Which preposition to use with pear

to Occurrences 38%

"All right," he said dubiously; "if that there tells you that he come a-past here, we'll foller this roadthough it 'pears to me like we ought to stick to the cyar.

in Occurrences 15%

Peel and cut the pears into quarters; put them into a jar with 3/4 pint of water, cloves, cinnamon, and sufficient sugar to sweeten the whole nicely; cover down the top of the jar, and bake the pears in a gentle oven until perfectly tender, but do not allow them to break.

like Occurrences 11%

'Pears like you won't look at a body.

for Occurrences 7%

Benoit had served in the Golden Pear for a quarter of a century.

on Occurrences 6%

Dwindles the pear on autumn's latest spray, And apple sickens pale in summer's ray; 1815.]

of Occurrences 5%

In order to see what kind of money was in circulation in Belgium, I immediately bought some pears of a fruit-woman, and handed her half a franc (10 cents).

into Occurrences 5%

Peel and cut the pears into any form that may be preferred, and steep them in cold water to prevent them turning black; put them into a saucepan with sufficient cold water to cover them, and boil them with the butter and enough sugar to sweeten them nicely, until tender; then brush the pears over with the yolk of an egg, sprinkle them with sifted sugar, and arrange them on a dish.

from Occurrences 4%

Cover the jar down closely, put it into a very cool oven, and bake the pears from 5 to 6 hours, but be very careful that the oven is not too hot.

with Occurrences 2%

" Mr. Bellingham laughed uneasily and again glanced at his daughter, who, however, pursued her occupation of peeling a pear with calm deliberation and without lifting her eyes.

after Occurrences 2%

And he flung down pear after pear scooped out by the wasps close to the stalk.

than Occurrences 1%

The quince is more like a pear than an apple.

around Occurrences 1%

To one side rose the hill of San Salvador, its crest topped with the Hermitage, and the pines, the cypresses, and the prickly pears around that rough testimonial of popular piety.

at Occurrences 1%

All of rich summer smacked, of autumn all: Pears at our feet, and apples at our side Rolled in luxuriance; branches on the ground Sprawled, overweighed with damsons; while we brushed From the cask's head the crust of four long years.

Which preposition to use with  pear