Which preposition to use with punching

in Occurrences 41%

"And take the risk of getting a hole punched in our pretty paint, with her running amuck that way?

for Occurrences 18%

Terrence became nurse to the invalid as well as the brewer of punch for the captain.

of Occurrences 17%

The blow of the slug, like the punch of a strong man's fist, knocked the victim out of his chair to the floor.

with Occurrences 14%

Cynical members of the upper classes at Ronleigh, who had ceased to patronize the stall, charged Punch with not being over-particular in washing the glasses, and of making the "stuff," as they called it, with cornflour instead of cream.

at Occurrences 14%

I got another punch at Glidden.

on Occurrences 12%

The cause of this stampede, it must be explained, was the arrival of an itinerant vendor of ice-cream, whose real name, Samuel Jones, had been changed to Punch on account of the prominence of his nasal organ.

to Occurrences 12%

He distinctly remembers, too, administering hot whiskey punch to little boy HOLLAND with a tea-spoon, which may in some measure account for the Spirit subsequently infused by the capital comedian into the numerous bits of character presented by him.

before Occurrences 5%

Potts and O'Flynn waited anxiously to sample the punch before giving way to complete satisfaction, and Kaviak was impervious to considerations either of punch or conviviality, being wrapped in slumber on a corner of the buffalo-skin, between Mac's stool and the natives, who also occupied places on the floor.

from Occurrences 5%

Though a lover of peace, Mr. Punch from his earliest days has not been unfamiliar with war.

through Occurrences 4%

A good steel punch will punch through a plate of wrought iron of a thickness equal to the diameter of the punch.

as Occurrences 3%

His friends had first tempted him with a cigar; then, as his first smoke produced the strange effects common in these cases, they had induced him to take a little strong punch as a remedy.

out Occurrences 3%

When the Colonel sat down there was much applause, and O'Flynn, who had lent his cup to Nicholas, and didn't feel he could wait till it came back, began to drink punch out of the dipper between shouts of: "Hooray!

into Occurrences 2%

Dalrymple took the head of the table, and stirred the punch into leaping tongues of blue flame till it looked like a miniature Vesuvius.

without Occurrences 2%

When a man is able to stand a great deal of punching without losing consciousness or courage, he is called a "glutton for punishment."

with Occurrences 1%

The holes for the rivets were punched by hand-punching with presses, and the 1,680 holes which each tank required cost seven shillings.

against Occurrences 1%

In reality, of course, everyone took everything, and received a check from the hostess with a punch against some "stunt" written on it.

beside Occurrences 1%

Richard Turnbull had his punch beside him; he looked over his shoulder.

en Occurrences 1%

4° 30' E. Mr. Punch en route for the Midnight Sun.

over Occurrences 1%

* Small Craft (ELKIN MATTHEWS), by Miss C. FOX SMITH, contains several poems that have appeared in Punch over the initials "C.F.S." They should receive a fresh welcome from all who share her understanding of the ways of seafaring men, and from the larger public that is beginning to appreciate the gallantry and devotion of our Merchant Service.

in Occurrences 1%

Here was Willie positively asking for a punching in public!

of Occurrences 1%

It is probable that 'tight-nailing' results more often from fine punching of the shoe than from any fault in the pitch of the hole.

up Occurrences 1%

Now,' said my father, 'I know a little about most legitimate careers, from ticket-punching up to lobbying, and there's not one in which a man would hand in testimonials that he was volatile.

across Occurrences 1%

Then there was an unfortunate mistake: I went along the Barrier edge and discovered what I thought and what proved to be a practicable way to land a pony, but the others meanwhile, a little overwrought, tried to leap Punch across a gap.

Which preposition to use with  punching