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Which preposition to use with « poetesses »

Which preposition to use with « poetesses »

  • One-half of the number were women,many of them young, beautiful, accomplished, heiresses, "charming widows," poetesses of real celebrity, and, rarer still, of good repute,wives of millionnaires, flashing in satin and diamonds.
  • This did not deter our poetess from voluntarily preferring herself before the Court of King's Bench, as the author of the Atalantis.
  • In 1788 he published "An Address to Miss Phillis Wheatley, Ethiopian Poetess in Boston, who came from Africa at eight years of age, and soon became acquainted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
  • In order to knit north and south, Flann betrothed his beautiful daughter to Cormac macCuillenan, king of Cashel, an ideal husband, one would have thought, for a poetess like Gormlai, for Cormac was the foremost scholar of the day; but his mind was so set on learning and religion that he took holy orders and became bishop-king of Cashel, repudiating his destined bride.
  • God forgive us, if we ever speak harshly to young creatures on the strength of these ugly truths, and so, sooner or later, smite some tender-souled poet or poetess on the lips who might have sung the world into sweet trances, had we not silenced the matin-song in its first low breathings!
  • LOVE IN SAPPHO'S POEMS Having failed to find any traces of romantic love, and only one of conjugal affection, in the greatest poet of the Greeks, let us now subject their greatest poetess to a critical examination.
  • That amazing prodigal of superlatives, the poet Swinburne, speaks of the "dignity of divinity, which informs the most passionate and piteous notes of the unapproachable poetess with such grandeur as would seem impossible to such passion."
  • "He didn't have none!" AMBITION Oliver Herford sat next to a soulful poetess at dinner one night, and that dreamy one turned her sad eyes upon him.
  • The Poetesses of the Age have done Wonders in this kind; and we are obliged to the Lady who writ Ibrahim , for introducing a preparatory Scene to the very Action, when the Emperor throws his Handkerchief as a Signal for his Mistress to follow him into the most retired Part of the Seraglio.

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