Which preposition to use with  peopling

Which preposition to use with peopling

But you that have trudged over more roads than any muleteer that plies for hire, you must have come across the people of Lyons, and you must know that it is a far cry from Xanthus to the Rhone."

There were quite a number of people in the eveningthe music of the garde republicaine playing, and a buffet in the dining-room which was always crowded.

A wraith ship, peopled with skeletons, would have been less dreadful to their sight than the brisk and active desolation of the heeling schooner.

I felt sorry for the Orientals and people from milder climesthey looked so miserably cold and wretched shivering under the very fresh April breezes that swept over the great plain of the Champ de Mars.

We tied up one night by the side of another similar craft, that had gone down ahead of us, the people on board of which had landed and built a camp-fire, and erected their tent.

It was an impressive scene, the hall packed, and people at all the doors and entrances clamouring for seats.

When you have a hundred people to dinner you can quite easily have a hundred and three, and in such large parties, arranged weeks beforehand, some one always gives out at the last moment.

I want to get into the jungles sometime and win those poor, ignorant heathen people for Jesus.

It really does seem rather a pity, the very first time one dines with people like the Mitchells.'

And worst of all is that they have slaves and sell their own people as slaves."

The families of their people around supply the societies of these monks with an abundant sufficiency of what they require, so that there is no lack or stint.

Of a civil engineer who would lament that the mountain over which he was asked to project a road was steep? Of a doctor who would grieve that hosts of people about him were very ill?

It is a thousand pities that the cities could not be emptied every summer of their little people into the free and open country, where they could run about, and sport and play, and have free range and plenty of elbow-room.

He, in short, united, for the simple people by whom he was surrounded, the functions of lawyer, physician, schoolmaster, and divine, and richly merited the reverential respect in which they held him, as well as their little presents of eggs, fruit, and garden stuff.

He hears of "black men," and of "ships that carry people across the sea," and of "things that come back in those ships."

"I believe she would rather associate with such people than with those of her own class.

The upper house of Congress is therefore a federal while the lower house is a national body, and the government is brought into direct contact with the people without endangering the equal rights of the several states.

A few wise and noble spirits, true Faithfuls and Great Hearts, led a despondent people out of the Slough of Despond till their feet were again on firm ground and their faces turned towards the Delectable Mountains of peace, justice, and liberty.

It stands as one people against the present enemy, and in its effort does not fail to give thought to race conservation for the future.

The Church is drawing hosts of young people under the shelter of its teaching, and is placing before men and women ideals which cannot fail to make their mark upon the social standards of the times.

During his last illness he suffered at times intensely; yet was patient, brave, and full of thoughtfulness for his people through it all, and looked forward with firm hope to spending Easter with his Maker.

That sounds just the sort of right the law does give people over other peoplebecause Aunt Betsy married Uncle John fifty years ago, and was probably infernally sorry for it!"

Spotted Tail had permission from the Government to hunt the buffalo, with his people during the winter, in the Republican river country.

It was wrapped in darkness though the sun was shining, the windows closed as if they never would open more, and the people within turning their faces to the wall, covering their eyes that they might not see the light of day.

It was a great satisfaction and pride to Parisians to have so many royalties and distinguished people among them again.

The income of the bread-winners in the Colony and the wealth of the people per head, are now nearly the highest in the world.

The people before us fought bears, and fought Indians, and beat the British, and when there wasn't anything else left to beat, turned round and began to beat one another.

He caused ruined States to flourish again, reinstated intercepted heirs, and promoted to office men who had gone into retirement; and the hearts of the people throughout the empire drew towards him.

Few people outside its own circles, realize how extensive is the belief in Christian Science.

IV.Cornelius the Ferryman Fourscore years ago there was a good ferryman named Cornelius, who rowed people between New York and Brooklyn.

He did not know that there were three people behind him, watching him.

I warned all young people off the premises when I began my notes referring to old age.

"'Twenty odd years ago,' said the old pilot, as he lighted his pipe and seated himself on the head of a whisky-keg, 'there warn't a great many people along the Ohio, except Ingins and bears, and we didn't like to cultivate a very close acquaintance with either of them, for the Ingins were cheatin', deceivin', and scalpin' critters, and the bears had an onpleasant way with 'em, that people of delicate narves didn't like.

I've thought lately that exclusiveness may be just as bad for people inside the gates, as for the people outside.

The pauper burial-ground toward which they now progress in a rather high-stepping manner, orto vary the phrasetoward which their steps are now very much bent, is not a favorite resort of the more cheerful village people after nightfall.

"Is that wicked, mediaeval powerin the hands of the few, but still strong enough to overrule the natural tendencies of peoples towards peace and friendship and to turn their likings into hatredsis it going to continue when this war is over?

In the midst of these several personal trials he received the intimation, through Alcibiades and some other friends, of the restored confidence of the people toward him, and of his reelection to the office of strategus.

Of the people near Unmov'd he ask'd, what should be done To him who slew that boasting one, Whose words such mischiefs did forebode To th' armies of the living God?

There were over 2,200 people aboard the Titanic when she left Southampton on Wednesday for her maiden voyage325 first-cabin passengers, 285 second-cabin, 710 steerage, and a crew of 899.

Then, with the peopling of Ontario by the United Empire Loyalists and the growth of the Maritime Provinces on the other side, Quebec could have entered Carleton's proposed Confederation in the nineties to her own and every one else's best advantage.

Mrs. Cartwright acquiesced and Cartwright watched the young people beyond the arch.

There was nothing more for the people until the hour of the Ave Maria should call the stately procession forth on its homeward way.

Gradually a great and wonderful change came over the people amongst whom Robert and Mary Moffat lived.

The Lord hath many people up Boston way, but they are sore beset by the tribulations of Zion.

She ought to be grateful that it was her blessed fortune to be sending four rosy, laughing, vigorous young people down the snowy street to the white-painted academy; that it was her good luck to see four heads bending eagerly over their books around the evening lamp, and have them all turn to her for help and encouragement in the hard places.

But I remember Brother Hartley said that we are very particular at our mill to hire no young people below the legal age.

"Be sworn, Mr. Walsh," directed the clerk; and the filling of the jury box in the memorable case of People versus Serafino was begun.

These unripe fruits were used as a major dietary food item by the majority of people due to its exceptional nutritional and medicinal properties.

The equal division of property keeps the younger sons of rich people above the necessity of military service.

Earlier this month, the queen reached out to her people via a pre-recorded message from Windsor Castle addressing on the coronavirus pandemic.