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Which preposition to use with  periods

Which preposition to use with periods

I have also some recollection of seeing Pepper's muzzle, appearing over the Pit edge, after what seemed an indefinite period of time.

The decrease in the rain- and snow-fall since the close of the glacial period in the Sierra is much less than is commonly guessed.

Thou canst, however, only possess any of them in the shape which it has received at my hands during the long period for which these have remained in my custody."

The bullet hole in the corner furnished a sinister period to the signature.

When the period of play pure and simple begins to grow into a desire to do things better, to learn and practise for a more remote endin other words, when the child begins to be willing to be taught, the transitional period from play to work begins.

The attempt to affix any precise date to the period at which the chalk sea began, or ended, its existence, is baffled by difficulties of the same kind.

The Dutch physician, Van Helmont, lived in the latter part of the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth centuryin the transition period between alchemy and chemistryand was rather more alchemist than chemist.

The programme of German expansionnatural enough in itself, but engineered by Prussia during all this long period with that kind of blind haughtiness and overbearing assurance which indeed is a "tempting of Providence"had so far not concerned itself much about Muscovite policy; but now there arose a sudden fear of danger in that quarter.

I presume not; no geologistno modern geologistwould for a moment admit the hypothesis that the present state of underground heat is due to a heating of the surface at so late a period as 20,000 years ago.

[Footnote 3: A Kalpa, we have seen, denotes a great period of time; a period during which a physical universe is formed and destroyed.

Colonel Musgrave pulled up short, hardly seeing his way clear through the indignant periods on which he had entered.

It is hard without long and loving study to realize the magnitude of the work done on these mountains during the last glacial period by glaciers, which are only streams of closely compacted snow-crystals.

For a considerable period after the last incident which I have narrated in my diary, I had serious thoughts of leaving this house, and might have done so; but for the great and wonderful thing, of which I am about to write.

As these modern developments were unheard of during the periods under consideration in this study, and as the renaissance used the words rhetoric and poetic much more in their classical senses than we do today, it must be understood that throughout this study rhetoric will be used as meaning classical rhetoric, and poetic as meaning classical poetic.

rdinary floods, is more abundant during the meadow period than during the lake period.

In Scotland the tales vary considerably, and belong to the hunting period before the introduction of agriculture.

So far from it, that even the very nations of Europe, whose wisdom and moderation have been repeatedly extolled for maintaining neutrality, and preserving friendship, with the French Republic, remained for years subsequent to this period without receiving from it any accredited Minister, or doing any one act to acknowledge its political existence.

"It is a pity," said he at last, "that we did not fix some period within which the player must move, or resign."

It is a most remarkable fact that during the trying time the Russian Government had when the Polish insurrection was going on, and later, in the equally difficult period through which we passed at the close of the seventies, Finland remained perfectly calm; and in the long list of political criminals sprung from the various nationalities of Russia, we do not find a single Finlander.

A forest changed within a short period into fruitful fields covered with houses, schools, and churches, and filled with inhabitants possessing not only the necessaries and comforts, but also the conveniences of life, and devoted to the worship of Jehovah, when seen only in prophetic vision, enraptured the mind even of Isaiah; and when realized, can hardly fail to delight that of a spectator.

A.C. SWINBURNE No assemblage of letters, parallel or kindred to that in the hands of the reader, if we consider its width of range, the fruitful period over which it stretches, and its typical character, has ever been produced.

Footnote 175: Edmund Waller (1606-1687), the most noted poet of the Restoration period until his pupil Dryden appeared.

Life and thought differ indeed from everything else: but that it survives that period beyond which we have no experience of its existence such distinction and dissimilarity affords no shadow of proof, and nothing but our own desires could have led us to conjecture or imagine.

Literature (1837), Periods of European Culture (1838), Revolutions of Modern Europe (1839), Heroes and Hero Worship (1841)which created a sensation in London.

It was developed significantly during the Soviet Union period due to Burshtyn Coal Power Station.

If there was a risk of the slaves running to the woods in 1838, that risk would be increased and not diminished during the intermediate period up to 1840, by the treatment they were receiving from their masters, and the deferring of their hopes.

As this year is lunar, the months run through all the seasons, for want of a properly regulated kalendar, or a period like the Julian or Gregorian.

Such were also the cordial wishes of the prince; but more than one design, formed at this period against the life of Prince Maurice, frustrated every expectation of the kind.

To make a long story short, the spelling throughout the marginal readings of this folio, judged by the numerous fac-similes and collations that have been published, indicates the close of the last quarter of the century 1600 as the period about which the volume in which they appear was subjected to correction.

Harness appears frequently at this period among his surviving intimates: to this list there was shortly added another.

Thus we see here, in this period around 4000 B.C., an extensive mutual penetration of the various cultures all over the Far East, including Japan, which in the palaeolithic age was apparently without or almost without settlers.

The Earlier History The current story led with some measure of connection, though the connecting thread was but weak and loose through the regal period down to the institution of the republic; but at that point legend dried up; and it was not merely difficult but altogether impossible to form a narrative, in any degree connected and readable, out of the lists of magistrates and the scanty notices appended to them.

Dan Rosenfield will formally take over the prime minister's office on January 1, according to a Downing Street statement, potentially handing him a poisoned chalice as Britain quits a post-Brexit transition period out of the European Union.

They were a peaceful and useful set of men, at this period outside their spiritual functions; they built grand churches; they had fruitful gardens; they were exceedingly hospitable.


"I try to make sure I get a workout in, although there have been periods throughout this quarantine, where I just have felt too low," she said.

Data analyzed are data from dialysis units that participated at least 11 periods per year, for every year from 2011-2012 to 2015-2016.

It was not advisable to carry out minelaying operations in enemy waters during the period near full moon owing to the liability of the minelayers being seen by patrol craft.

Well, I did read them out, with respect to the 1994-95 period versus the 1997-98 period.

In comparison, the Delhi High Court took up 623 cases during this period via video-conferencing.

The crew led by Hopkins, an Air Force colonel, includes physicist Shannon Walker and Navy Cmdr. and rookie astronaut Victor Glover, who will be the first Black astronaut to spend an extended period aboard the space stationa full five to six months.

This was born out of the desire to want to give happiness to the people amidst this pandemic period across the world.

AVERAGES FOR PERIODS BEFORE 1870]] [Footnote 6: This formula is presented by E.W. Kemmerer in "Money and Prices" (2d ed., 1909), p. 15 ff.]

How the Minimum Number of Periods Between Regeneration Harvests Induces Modeling Mistakes in the Well-Known Model II Forest Management, 18th Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR), 5 March 2019, Puerto Varas, Chile.

Three or four good breastfeedings during a 24-hour period plus a variety of solid foods in goodly amounts gives the baby all he needs nutritionally, and thus he does need any other type of milk when you are at your outside job.

It is not, however, less certain that at the periods above mentioned, the war was carried on rather from motives of punishment and revenge, and suggested by a sudden and passing zeal, than in conformity to any progressive and well-combined system.

Consequently most writers of the classical period subdivide the proof proper into probatio, or affirmative proof, and refutatio, or refutation.

Each will contribute $50,000 per year over a 10-year period toward Dinos Athletics.

That is all we would expect from the community in a 10-year rolling period towards capital contribution.

Ryerson added to their lead seven minutes into the third period off the rush and made it 3-1.

We know not whether some remarkable affronts given the devils, by our disbelieving these testimonies whose whole force and strength is from them alone, may not put a period unto the progress of the dreadful calamity begun upon us, in the accusation of so many persons whereof some, we hope, are yet clear from the great transgression laid to their charge.

Satellites illustrations or photos deliver a fantastic statement with what exactly is going on at every period inside the entire world, notably throughout seas where by large areas in knowledge arise.