Which preposition to use with purposes

of Occurrences 6123%

They asserted that it was of the same character as those meteoric stones which had been found in every part of the world, and that I had merely procured a piece of one of these for the purpose of deception.

in Occurrences 576%

With this purpose in view, I loaded one of the shotguns, carefullychoosing it, as being more deadly than a rifle, at close quarters; and then, after a final scrutiny of the grounds, from the tower, I called Pepper to follow me, and made my way down to the basement.

for Occurrences 339%

Fate seems to have arranged this on purpose for usdon't you know, dear, how I'd be good to the children?

than Occurrences 110%

Special attention | | is called to the following grades, as being better suited | | for business purposes than any Pen manufactured.

to Occurrences 108%

The earth answers the same purpose to half the inhabitants of the moon, that the moon does to the inhabitants of the earth.

by Occurrences 91%

how was she to work out her purpose by such auxiliaries as these?

with Occurrences 84%

All sorts of slurs and gossip were reported to him by busybodies, until it became a settled purpose with Boone to make the Sprague family feel heavy heart-burnings for the sum of the affronts he had endured.

as Occurrences 75%

I came to England for this purpose as a labour of love.

at Occurrences 47%

" [Footnote 32: Different woods were adopted for this purpose at the various seasons.

on Occurrences 44%

Again the shadow of her first fearagain the dread of some malevolent purpose on her father's partchoked her speech.

from Occurrences 41%

We are bound first to obey orders, even though a dozen of our best friends were bein' led to the stake, an'" "Then you will obey them without me," Jacob said, in a tone which I knew full well betokened a purpose from which he would not be turned by words.

without Occurrences 21%

[While he is looking, Charmante goes to the Door to Scaramouch, who waited on purpose without, and takes a Glass with a Picture of a Nymph on it, and a Light behind it; that as he brings it, it shews to the Audience.

into Occurrences 17%

" He was just about to put this purpose into executionin which event it was quite likely that Beaumaroy, hearing his approach or his call to the Sergeant, would have sprung out upon him, only to find himself assailed the next instant by another and far more formidable antagonist in the person of big Neddy, and thus in sore peril of his lifewhen the hum of Captain Alec's engine became audible in the distance.

under Occurrences 13%

"'To everything'," said my father, "there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

before Occurrences 13%

Is there any clear purpose before our new leaders, and how does it differ from mankind's former purposes?

against Occurrences 9%

alas!so determined was her purpose against this foreign allianceshe has thrown herself into the stream, and perished!

within Occurrences 7%

The total amount of land available for this purpose within the limit of our route I should estimate at not less than two or three millions of acres, and of this I may safely say 200,000 are suitable for agricultural purposes, the greater portion of which lies on the two flanks of the Hamersley Range, on the banks of the DeGrey and its tributaries, and on the Lower Sherlock.

about Occurrences 6%

Clearly they were moving slowly, and from the frequent halts and turnings I gathered that the rider had not much purpose about the road.

among Occurrences 6%

The total subscriptions raised among the Southern Slavs of the Monarchy in aid of the allies far exceeded any sums previously raised for charitable purposes among so poor a population.

between Occurrences 6%

"For what purpose?" "Trading purposes between Japan and China," Phipps explained.

beyond Occurrences 6%

It would be almost impossible to particularise the positions or define the limits of country adapted for grazing purposes beyond the reference already made to them.

during Occurrences 6%

Those forms and institutions, the safeguards of liberty and property, which had been suspended during the contest, had not been restored; the committees in every county continued to exercise the most oppressive tyranny; and a monthly tax was still levied for the support of the forces, exceeding in amount the sums which had been exacted for the same purpose during the war.

like Occurrences 6%

He therefore prepared to retreat, and effected this purpose like a good soldier.

through Occurrences 6%

Some hidden purpose through the ages!

behind Occurrences 5%

Treachery killed him, and that treachery must have purpose behind it.

Which preposition to use with  purposes