Which preposition to use with presided

over Occurrences 475%

The Chambers were dissolved almost at once after the constitution of the new cabinet, presided over by the Duc de Broglie.

at Occurrences 204%

We were rather puzzled as to what my eldest sister could do, as she was not very sociable and never spoke to strangers if she could help it, so we decided she must be very well dressed and preside at the tea-table behind an old-fashioned silver urn that we always usedlooking like a stately maitresse de maison receiving her guests.

in Occurrences 64%

The Ordinance of 1787 torn to shreds and scattered to the winds,the line drawn in 1820, which the slaveholders plighted their faith Slavery should never overstep, insolently as well as infamously obliterated,Slavery presiding in the Cabinet, seated on the Supreme Bench, absolute in the halls of Congress,no man can say what shape its next aggression may not take to itself.

as Occurrences 21%

In the evening a court-martial was held, at which I presided as chief justice.

with Occurrences 16%

He had attained the ends he had striven for, he was respected alike in the church and the world, he held a high and lucrative position, he had a well appointed home, over which his handsome wife presided with dignity and grace, and yet, as he took his seat before his desk in the lofty room whose shelves were lined with gems of thought in fragrant, costly bindings, life seemed to have missed its sweetness to Lawrence Hildreth.

for Occurrences 10%

{126} Achilles presided for the fifth time, and Theseus for the seventh.

on Occurrences 8%

Rolfe, who had last seen His Honour presiding on the Bench in the full pomp and majesty of law, felt a chill strike his heart at the fell power of death which did not even respect the person of a High Court judge, and had stripped him of every vestige of human dignity in the pangs of a violent end.

behind Occurrences 2%

He did not notice me, neither did Rab, who presided behind the cart.

without Occurrences 1%

'I have lost my companionmy protectorthe friend that loved me, that condescended to hear, to communicate, to share in all the pleasures and pains of the human heart: where the social affections and emotions of the mind only presided without regard to the infinite disproportion of my rank and condition.

between Occurrences 1%

Its precise date is uncertain, but it must be of about the middle of the thirteenth century (1244-1254), as Nicholas Sandwich, the Prior of Christ Church, was the second of four priors who presided between the years 1234 and 1274.

during Occurrences 1%

At the Old Bailey he was presiding during a sessions which was rather light for the times, there being less than a score left for execution under sentence of death.

from Occurrences 1%

He gave sentence accordingly; and, had the two parties been of equal stature and strength, the Judges of the Common Pleas might have been seen, in their robes, presiding from sunrise till sunset over a combat to be fought, as the law prescribed, with stout staves and leathern shields, till one should cry "Craven," and yield up the field.

throughout Occurrences 1%

Mrs. Colby, being president of the Nebraska Suffrage Association, opened the meeting with an able speech, and presided throughout with tact and dignity.

to Occurrences 1%

Only in the evening she received a visit from Monsieur de Navarede, who is presiding to-day, Sunday, at a meeting of his Society, and of course Madame could not do otherwise than attend it.

under Occurrences 1%

At the triumph of Trajan over the Dacians, ten thousand gladiators were exhibited, and the Emperor himself presided under a gilded canopy, surrounded by thousands of his lords.

among Occurrences 1%

The poor captives distributed it with the most scrupulous attention, first to the oldest and weakest of their companions; for, notwithstanding their dreadful situation, the spirit of concord and charity had never ceased for a single moment to preside among them.

Which preposition to use with  presided