Which preposition to use with proverb

of Occurrences 60%

To take another trite proverb of the same kind, we are told how "truths and roses have thorns about them," which is absolutely true; and there is the well-known expression "to pipe in an ivy leaf," which signifies "to go and engage in some futile or idle pursuit" which cannot be productive of any good.

in Occurrences 42%

As I live, saith the Lord God, ye shall not have occasion any more to use this proverb in Israel.

with Occurrences 11%

"The value of a sum lies in the answer," he said, quoting one of those copybook proverbs with which all Syrians love to clinch an argument.

for Occurrences 10%

[Footnote: A proverb for a nobody, as Petron, 58 qui te natum non putat.]

about Occurrences 10%

The Jimville stage is built for five passengers, but when you have seven, with four trunks, several parcels, three sacks of grain, the mail and express, you begin to understand that proverb about the road which has been reported to you.

to Occurrences 8%

To apply your proverbs to yourself would be to realise this proverb of ours.

among Occurrences 7%

The word of the elder Cato was esteemed so sacred with the Romans, that it became a proverb among them respecting things, so improbable, that their truth could not be established even by the highest authority, "I would not believe it, though it were told me by Cato."

from Occurrences 3%

This passed into a proverb from Franciscus Accursius, a famous Jurisconsult and son of another Accursius, who was called the Idol of the Jurisconsults.

as Occurrences 3%

Moreover, there are deadly proverbs as between the followers of Shiva and those of Vishnu, yet nobody suggests that these two do not belong to the same nation.

like Occurrences 2%

Consigned to St Helena, Napoleon will furnish to posterity a proverb like that of Dionysius at Corinth.

throughout Occurrences 1%

"The Pope and his Medici" became a proverb throughout Italy: all men noted their rising fortunes and their bids for power.

on Occurrences 1%

Well, I'll fulfil a proverb on thee straight.

unto Occurrences 1%

"And what made him so blind as to be for a proverb unto you?" "Just some little drops of water, Sahib, nothing more," replied the big man with a smile that lifted the curling moustache and showed the dazzling perfect teeth.

before Occurrences 1%

A man's life has been steered by a proverb before this.

within Occurrences 1%

But always it had been a proverb within the Campbell family that Bull would make only one attempt and, failing in the first effort, would try no more.

Which preposition to use with  proverb