Which preposition to use with pulling

at Occurrences 338%

Martin, who was in the leading boat with me, by a few vigorous pulls at the oar, rounded the point between us and the spot where we had heard the plunge, and there, not ten rods from the shore, making for the mainland, was the game which, of all others, we most desired to see.

on Occurrences 149%

"Parky looks as if Davy Jones was pulling on his string," observed the flippant Ives to his neighbour.

in Occurrences 89%

I laid the chisel by the body, went to the window, pulled in the rope, carefully got the centre, adjusted it through the stanchion, and with a last look at the dead man, got out of the window, a rather nerve-trying business, and began to lower myself.

with Occurrences 83%

I give her credit for it, but she done it because she didn't have the right kind of a pull with Billy Howe.

out Occurrences 75%

Most of the furniture was upset or pulled out of place, magazines and papers lay strewn about in every direction, ink was trickling in black rivulets about the floor, and draughts and chess men seemed to have been scattered broadcast all over the place.

of Occurrences 68%

And at this moment, I conceive it to be finally torn directly from its oblique course, by the gravitational pull of the immense star.

to Occurrences 64%

The raft was pulled to the ladder by which they were to get out; but he was unable to ascend, and fell down in a fainting condition.

from Occurrences 58%

"See here," and he pulled from his pocket several flat masses that looked like pieces of yellow sponge.

for Occurrences 55%

Each rower, still pulling for dear life with one hand, bailed the boat with the other; but for all their promptness a certain amount of the water froze solid before they could get it out.

into Occurrences 48%

The man who was the only occupant of the other dog-cart had pulled into the hedge and alighted.

over Occurrences 41%

He was remarkably intelligent and absolutely unscrupulous, didn't hesitate to put into the mouths of people what he wished them to say, so he naturally had a great pull over the ordinary simple-minded journalist who wrote simply what he saw and heard.

through Occurrences 34%

We would probably have pulled through the winter all right had it not been for a very serious accident which befell me just at that time.

towards Occurrences 20%

From this point to the barrier of sand, it was apparent by the stooping sails and the struggles of the gondoliers who pulled towards the quay, that the air was swift.

about Occurrences 16%

After being pulled about by the salt of the land, and using my freeman's privileges at their command, until I got tired of so much liberty, sir, I have resigned, and retired to private life, doing most of my own thinking out here on the Otsego-Water, like a poor slave as I am.

toward Occurrences 15%

If a daughter is pulled away from the man to whom she is attracted, her Individuality rebels and she pulls toward him harder than she would if let alone.

off Occurrences 15%

[Pulls off her Mask.

of Occurrences 14%

We thought the wire-pulling of the German High Command would have its effect in the war councils of Turkey, and seeing that the regaining of the prize would have such far-reaching effect on public opinion no one was surprised that the Germans prevailed upon their ally to make the attempt.

like Occurrences 12%

For nearly a score of years they pulled like a pair of balky horseswhat time they were not doing the monkey and parrot act.

against Occurrences 10%

It was plain that the mustang hated its rider; it was equally plain that Sinclair was in perfect touch with his horse, what with the stern wrist pulling against the bit, and the spurs keeping the pony up on it.

along Occurrences 9%

" Mike next essayed to pull along the shore, in the hope that the sight of the land, and of the overhanging pines and hemlocks, would cure the boat's propensity to turn in that direction.

down Occurrences 8%

"He pulls down the old," say they; "but what does he give us in place of it?

by Occurrences 7%

After two hours of hard work, pushing with the oars and pulling by the branches, we emerged into daylight, came out into the open stream, not a little fatigued by our efforts to find the imaginary pond at the base of the mountains.

after Occurrences 5%

Rushing to the beach, about a dozen threw themselves into the other boat, which had been captured, and pulled after us; but, fortunately, in their hurry, they had forgotten the muskets, and being unacquainted with the method of rowing, of course they made but little progress, which enabled us to increase our distance.

across Occurrences 5%

One of the men was sent across the stream with a small cord, by which he drew over a rope, to which was attached a common block, after which the wagon-body was launched, and pulled across the river in safety.

without Occurrences 4%

Thethe trigger was just pulled without my wanting it to!

Which preposition to use with  pulling