Which preposition to use with points

of Occurrences 11136%

For Hercules saw his iron was in the fire, trotted here and trotted there, saying, "Don't deny me; I make a point of the matter.

to Occurrences 3445%

For, though its ticking indicated most certainly that it was still going, the hands were pointing to a little before the hour of midnight; whereas it was, as well I knew, considerably after that time when I had witnessed the first of the strange happenings I have just described.

in Occurrences 1677%

There persisted a tiny drip, drip, drip from some point in the darkness.

at Occurrences 873%

They are pointed at by the children, who, according as they chance to have been bred on one side or the other say, "There goes a man who never saw Glootin," as they call the earth; or, "There goes a Booblimak," which means a night stroller.

on Occurrences 587%

It always, however, appears to occupy nearly the same part of the heavens, when seen from the same point on the moon's surface; but its altitude above the horizon is greater or less, according to the latitude of the place from which it is seen: so that there is not a point of the heavens which the earth may not be seen permanently to occupy, according to the part of the moon from which the planet is viewed.

with Occurrences 498%

With my pencil I made a rough sketch of the cone and pine tree which I wanted to obtain, and drew his attention to it, when he instantly pointed with his hand to the hills fifteen or twenty miles distant towards the south; and when I expressed my intention of going thither, cheerfully set out to accompany me.

for Occurrences 291%

I think we had all selected the same two points for our "bearings," a rock and a drop of the cliff bolder than the ordinary.

from Occurrences 190%

The sun struck off points from the water, animating it with a jewel-dance.

toward Occurrences 135%

He glanced 'round, with a start, and I pointed toward the thing.

towards Occurrences 128%

Camille's portrait appeared in the shop-windows; the illustrated journals depicted him before the redoubt, carried upon the shoulders of two men, his sword pointed towards the enemy, encouraging his soldiers by his voice, gesture, and look, his forehead bound with a handkerchief, and his face bleeding.

by Occurrences 125%

Both he and the nailmaker suffer the evils of poverty of poverty created by themselveswhich, moreover, they can terminate when they please; but they must reach the same point by directly opposite roads.

about Occurrences 99%

After gaining a point about halfway to the top, I was suddenly brought to a dead stop, with arms outspread, clinging close to the face of the rock, unable to move hand or foot either up or down.

between Occurrences 76%

After enjoying my surprise for a moment, the Brahmin observed: "We have, while you were asleep, passed the middle point between the earth's and the moon's attraction, and we now gravitate less towards our own planet than her satellite.

as Occurrences 71%

Some of the pages may be to them instructive, and may give them new ideas on such points as the structure of the Hours, the Collects, the Te Deum, the Anthems of the Blessed Virgin, etc.

into Occurrences 60%

" "Agreed," said he, and we paddled around the point into a little bay, at the head of which a small, but cold stream entered the lake.

along Occurrences 59%

It is all tame and spiritless compared with what may be seen here; it possesses not a tithe of the variety, the bold and grand, the placid and beautiful, all mingled, and changing always, as you pass from point to point along these lakes.

near Occurrences 56%

As we swept around a point near the south shore of the lake, we saw a deer at a quarter of a mile from us, feeding upon the lily pads that grew along the shore.

within Occurrences 43%

He divided our company into squads of six, not reckoning in either Jacob or me, and these he gave stations at different points within a mile of the settlement, cautioning every one to be on the alert, for now had come the time when it was possible for them to prove the value of the Minute Boys as soldiers.

through Occurrences 41%

"Hello, Ruth!" said the young woman, pointing through the window, "dun yo know who yon is?"

like Occurrences 40%

I shouldn't hold out on a point like this.

than Occurrences 39%

As a historical record it is one of those volumes which will go further to straighten some disputed points than all of the arguments which could be advanced in good natured disputes which might last for months.

against Occurrences 36%

Or if he broke it in the cutting it was a point against him in the contest.

beyond Occurrences 36%

One might think that he went about on unfeeling stalks instead of legs as children walk on stilts, or that a former accident had clipped him off above the knees and that he was now jointed out of wood to a point beyond the biting limit.

across Occurrences 30%

Our guns, which will never fire any more, sit in a neat row, "dressed by the right," along the garden path outside the Villa, their noses pointing across a grass lawn.

under Occurrences 29%

Down there!" He pointed under foot.

Which preposition to use with  points