Which preposition to use with propriety

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I won't undertake to report all they said; a decent regard for the proprieties of language, compels me to give only a sketch of the debate.

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He still maintained, for he had a very strong sense of propriety in matters of form, that Aylmer ought to go away.

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"I mention not a Medal as a new ideait has been already in contemplation; and a motto for it suggested, which applies with such singular force and propriety to the person whom it is designed to commemorate, that perhaps the wide range of classical literature could not afford another passage so strikingly apposite to a character so extraordinary "Stupuere patres tentamina tanta, Conatusque tuos: pro te Reus ipse timebat.

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He made use of some intemperate, or ill-timed expressions, which were not interpreted, but which brought out a strong rebuke from Mr. Johnston, who, being familiar with the Indian language, gave vent in their tongue to his quick and high-toned feelings of propriety on the occasion.

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" We left the first chain of ponds, and rowed some ten miles up the deep and sluggish but narrow channel of the river, startling every little way a deer from its propriety by our presence as it was feeding along the shore.

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I have given my opinion sincerely; let them shew where they think me wrong.' While my friend is thus contemplated in the splendour derived from his last and perhaps most admirable work, I introduce him with peculiar propriety as the correspondent of WARREN HASTINGS!

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For more than a generation Turkey has been the pampered enfant terrible of international politics, violating the conventions and proprieties with impunity; feeling safe amid the jealousies of the players of "the great game."

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With that sense of propriety for which your representative has over been distinguished, I took PHELIM by the arm and retired.

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The morse is here named horse-whale by king Alfred, with infinitely greater propriety than the appellation of sea-horse, which long prevailed in our language.

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Whereas the former seem to be dated with more propriety from the days of Nimrod; who gave rise probably to that inseparable idea of victory and servitude, which we find among the nations of antiquity, and which has existed uniformly since, in one country or another, to the present day.[008] Add to this, that they might have arisen even in a state of nature, and have been coequal with the quarrels of mankind.

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Silver dressing cases and brocade morning gowns were in him a sort of propriety at this season of his youth.

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"Reason, Captain Ludlow, has limited female propriety within narrow limits," she said.

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An immense clay oven, neatly painted red, occupied one side of the room; a bench, three or four rude chairs, and a table, were arranged with severe propriety against the other.

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Where the teacher has not sufficient confidence that the general sense of propriety among his pupils will preserve good order and decorum during the exercise, it may be better for him to read a prayer selected from books of devotion, or prepared by himself expressly for the occasion.

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JOHN They cannot be introduced with propriety before midnight.

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They have embodied so exquisitely the universal language of religious emotion, that (a few fierce and vindictive passages excepted, natural in the warrior-poet of a sterner age,) they have entered with unquestioned propriety into the ritual of the holier and more perfect religion of Christ.

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After having remarked with how much advantage learned men might occupy themselves, in extracting from the works of the ancient philosophers, proverbs, fables, and the morals they contained, for the purpose of instructing men, and training them to virtuous actions, she adds, that the emperor had very successfully pursued the plan, in order to teach his son how to conduct himself with propriety through life.

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Still, I must say, to the credit of these people, that they behaved with the greatest propriety towards me, although not only women, but a great number of men of the poorest and lowest class, were coming backwards and forwards continually; even the women here left me in quiet.

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Which is more important, to eat or to observe rules of propriety about eating?

Which preposition to use with  propriety