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Which preposition to use with  principles

Which preposition to use with principles

of Occurrences 6086%

I think the average Frenchman is intelligent, but I don't think the vote of the man in the street can have as much value as that of a man who has had not only a good education but who has been accustomed always to hear certain principles of law and order held up as rules for the guidance of his own life as well as other people's.

of Occurrences 575%

Sir Charles Lyell long ago suggested that the azoic character of these ancient formations might be due to the fact that they had undergone extensive metamorphosis; and readers of the "Principles of Geology" will be familiar with the ingenious manner in which he contrasts the theory of the Gnome, who is acquainted only with the interior of the earth, with those of ordinary philosophers, who know only its exterior.

in Occurrences 423%

"My father, though not a member of any church, was strict in his family discipline in regard to the observance of the Sabbath, the breach of which, on the part of his children, was very apt to be followed by consequences not the most pleasant in the world, for he held that a good switch was an essential article of household furniture, and its occasional use a cardinal principle in the philosophy of family rule.

on Occurrences 252%

This is a fair illustration of the principle on which the corn laws were moulded.

to Occurrences 181%

The following chapters seek to apply practically the four vital principles to these periods of a child's life, but in many cases the Transition Classes and the Junior School are considered together.

as Occurrences 102%

the Subway in New York? Gravity, stress, strain, weight, tension, sag, cohesion,a few mathematical formulas, and a knowledge of the primary laws of physics,upon such principles as these, the world is rapidly changing form and use.

by Occurrences 93%

He had two great principles by which he tested the good or evil of every thing; and there were few questions in which he could not avail himself of one or the other.

for Occurrences 76%

The best principle for the extension of one's mastery of synonyms is the principle already used over and over in this bookthat of proceeding from the known to the unknown.

with Occurrences 70%

"A matter of principle with you, was it, Mr. Beaumaroy?" "Noinstinct, I think.

from Occurrences 60%

Curiously enough, it did not differ in principle from the Virginia plan, but was more specific and concrete in stating the powers which the federal government should exercise, and many of its provisions were embodied in the final draft.

into Occurrences 50%

In America "protection" affects manufacturers for the most part, and there is no such popular craving for cheap manufactures as to bring the protective principle into collision with the daily wants of the people.

at Occurrences 37%

Moreover, I suspect that, like all people who ask advice, you simply came here in the hope that you would find in me a brother ready, in principle at all events, to wage the same battle.

than Occurrences 27%

In fine, we should never speak concerning our neighbour from any other principle than charity, or to any other intent but what is charitable; such as tendeth to his good, or at least is consistent therewith.

against Occurrences 18%

As a man of massive intellect, of keenness of perception, of consistent logical instincts, and of unquestioned sincerity and great personal devoutness, we might expect him to be found, like Augustine, on the side of principle against policy, in unqualified condemnation of lying under any circumstances whatsoever, and in advocacy of truthfulness at all hazards.

within Occurrences 11%

To seek for the approval of others, even though they embody our highest ideals, is truly not the loftiest form of aspiration; but it is one round in the ladder which leads to that higher feeling, the desire for the benediction of the spirit-principle within us.

without Occurrences 10%

" This condition of her mind, with alternate indulgence in vanity and resolutions after better things, lasted till she was twenty-two years of age, when she came to the settled conviction that "it is almost impossible to keep strictly to principle without religion.

in Occurrences 9%

* READINGS in SCIENCE; familiar EXPLANATIONS of Appearances and Principles in NATURAL PHILOSOPHY.

about Occurrences 8%

Armies always accumulate these noxious principles about their encampments in a few days, when attention is not called to their daily removal."[60

like Occurrences 7%

This too, is not a certain principle like each of the rest: for of these, one is the principle of beauty, another of symmetry, another of truth, and another of something else, but it is simply principle.

under Occurrences 5%

At first it might appear hopeless to attempt to answer such a question, but by adhering to a definite principle we shall find that it will open out, and lead us on, and show us things which we could not otherwise have seenthis is the nature of principle, and is what distinguishes it from mere rules which are only the application of principle under some particular set of conditions.

among Occurrences 5%

It was a principle among the ancients, that acute diseases are from Heaven, and chronical from ourselves; the dart of death, indeed, falls from Heaven, but we poison it by our own misconduct: to die is the fate of man; but to die with lingering anguish is generally his folly.'

throughout Occurrences 4%

Square, [30] in allusion to its beauty, for it is the only town constructed altogether on geometrical principles throughout Morocco.

between Occurrences 4%

In 1878, a project for a railway line on the land-grant principle between Brisbane and Port Darwin was originated in the former city.

above Occurrences 4%

For it will not be wonderful, if being a certain principle, it is indigent of the principle above it; but it would be wonderful if it were indigent of things posterior to itself, and of which it is supposed to be the principle.

through Occurrences 3%

Philo attributes the creation of man to angels; and they infused the evil principle through their own imperfections.

behind Occurrences 3%

This has been the principle behind the decisions we have made in order to meet the threat of the pirates from the first day.

before Occurrences 3%

"It was clear, therefore, that the principle of Popular Sovereignty, introduced by the Kansas and Nebraska Bill, a principle before unknown to the law and practice of our government, would not suit the South.

beyond Occurrences 2%

19.This use of whom after than has greatly puzzled and misled our grammarians; many of whom have thence concluded that than must needs be, at least in this instance, a preposition, and some have extended the principle beyond this, so as to include than which, than whose with its following noun, and other nominatives which they will have to be objectives; as, "I should seem guilty of ingratitude, than which nothing is more shameful."

out Occurrences 2%

Thus Thales of Miletus, during the late seventh and early sixth century B.C., is said to have been satisfied when he found in wateror moisturethe ultimate principle out of which all things and all life, including gods and men, were evolved.

by Occurrences 2%

I do not pretend, in saying this, to give myself Airs of more Virtue than my Neighbours, but assert it from the Principles by which Mankind must always be governed.

amongst Occurrences 2%

The kind of honor which I have been discussing hitherto has always existed in its various forms and principles amongst all nations and at all times; although the history of female honor shows that its principles have undergone certain local modifications at different periods.

during Occurrences 2%

Mahomet was familiar with Jewish cosmogony from his knowledge of their faith within his own land, and he had heard dimly of the Christian principles during his Syrian journey.

from Occurrences 2%

But further; it is impossible for outward Actions to represent the Perfections of the Soul, because they can never shew the Strength of those Principles from whence they proceed.

with Occurrences 1%

For my own part, I think a Man makes an odious and despicable Figure, that is violent in a Party: but a Woman is too sincere to mitigate the Fury of her Principles with Temper and Discretion, and to act with that Caution and Reservedness which are requisite in our Sex.

beside Occurrences 1%

Generally speaking, the whole ethical system of the two religions is based upon the contrast between God and the world, though Muhammedan philosophy will recognize no principle beside that of God.

underneath Occurrences 1%

c. Compare the principles underneath these resolutions with those of the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. ยง275.a.

until Occurrences 1%

The system underwent many changes, but remained in operation in principle until 1904.

whence Occurrences 1%

"He assigns the principles whence their power of pleasing flows.

among Occurrences 1%

The Crowds of such inconsiderable Creatures that infest all Places of Assembling, every Reader will have in his Eye from his own Observation; but would it not be worth considering what sort of Figure a Man who formed himself upon those Principles among us, which are agreeable to the Dictates of Honour and Religion, would make in the familiar and ordinary Occurrences of Life?

AS Occurrences 1%


on Occurrences 1%

To this Avarice replied, that he looked upon Plenty (the first Minister of his Antagonist) to be a much more destructive Counsellor than Poverty, for that he was perpetually suggesting Pleasures, banishing all the necessary Cautions against Want, and consequently undermining those Principles on which the Government of Avarice was founded.