Which preposition to use with  powered

Which preposition to use with powered

Several I recognized almost immediately as mythological deities; others were strange to me, utterly strange, beyond the power of a human mind to conceive.

No scheme for the right placing of men can be devised which does not place a great deal of power in the hand of a few leading men.

When I shook my body I seemed to have full power over the muscles of the back, and considerable power over those of the neck, but none over my limbs....

Thinkers are finding in the large life of religion a motive power for their thought, their growtha reason for their existencea forecast of their destiny.

We array the love of money against the love of power; or rather, one love of power to another.

"She is hastening rapidly to her grave, and no power on earth can save her.

Thought is the power by which we make it available for our own better living, and the future life of the race.

We cannot take away power from any childhe shall move the affairs of nationsbut we can direct this love of power, or crush it; strengthen it, or weaken it; turn it toward the highest help of man, or deflect it to tyranny, cruelty, and crime.

The waterfall sang in chorus, filling the old ice-fountain with its solemn roar, and seeming to increase in power as the night advancedfit voice for such a landscape.

In order to gain real knowledge of himself, of his power, a child needs to compare his power with that of others.

It is reported that several of our leading financiers have openly indicated their dissatisfaction with the policy of those in power at Washington.

The articles on Free Trade and Protection in the daily papers have hitherto been regarded as the climax of all that utterly wearies the long-suffering human soul; but I tell you, as a candid friend, that they are but little more depressing and jading to the vital powers than your unceasing mention of life-insurance."

but they might have controlled it and directed it instead of standing aloof and throwing the power into the hands of the Left.

And if the fight had begun at that moment no power under heaven could have saved Lord Nick from the frenzy of the little man.

The Victor is he who, in his own life, unites these two things: a great longing after the god-like, which makes him yearn for virtue,and the divine power within him, through which and by which he is triumphant over time and death and sin.

The governor, with the consent of the Senate, was to make war, conclude all treaties, make all appointments, pardon all offences, with the full power through his negative of saying what laws should be passed and which enforced.

He feels himself a self-directing power, and at times asserts this power against the will of those who would make him do what he does not want to do.

It has enabled the nation to exercise tolerance within, and develop splendour and power without, which in their turn have made Britannia the mistress of the world's waterways, and the British the first colonial nation in the world.

From the beginning these two factions had been but imperfectly welded together, because their tendencies were different; but now the struggle for power between Pericles and Thucydides drew a sharp line of demarcation between them, and one was called the party of the Many, the other that of the Few.

He is interested in the immaterial world suggested by the mysteries of woods and gardens, he has a dim conception that there is some life beyond the visible, he feels a power behind life and he reveals this in his early questions.

Lepidus, as I have stated, had power among the three only in name, and often was not recorded in the documents even to this extent.

The senate was the ruling power after the expulsion of the kings, and senators were selected from the great patrician families, who controlled by their wealth and influence the popular elections, the army and navy, and all foreign relations.

They are curious about birth and death and all origins: thunder is terrifying, the sea is enthralling, the wind is mysterious, the sky is immense, and all suggest a power beyond: in this the children are reproducing the race experience as expressed in myths, when power was embodied in a god or goddess.

He thinks of no unseen God or powers above him.

Q.Can you tell the duty of an engine when you know its consumption of coal per horse power per hour?

Odo, Bishop of Baieux, the king's uterine brother, whom he had created Earl of Kent, and intrusted with a great share of power during his whole reign, had amassed immense riches; and agreeably to the usual progress of human wishes, he began to regard his present acquisitions but as a step to farther grandeur.

There is no power like the power of a word: a word like liberty can dethrone kings.

The evils from which France suffers in relation to the stagnancy of its population, are well known, and that their continuanceif continuance there bewill mean the downfall of the country from its position as one of the world's great powers before the close of the twentieth century, is a mathematical certainty.

Mrs. Wilson had not had it in her power until this moment to inquire particularly into the affair, or to offer the relief she was ever ready to bestow on proper objects.

Justin accordingly sets himself to shew, that in the beginning, before all creatures, God generated a certain rational power out of himself.

I wrote on the matter to Mr Wood (Lord Halifax) stating that it would be proper to raise the First Assistant's salary, and to give me more indefinite power about employing computers.

A tense voice interrupted with the demand: "How?" "Quite easily, comrade: with the ramifications of our power throughout London, all under the control of his Excellency"the inventor bowed to Number One"it should be an easy matter to place a few trustworthy men with the Westminster gas works."

One watch had passed, and still sweet slumber shed Its magic power around the hero's head When forth Tahmíneh camea damsel held

9 mo. 24, 1819.I hope by what I have felt of the keen arrow of adversity piercing the heart, it will teach me, when I see it wounding any of my fellow-mortals, to endeavor to soothe, if I have nothing else in my power towards healing the wound.

If we look not merely at the growth of money incomes, but at the character of those products which have been most cheapened by the introduction of machinery, we shall incline to the opinion that the net gain in wealth- producing power due to machinery has not been equally shared by all classes in the community.

CORWIN, EDWARD S. The commerce power versus states rights.

All-wheel drive is available on V-6 models, and it has the ability to shift power across its rear axle for better traction.

Grave senators, and fathers of this state, Our strange protractions and unkind delays Where weighty wars doth call us out to fight, Our factious wits, to please aspiring lords, (You see) have added power unto our foes, And hazarded rich Phrygia and Bithinia, With all our Asian holds and cities too.

Gregory Smith calls attention to the influence of Sidney and Daniel in establishing "the claim of English criticism as an instrument of power outside the craft of rhetoricians and scholars."

Ralph resolved, at any rate, to do all that lay in his power toward the attainment of useful and honorable manhood.

I think I may say we have full power amongst them, for one of them said it was more terrible to be brought up before me than before the judge, though I used nothing but kindness.

A county borough was a town big enough to run all its own local government, so the local county council had no power inside the county borough.

The legality of a blockade, where there is not a naval power off the coast competent to maintain such blockade, has always been denied by the lesser maritime powers.

Meeting this task requires the integration of technology to leverage machine learning and computing power along with the application of data analytics, intelligent interpretation, and visualization tools.

New research will be launched, in partnership with the human and cultural strategy team of FiftyFive5, as part of the Powered by Nine Cultural Conversation Series.

I seemed to be floating through the air, aware dimly of suffering, but helplessly in the grasp of some power beyond all struggling against.

These were my services to France,the return of centralized power amid anarchies and discontents and laws which successive revolutions have not destroyed, but which shall blaze in wisdom through successive generations."

The father has legal power up to the time when his children come of age; then it ceases.

The twenty-four barons had now enjoyed the sovereign power near three years; and had visibly employed it, not for the reformation of the state, which was their first pretence, but for the aggrandizement of themselves and of their families.

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