly forward, with the tiny hand of the boy clasped in hershis unsteady, childish footsteps echoing unevenly on the marble pavement between her measured movements.

from Occurrences 3%

Ad I been let alone, I should 'ave made my fortune, but the crowd was so big and the curiosity so great that it took the perlice all their time to keep the pavement from being blocked.

beside Occurrences 3%

"A pretty little fellow," he said, "his brains were strewed on the pavement beside him."

by Occurrences 3%

These were not looked upon by the natives as objects of worship, although they did not like the pavements by which they were surrounded being walked over, or the statues being closely examined.

during Occurrences 3%

A brass plate was placed in the pavement during the eighteenth century to mark the inclination of the tower, 22-1/2 inches to the south-west.

than Occurrences 2%

As for me, I am like a hardened Parisianmy boots have a rooted dislike to any other pavement than that of the boulevards.

as Occurrences 2%

She understood as she passed along how it was that those who had been dazzled but by a passing glance had described the walls and the pavement as gold.

after Occurrences 2%

I remember how I used to stand on the pavement after having bid the old gentleman good-night, regretting I had not demanded some further explanation regarding le mouvement Romantique, or la façon de M. Scribe de ménager la situation.

near Occurrences 2%

It lies in the middle of a beautiful glacial pavement near the lower margin of the lake-line, about a mile and a half to the northwest of Shadow Lake.

over Occurrences 1%

To readers who are unacquainted with England, or who (being English) are yet unacquainted with the cathedral cities of England, it may be right to mention that the graves within-side the cathedrals often form a flat pavement over which carriages and horses might roll; and perhaps a boyish remembrance of one particular cathedral, across which I had seen passengers walk and burdens carried, may have assisted my dream.

Which preposition to use with  pavement