Which preposition to use with prove

to Occurrences 717%

From pride and presumption, O Lord, keep us free, And make our hearts humble, And loyal to Thee, That living or dying, In Thee we may rest, And prove to the scornful Thy statutes are best.

of Occurrences 215%

All this proved of no avail.

in Occurrences 190%

The Triple Alliance, in common with the rest of their schoolfellows, little thought, on returning from their summer holidays, what a memorable epoch the coming term would prove in the history of Ronleigh College; still less did any one imagine what important results would arise from the action of the three friends, and how much would depend on the loyalty of these youngsters for their Alma Mater.

by Occurrences 79%

When these were properly adjusted, the machine was perfectly air-tight, and strong enough, by means of iron bars running alternately inside and out, to resist the pressure of the atmosphere, when the machine should be exhausted of its air, as we took the precaution to prove by the aid of an air-pump.

beyond Occurrences 71%

The truth of these tidings was proved beyond all possibility of doubt when, next morning at breakfast, an announcement was made that the school would assemble immediately after the boys left the hall, instead of gathering, as usual, at nine o'clock.

against Occurrences 51%

Nothing could be proved against him, except that he had been seen in the company of Monmouth, Shaftesbury, Algernon Sidney, and others known to be opposed to the measures of the Government.

from Occurrences 47%

That Zuran Patel was a rich man can be proved from the ancient documents relating to the properties recently acquired by the Improvement Trust in and around Mandvi.

at Occurrences 46%

The judges whom Carleton had been obliged to appoint in haste all proved at leisure the wisdom of his choice; and there seemed to be every chance that other nominees would be equally fit for their positions, because the Quebec Act, which annulled every appointment made before it came into force, opened the way for the exclusion of bad officials and the inclusion of the good.

As Occurrences 43%

Peace, Sister, do not urge it as a sin, Of which the Gods themselves have guilty been: The Gods, my Sister, do approve Revenge By Thunder, which th'Almighty Ports unhinge, Such is their Lightning when poor Mortals fear, And Princes are the Gods inhabit here; Revenge has charms that do as powerful prove As those of Beauty, and as sweet as Love, The force of Vengeance will not be withstood, Till it has bath'd and cool'd it self in Blood.

on Occurrences 35%

The Hungarians now had to prove on the battlefield and in bloody engagements that they were worthy of liberty and capable of defending it.

for Occurrences 27%

Nay, heed me not, my lordseek out thy mother, unbeknownprove for thyself her worthiness or falsity, prove for thyself her honour or her shame'tis but just, aye, 'tis but just in very truth.

with Occurrences 24%

Nor can any argument be alleged in defence of such a law, that will not prove with equal force, that corn ought to remain in the same granaries where it is now laid, that all the markets in this kingdom should be suspended, and that no man should be allowed to sell bread to another.

out Occurrences 11%

It has been proved out of his own mouth or hostile witnesses: (1) That the crowd was unarmed.

like Occurrences 9%

Many of her remarks have proved like a goad to spur me on in the way of holiness.

without Occurrences 6%

"So it must have been old Noaks who told them," said Acton; "that's proved without a doubt.

during Occurrences 5%

A good and faithful servant he proved during three years.

before Occurrences 4%

The clause provided that no member should take his seat or vote till his qualification had been proved before the Speaker in a full house.

through Occurrences 3%

And, moreover, I knew that she who called quietly would have the power to hear without instruments, if indeed it were she; and if it were but one of the false callings of the Evil Forces, or more cunning monsters, or as was sometimes thought concerning these callings, the House of Silence, meddling with our souls, then would they have no power to say the Master-Word; for this had been proven through all the Everlasting.

under Occurrences 3%

whose extraordinary integrity, proved under many trying circumstances, makes the glory of his present admirable conduct less remarkable; he has altogether disregarded the province assigned to him; and so has Caius Cestius, a man of great and firm mind.

after Occurrences 3%

It was also proved after infinite research, that Agares, Belial, and Barbatos, each of them deposed angels of great rank, had been of the order of Virtues; that Beleth, Focalor, and Phoenix, had been of the order of Thrones; that Gaap had been of the order of Powers, and Virtues; and Murmur of Thrones and Angels.

than Occurrences 3%

Nothing easier to prove than that.

between Occurrences 2%

But such utter unlikes cannot but end in dislikes, and so it proved between Erasmus and Luther.

unto Occurrences 1%

At length in the battle on Eveshame plaine The barons were routed, and Montfort was slaine; Moste fatall that battel did prove unto thee, Thoughe thou wast not borne then, my prettye Bessee!

up Occurrences 1%

Its complicity in the spread of the plague, which has been proved up to the hilt, has filled the cup of its iniquities to overflowing, and we have awakened to the fact that it is and always has been an arch-enemy of mankind.

within Occurrences 1%

"You were right, too right,has it not been proved within the last five minutes?

Which preposition to use with  prove