Which preposition to use with  perform

Which preposition to use with perform

But duty performed in simple faith and without expectation of reward brings inward peace and joy greater than any outward recognition can give.


The opening was announced for the 1st of May and was to be performed with great pomp by the marshal.

At length I asked them when the Suttee would take place; and was answered by one of them, that it would certainly be performed on the following day; and that he had seen the funeral pile himself.

When he had looked on at the dancing for some time, he said to the Prince of Wales: "Tell those people to stop now, I have seen enough"evidently thought it was a ballet performing for his amusement.

The remaining days of the voyage passed uneventfully enough, except for a great amount of hard work that the middies performed as usual.

It was during the earlier acts of "The Man of the World," that Cooke, in performing to "a beggarly account of empty boxes," was addressed by one of the actors, in accordance with the scene, in a whisper; when the elevated comedian, casting a glance around, bitterly observed, "Speak out: there need be no secret.

This penance, with others, she performed during fifty-one years.

Even the whistling oyster of London tradition would perform without requiring a preliminary insult or personal assault.

But probably there never was a recipient of the V.C. or the D.S.O. or the Military Cross who could notand did not wish totell his Sovereign, when the coveted honour was being pinned to His breast, of some other soldier not less worthy than himself of being decorated, whose deed of gallantry was performed under less noticeable conditions.

All you require is moral stamina to tear yourself away from the arms of Morpheus at an earlier hour in the It is a popular illusion, you know, that work performed before sunrise takes less time to accomplish and is better done than later in the day.

The officer in command, in addition to the magisterial and other duties he is required to perform by virtue of his office and under instructions from the Department of Mounted Police, was duly authorized to represent where necessary, and until other arrangements can be made, all the departments of the government having interests in that region.

"The second of these subdivided parts, in particular, respects only the private state of every single man and woman, which must be performed from the scheme of the nativity, the knowledge of which is of most excellent use to all persons.

"But we can't just sit back and let the piano perform like that every night, can we?" asked Ferd, in an argumentative tone.

The Indians prepare against these to the best of their power, as they shut themselves up in their houses during the whole time, all work being then performed within doors; and during this time, they are subject to ulcers in the soles of their feet, occasioned by the damps.

The only memorable action which Canute performed after his return from Rome was an expedition against Malcolm, King of Scotland.

For they voted to the men arrayed on his side pardon and praise if they would abandon him, and declared war outright upon Cleopatra, put on their military cloaks as though he were close at hand, and went to the temple of Bellona where they performed through Caesar as fetialis all the rites preliminary to war in the customary fashion.

But afterwards some of the same people being put without premium to weed on a loose cultivated soil in the common manner, eighteen Negroes did not do as much in a given time as six had performed of the like sort of work a few days before with the premium of two-pence half-penny."

Why a certain Ceremony, which must be performed between a pair of Sheets,but we'll let it alone till Night.

We walked out in the cold to find some church, and, entering a large, irregular Gothic structure, much out of repair, we pressed towards the altar where the funeral service of the Catholic Church was performing over a corpse which lay before it.

The preceding year, when the stockade was erected, Joel had managed to throw so many obstacles in the way of hanging the gates, that the duty was not performed throughout the whole of the present summer, the subject having been mentioned but once or twice, and then only to be postponed to a more fitting occasion.

Both sons have performed alongside their father.

The dance to the Giant is always performed inside the wigwam.

Don Giovanni was performed across Europe after its success in Prague.

Pantomime (often called panto) is a kind of theatre entertainment usually performed around Christmas and the New Year in Britain and a few other English-speaking countries.

" "There was a tumult, with thee at its head, and sedition was uttered, with much vain-boasting of what the fleet of the Lagunes could perform against the fleet of the Republic."

What more admirable service could have been performed than that inaugurated in the early months of the war under the Queen's Work for Women Fund, when work was secured for the women in luxury trades which were collapsing under war pressure?

This substitute will be found the less inconvenient, because, as the navigation is to be performed among the Islands during the prevalence of the north winds, usually a favorable and steady season of the year, the voyage will consequently be safe and easy.

It was announced that Shinee with be performing along side with Jay Park, B1A4, Teen Top and the much buzzed about new band on 15 June 2012 at Singapore indoor stadium.

Now, if it be required to perform 360 degrees in 220 years, it will perform about a degree and a half in one year.

However, to date, the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) continues to perform below par, failing to meet its output targets.

Only one block can be performed per performance.

This office she performed until the time of their unfortunate separation.

Electronic stores ordering is performed via the Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) accessed via the My Mun login - https://login.

The remainder of the nuptial service was then performed amid perpetual salvos of artillery.

His absence has affected my work and concentration with school, I am unable to perform due to emotional distress.

Nor did the Romans decline the conflict, being emboldened both by the recollection of the exploits they had performed near that very spot, and by the numbers and valour of their soldiers.

One of our correspondents writes, that 'already, by a conciliatory method, and holding out the stimulus of extra pay, in proportion to the quantity of work performed beyond that allowed to them, he had, 'succeeded in obtaining, for three days, double the former average of work, rendered by the labors during the days of slavery; and this, too, by four o'cl

Our beaux, after being correctly frizz'd and powdered behind some door, compliment the belle just escaped from a toilet, performed amidst the apparatus of the kitchen; three or four beds are piled one upon another to make room for as many card-tables; and the wits of the prison, who are all the morning employed in writing doleful placets to obtain their liberty, in the evening celebrate the loss of it in bout-rimees and acrostics.

"What had transpired was this: "After the very scrappy bits of evidence which came to light at the inquest, two gentlemen bethought themselves that perhaps they had some duty to perform towards the State and the public generally.

"Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths.

That sacred opera which has never been performed outside of this little hamlet.

The teachers' pension fund has performed above the rate of return, and 14 percent return last year was reported in The Manitoba Teacher.

This season performing opposite Guillaume Côté, a guest dancer from the National Ballet of Canada from his mime to his partnering, he was a class act Ms. Mearns embodied Odette especially to her barest essence.

"As to its looking particular," she said, "I grant it does, and so does almost everything that is serious, or that may any way advance the glory of God or the salvation of souls, if it be performed out of a pulpit or in the way of common conversation."

And if I’m being honest I just want to see a supreme receiving talent continue to perform minus the drama.

They made their last recordings in 1900, although they may have continued performing into the early 1900s.

The Christian Church of the United States, also, has a duty to perform toward the Mormons, which has long been neglected.

When we test, our goal is to compare how new concepts will perform versus the winning video (control) to see if the challenger can outperform the champion.

While performing aboard the ship he met Horn and asked him to assist him during a show.