Which preposition to use with quicken

in Occurrences 33%

And when I had bidden farewell to childhood, and had attained a riper age, I soon discovered that this, my beauty ill-fated gift for one who desires to live virtuously!had power to kindle amorous sparks in youths of my own age, and other noble persons as well, being instructed thereupon by nature, and feeling that love can be quickened in young men by beauteous ladies.

into Occurrences 27%

Here read the reason of the vaulted roof; How Providence compensates, ever kind, The enormous disproportion that subsists Between the mother and the numerous brood Which her small bulk must quicken into life.

with Occurrences 20%

At my brother's words his pendulous nether lip had stiffened, and now his pale blue eyes were quickening with hope and vitality.

to Occurrences 16%

He came out of the house with a slow step, that quickened to a run when he saw Miss Laura.

at Occurrences 8%

For a little the life of Virginia seemed unspeakably barren, and I quickened at the wild vista which Shalah offered.

within Occurrences 5%

When the newly made knight heard these words his pride quickened within him.

by Occurrences 5%

But in so far as he has real depth of nature, this radical organization will aid him, quickening by its heat what is deepest within him; and when he turns his face toward principles, this flying brain-steed will swiftly bring him to his goal.

from Occurrences 3%

He can say indeed, to each of us, in the language of the hymn: "I gave my life for thee, My precious blood I shed, That thou might'st ransomed be, And quickened from the dead.

of Occurrences 2%

"I see," said Collins, drily, "it's a sort of moral awakeninga quickening of consciencethe kind of thing we are all so proud of displaying.

as Occurrences 2%

Meanwhile the tainted juice ferments within, And quickens as its works: and now are seen A wondrous swarm, that o'er the carcase crawls, Of shapeless, rude, unfinished animals.

like Occurrences 1%

His simple soul, attuned to harmonies of the woodland, leaped in answer; his fancy, starved by years of churchly rigor, quickened like a prisoner at the light of day.

on Occurrences 1%

The wagons quickened on the streets, The thunder hurried slow; The lightning showed a yellow beak, And then a livid claw.

until Occurrences 1%

At last her wild, romantic verses became more unrestrained; the music quickened until, regardless of all things, Fray Joseph burst the thicket asunder and stood before her, huge, exalted, palpitant.

among Occurrences 1%

Thus the growth of spirituality was quickened among the lowly multitudes.

along Occurrences 1%

Sometimes curious dormers would project from alternate sides; and the very ribs, as if, in this spring-time of Art, they felt, quickening along their lengths, the mysterious movements of a new life, sprouted out here and there with knots of leafage, timidly at first, and then with all the wealth and profusion of the harvest.

for Occurrences 1%

I took possession of my double charge of the (to me) most interesting of all foreign lands, Greece and Italy, at a moment when affairs were quickening for new troubles in the former, where demagoguery had again taken the upper hand.

beyond Occurrences 1%

My surprise and admiration quickened beyond expression when grandma assured me that he could do many tricks, understood French and German, and was learning English.

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