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Which preposition to use with  pulling

Which preposition to use with pulling

Martin, who was in the leading boat with me, by a few vigorous pulls at the oar, rounded the point between us and the spot where we had heard the plunge, and there, not ten rods from the shore, making for the mainland, was the game which, of all others, we most desired to see.

Most of the furniture was upset or pulled out of place, magazines and papers lay strewn about in every direction, ink was trickling in black rivulets about the floor, and draughts and chess men seemed to have been scattered broadcast all over the place.

"Parky looks as if Davy Jones was pulling on his string," observed the flippant Ives to his neighbour.

"See here," and he pulled from his pocket several flat masses that looked like pieces of yellow sponge.

The man who was the only occupant of the other dog-cart had pulled into the hedge and alighted.

I laid the chisel by the body, went to the window, pulled in the rope, carefully got the centre, adjusted it through the stanchion, and with a last look at the dead man, got out of the window, a rather nerve-trying business, and began to lower myself.

And at this moment, I conceive it to be finally torn directly from its oblique course, by the gravitational pull of the immense star.

I give her credit for it, but she done it because she didn't have the right kind of a pull with Billy Howe.

The raft was pulled to the ladder by which they were to get out; but he was unable to ascend, and fell down in a fainting condition.

Each rower, still pulling for dear life with one hand, bailed the boat with the other; but for all their promptness a certain amount of the water froze solid before they could get it out.

We would probably have pulled through the winter all right had it not been for a very serious accident which befell me just at that time.

He was remarkably intelligent and absolutely unscrupulous, didn't hesitate to put into the mouths of people what he wished them to say, so he naturally had a great pull over the ordinary simple-minded journalist who wrote simply what he saw and heard.

[Pulls off her Mask.

From this point to the barrier of sand, it was apparent by the stooping sails and the struggles of the gondoliers who pulled towards the quay, that the air was swift.

If a daughter is pulled away from the man to whom she is attracted, her Individuality rebels and she pulls toward him harder than she would if let alone.

We thought the wire-pulling of the German High Command would have its effect in the war councils of Turkey, and seeing that the regaining of the prize would have such far-reaching effect on public opinion no one was surprised that the Germans prevailed upon their ally to make the attempt.

It was plain that the mustang hated its rider; it was equally plain that Sinclair was in perfect touch with his horse, what with the stern wrist pulling against the bit, and the spurs keeping the pony up on it.

But thanks to the Broncos missing 16 of their final 17 first-half shots, the Roadrunners were able to pull within four at the break following a late 3 by newcomer Grehlon Easter.

For nearly a score of years they pulled like a pair of balky horseswhat time they were not doing the monkey and parrot act.

Rushing to the beach, about a dozen threw themselves into the other boat, which had been captured, and pulled after us; but, fortunately, in their hurry, they had forgotten the muskets, and being unacquainted with the method of rowing, of course they made but little progress, which enabled us to increase our distance.

They seem to share the spoil as intelligently as they catch it, the wolf that lies beside the runway and pulls down the game giving up a portion gladly to the companion that beats the bush, and rarely indeed is there any trace of quarreling between them.

One of the men was sent across the stream with a small cord, by which he drew over a rope, to which was attached a common block, after which the wagon-body was launched, and pulled across the river in safety.

The Baronne seated on the large sofa with Jean; Godmamma and the mother of the young man in two of the armchairs; while Victorine fumbled with some music on the piano with the dame de compagnie, whom Hรฉloise calls "le Remorqueur," because she looks like a teeny tug pulling along a coal barge (Victorine).

After two hours of hard work, pushing with the oars and pulling by the branches, we emerged into daylight, came out into the open stream, not a little fatigued by our efforts to find the imaginary pond at the base of the mountains.

Roswell took a leisure moment to select a place for the site of his building, which he intended to erect at once, in order to save the time that would otherwise be lost in pulling between the schooner and the shore.

We pulled onto the grass as there came thundering past, bumping from one rough place to another on the poor road and going at a sickening pace, a string of huge motor cars crowded with infantrymen.

The explorers pulled past the jetty, and became aware of a human skeleton wearing a loin cloth, and very bright and clean and shining, lying beyond.

Thethe trigger was just pulled without my wanting it to!

To be welcomed here, after the usual fretful dangling and wire-pulling in War Office anterooms and city hotelswith hills and ruined castles to walk to, a brook rippling under one's bedroom window, and all the time in the worldseemed idyllic enough.

The bathing-master had been nearly exhausted when he reached the shore the second time, but he had rallied his strength and had swum out to the boat which was pulling about the place where the unfortunate bathers had been swimming.

However, their sympathy, supposing he had it, were worth little to him; since it takes a stronger impulsion than this to put them in motion to do anything,a strong pulling by the nose, indeed,such as their native rulers know how to apply.

So the columns of the Commune papers are devoted to the daily and mutual pulling to pieces of the Commune's members.

It should be fresh, green, crisp and tender, and as newly pulled as possible.

"The skipper just asked where, and then 'im and the mate and a couple of 'ands tumbled into their boat and pulled under the jetty for all they was worth.

She would trot a few yards, and then begin grazing, notwithstanding my timid expostulations and gentle pullings at her bridle.

A minute later the watchers, hoarse with screaming to him to return, saw De Catinat pulled aboard the Iroquois canoe, which was instantly turned and continued its course up the river.

Dramatic footage seen by Nehanda Radio shows a white twin-cab partly obscured by a stationary commuter omnibus pull behind Muteswaโ€™s car followed by the dramatic kidnap of the minor.

I was so shut in that I could see only directly in front of me, and if you ever rode behind a big cart horse I need not tell you that although he walks slowly and heavily he walks steadily, and will not stop for any pulling on the reins unless he jolly well chooses.

On pulling near the beach the whole party came down and waded into the water towards us; and, in exchange for a few chisels and files, gave us two baskets, one containing fresh water and the other was full of the fruit of the sago-palm, which grows here in great abundance.

The cooking was not done directly on the coals in the fire place but placed on the hearth and hot coals pulled around them, more coals being pulled about until the food was cooked as desired.

She said the 40-year-old man was northbound on I-77 when a gold Pontiac Montana minivan pulled beside his Toyota Corolla near mile marker 63. A bullet struck the driver when someone inside the van started firing shots at his car.

"So much so, that I have said the skiff was pulled beneath her martingale, without a hail!

The victim was using a fax machine when the suspect walked in with her mask pulled below her mouth.

The pulling after this was extraordinarily fatiguing.

In any case a bit of wire facilitates the pulling through of the thong or strap.

Germany took correspondents to the front from the first, but these excursions came at irregular intervals, and admission to them involved a good deal of competitive wire-pulling between the correspondents themselves.

Possibly they have reason, for while adding a new cloister, a new gateway and a new hall to the existing school buildings, it involves the pulling down of the Quingentenary Memorial Building, erected some twenty years ago, and of some old houses in Kingsgate Street.

All the same, pater, you might do a little private wire-pulling for him, if it comes in handy.'

He has often been known to submit to indignities, such as nose-pulling from the hands of a common tonsor, and has been frequently in such a condition that he could not appear in public without the assistance of a sartor!

Pulled alongside him and appears he was watching Love Isalnd on his smartphone which he felt was fine to doรฐลธยคโ€.

Hopefully their ideas and vision of the future will have more pull than some Disney lobbyists.

While speaking with a man at the door, a female officer was pulled inside the unit, police said.

I want to pull throughfor several reasons.

"'Pull de string,' sez a weak voice, en w'en Pete lif de latch en went in, de cunjuh man was layin' on de bed, lookin' pale en weak, lack he did n' hab much longer fer ter lib.

A dozen men, however, seized the boat and quickly righted her; again the oarsmen sprang in, and having been pushed out until the water reached the necks of the men who ran beside her, she was vigorously pulled beyond the breakers.

Then, little by little, he increased his pull until all the strength of leg muscles, back, and arms was brought to bear.