Which preposition to use with potosi

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Reception at Herculaneum, and introduction to the founder of the first American colony in Texas, Mr. AustinHis characterContinuation of the journey on foot to St. LouisIncidents by the wayTrip to the minesSurvey of the mine countryExpedition from Potosi into the Ozark Mountains, and return, after a winter's absence, to Potosi.

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On his quitting Potosi for England, it is mentioned that he was overwhelmed with testimonials of popular affection.

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I left Washington on the 5th of February, exactly one year from my return to Potosi from the Ozarks; proceeded to New York, where I remained till early in March; traveled by sleigh over the Highlands, was at Niagara Falls on the 1st of May, and reached Detroit in the steamer "Walk-in-the-water" on the 8th of May.

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I returned to Potosi in February.

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After the usual remedies, I made a journey from Potosi to the Mississippi River, for the purpose of ascending that stream on a barge, in order that I might be compelled to drink its turbid, but healthy waters, and partake again of something like field fare.

Which preposition to use with  potosi