Which preposition to use with protections

of Occurrences 1715%

How different is this slave-labor from the craft-work of mediaeval times, when, under the protection of the guilds, manual labor became exalted to an artistic rank, and the workers at the loom, the metal-workers, the wood-carvers, the tapestry-weavers, and the workers in pottery and glass produced objects whose beauty has never been either equalled or surpassed.

to Occurrences 291%

Pray ask no Questions, Sir; but if you are what you seem, Give a Protection to an unhappy Maid.

from Occurrences 271%

From the length of time that the sun is above the horizon, the continued action of his rays, in those climates where they fall vertically, or nearly so, would be intolerable, if it was not for the high mountains, from whose snow-clad summits a perpetual breeze derives a refreshing coolness, and for the deep glens and recesses, in which most animals seek protection from his meridian beams.

against Occurrences 257%

For, if she needed her brother's help and protection against the man, it would be an easy matter for her to complain of his persecution.

for Occurrences 158%

But as if this was not sufficient protection for his head, he carried a parasol of the most brilliant green silk and twirled it above his head.

in Occurrences 153%

The sunbeams sift through even the leafiest trees with scarcely any interruption, and the weary, heated traveler finds but little protection in their shade.

on Occurrences 26%

Silvia contrived to effect her escape from her father's palace in company with a worthy old gentleman, whose name was Eglamour, whom she took along with her for protection on the road.

by Occurrences 20%

The experience gained showed, however, that the difficulties apprehended by the officers of the Mercantile Marine were not insuperable, and that, given adequate protection by cruisers and small fast craft, the system was at least practicable.

as Occurrences 20%

Lucius, the Roman general, who had taken Imogen under his protection as his page, was the first (as has been before said) who spoke to the king.

over Occurrences 18%

To allow a bare majority to convict would be to place too little protection over a public officer.

than Occurrences 17%

But an even greater protection than the devices of military engineers had been provided for the Turks by Dame Nature.

under Occurrences 16%

I will then introduce myself by shaking them at you, to put you in mind of your night's entertainment and protection under my roof.'

at Occurrences 15%

You, who store such things in your enviable memory, will recollect how in the Odyssey, that kindly race of singers and wrestlers, the Phaeacians, are the escorts and conveyers of all who need and ask for protection at sea.

during Occurrences 13%

Our commerce and navigation have received increased aid, and protection during the present year.

due Occurrences 7%

The protection due to these citizens requiring an effectual interposition in their behalf, a like number of British prisoners of war were put into confinement, with a notification that they would experience whatever violence might be committed on the American prisoners of war sent to Great Britain.

with Occurrences 6%

The concrete gun positions, the permanent infantry protections with loopholes in concrete, and all the trenches and barbed wire, looked certainly as if the Russians had intended to stay in Lemberg.

through Occurrences 5%

"Finland under the egis of the Russian realm," our present Emperor has said, "and strong in virtue of Russia's protection through the lapse of almost a whole century, has advanced along the way of peaceful progress unswervingly, and in the hearts of the Finnish people lived the consciousness of their attachment to the Russian monarchs and to Russia."

without Occurrences 3%

The tariff of 1824 had borne heavily on the South, producing great irritation, and very naturally "the planters complained that they had to bear all the burdens of protection without enjoying its benefits,that the things they had to buy had become dearer, while the things produced and exported found a less market."

behind Occurrences 3%

Whenever a system is weak or underhand, they seek protection behind a maze of stupidity and fuss.

around Occurrences 2%

The Turkish Aghas now would not be afraid to see cheered, for instance, by the inhabitants of Mytilene, the American flag, should it ever happen that that flag were cast in protection around my humble self; nay, I am sure they would smilingly join in the harsh but cordial "khôsh guelden, sepa gueldin," which is more than a thrice welcome in your language.

before Occurrences 2%

If Hill were innocent he would have been more likely to seek police protection before flight.

towards Occurrences 2%

They are ardently attached to the British government, and would be so to the colonial government, were it to indicate by its enactments any purposes of kindness or protection towards them.

among Occurrences 2%

Nor is it confined to the lower classes, but finds protection among the highest in the community.

until Occurrences 2%

If on inquiry it could be proved that the death was purely accidental, the fugitive was entitled to claim protection until by the death of the high priest, the blood should have been expiated when he would be free to return to his home and people.

toward Occurrences 1%

" "Don't you dare," she retorted hotly, resenting his air of protection toward her.

Which preposition to use with  protections