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At length reviv'd, mid rising heaps of slain She prest with trembling step, the crimson plain; 60 The dungeon's gloomy depth she fearless sought, For love, with scorn of danger arm'd her thought: The cell that holds her captive lord she gains, Her tears fall quiv'ring on a lover's chains!

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Among these dark forms the vague profile of a woman who prefers darkness to light may be detected here and there.... Walking through Rotterdam in the evening, it is evident that the city is teeming with life and in process of expansion; a youthful city, still growing, and feeling herself every year more and more prest for room in her streets and houses.

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Here in the natural situation are the everlasting and benign energies that wait to be discovered and prest into human service.

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In spite of the advantage that an enemy, as able as he is bold, takes of these conditions, and the fact that he intrenches himself anew in his impregnable mountains, hard prest on every side, he is forced not only to allow his cannon and baggage to fall a prey to the Duc d'Enghien, but also the country bordering the Rhine.

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but the dear creters do look weel in muffswhether they haud them, wi' their invisible hauns clasped thegither in their beauty within the cozy silk linin', close prest to their innicent waists, just aneath the glad beatins o' their first love-touched hearts.

Which preposition to use with  pr