Which preposition to use with posted

with Occurrences 1514%

If an individual Project Gutenberg-tm electronic work is derived from the public domain (does not contain a notice indicating that it is posted with permission of the copyright holder), the work can be copied and distributed to anyone in the United States without paying any fees or charges.

at Occurrences 743%

I wondered at her courage in retaining her post at the head of her table.

of Occurrences 696%

Unless I receive some definite information concerning that preference of St. Paul's, I shall feel it incumbent on me to vacate my post of Financial Editor.

in Occurrences 465%

During his first summer on the waters of the Columbia he made Fort Vancouver his headquarters, making excursions from this Hudson Bay post in every direction.

on Occurrences 280%

So we engaged a Skipper who was perfectly familiar with the BARINGS of the Banks, and Thoroughly Posted on all Sea 'Changes, at least so CHOWLES expressed it,

to Occurrences 131%

Each ministerial post to-day requires an imperial man.

for Occurrences 108%

The paint had been mixed in an old fruit-tin, and at first sight it certainly seemed to have been put on the post for the sole purpose of being knocked off again.

as Occurrences 93%

This was naturally a disappointment to Gifford, who was anxious, on Miss Morriston's behalf, to keep himself posted as to Henshaw's intentions.

by Occurrences 44%

" "I can have my men at their posts by the week end.

from Occurrences 34%

It was while scouting in the vicinity of Fort Hays that I had my first ride with the dashing and gallant Custer, who had come up to the post from Fort Ellsworth with an escort of only ten men.

near Occurrences 32%

There was another trading-post near by, which was conducted by Mr. M.P. Rively, who had a store built, partly frame, and partly of logs.

without Occurrences 26%

In an interview with Captain Parker, the commanding officer, he asked why General Hazen had left the post without supplying the beef cattle which had been promised to him.

under Occurrences 21%

They chargenot four hundred in allover the plain and down upon four thousand Mexicans securely posted under cover.

before Occurrences 17%

His 5000 men were well placed in good positions; but they were driven from post to post before the onset of the British.

along Occurrences 16%

The telegraph posts along the track melted into the level waste, and behind the spot where they vanished the tops of a larger group of elevators cut the edge of the plain.

between Occurrences 14%

There are six posts between here and the South Fork, so when the folk at Frew's hear seven shots they will know that the war is on the Rappahannock.

within Occurrences 13%

Hereafter General Magruder will have a picket post within two miles of us, between here and the creek, which offers a convenient point for smuggling.

behind Occurrences 13%

It had marched only three miles, when, posted behind a small stream which intersected the line of march, the advance of the insurgentsseventy-six men, with a small fieldpiece, under José Antonio Carrillowas discovered in front; and, as the column approached, a fire was opened on it, which was answered with a characteristic shout.

about Occurrences 11%

I was sorry for the old gentleman, but if there is anything that disgusts me, it is to meet people that ain't posted about things.

during Occurrences 11%

" This stopped the first squad; and seeing that my plan was a success, I remained at my post during the passage of the entire command and kept out all intruders.

after Occurrences 9%

This communication must be made by the first post after the discovery.

into Occurrences 9%

That person, with flaming cheeks, was driving her last location-post into a snow-drift with a piece of water-worn obsidian.

through Occurrences 8%

I explained to the officer who we were and requested him to put on the passport his visa in the German language, so that the non-commissioned officers at the various posts through which we might pass would be able to understand it and let us pass without hindrance.

out Occurrences 8%

Dread consul, we have found Cornelia here And Sylla's daughter posting out of town.

until Occurrences 8%

With his hands in his pockets he glided slowly across the room toward the bar, for all the world a picture of the guttersnipe who had been kicked from pillar to post until self-respect is dead in him.

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