Which preposition to use with ranked

of Occurrences 1650%

If he were taken from the more advanced ranks of the Left, W. could not possibly stay.

in Occurrences 348%

unsuccessful conflict against the enemies of life; HOWARD is not only entitled to high rank in our corps, but he is the very Caesar of this hard, this perilous, and, let me add, this most honourable warfare.

among Occurrences 297%

Where does he rank among the world-masters of energy and power?

as Occurrences 263%

The position of the German Embassy in Paris was very difficult, and unfortunately their first ambassador after the war, Count Arnim, didn't understand (perhaps didn't care to) how difficult it was for a high-spirited nation, which until then had always ranked as a great military power, to accept her humiliation and be just to the victorious adversary.

with Occurrences 253%

" Immediately I discovered what I had suspected before; that on so small a schooner the mate took rank with the men rather than the afterguard.

to Occurrences 71%

I care not for that, my opinion is, my Wife's my Slave, and let him keep his Rank to himself.

than Occurrences 41%

Such birds were esteemed as the ensigns of nobility, and no action was reckoned more dishonourable in a man of rank than that of giving up his hawk.

on Occurrences 40%

He was a young man, perhaps thirty, evidently proud of his unsoiled uniform and the glittering insignia of rank on the sleeve and collar.

at Occurrences 35%

Sister Winifred and her charges fell into rank at the tail of the little procession, and vanished in the falling snow.

for Occurrences 34%

But I'd like to have been divested of my rank for just an hour so that I could have taken in such a scene as that.

by Occurrences 33%

Before they set out, Celia considered that it would be unsafe for two young ladies to travel in the rich clothes they then wore; she therefore proposed that they should disguise their rank by dressing themselves like country maids.

amongst Occurrences 32%

Pedro, receiving it with the utmost gratitude, informed him, that, by bestowing it he had conferred greatness and honour upon him; for, by presenting it to his king, he doubted not of obtaining the highest rank amongst the Symerons.

above Occurrences 24%

This scale of being I have demonstrated to be raised by presumptuous imagination, to rest on nothing at the bottom, to lean on nothing at the top, and to have vacuities, from step to step, through which any order of being may sink into nihility without any inconvenience, so far as we can judge, to the next rank above or below it.

from Occurrences 23%

Round shot and grape, rifle-balls and canister, come crashing down the causeway into the Mexican ranks from their own battery.

under Occurrences 19%

For again, it is necessary that there should be an order of beings of such a kind, as to subsist according to essence above Fate, but to be sometimes ranked under it according to habitude.

after Occurrences 18%

And this being the case, it is evident that it ranks after the one; for it is supposed to be the united and not the one itself.

between Occurrences 12%

Like Plato, who probably imbibed many of their notions, they taught that demons hold a middle rank between gods and men; that they (the demons) presided not only over divinations, auguries, conjurations, oracles, and every species of magic, but also over sacrifices, and prayer, which in behalf of men is thus presented, and rendered acceptable to the gods.

into Occurrences 11%

All things that exist, besides their Author, are all liable to change; especially those things we are acquainted with, and have ranked into bands under distinct names or ensigns.

against Occurrences 10%

It seemed to him a sort of treason to talk of his regiment before the man who was so soon to be in the ranks against them.

below Occurrences 6%

My own opinion is that its adherents are not so many as those even of Mohammedanism, and that instead of being the most numerous of the religions (so-called) of the world, it is only entitled to occupy the fifth place, ranking below Christianity, Confucianism, Brahmanism, and Mohammedanism, and followed, some distance off, by Tâoism.

about Occurrences 6%

As much indeed was suspected by most of his dinner-company, so carefully selected from the aristocracy of Lichfield; and the heart of the former overseer, as these handsome, courtly and sweet voiced people settled according to their rank about his sumptuous table, was aglow with pride.

without Occurrences 5%

The French officer who did the talking for his sidea little squat, pale, pug-faced fellow, who gave the impression of having risen from the ranks without learning polite manners on the way, agreed to accept our surrender and spare our lives for the time being; and by that time the smell in the cave had nearly overcome our party, so they all marched out.

before Occurrences 4%

Money ranked before everythingbefore titles, before noble lineage, genius, fame, beauty, courage, honour.

beside Occurrences 4%

"I'm content to rank beside you; we can climb together," said Frank Scherman.

during Occurrences 4%

Further, the split which has arisen in their ranks during the war leads to the supposition that Liebknecht, Kautsky and Bernstein have been troubled by the inward voice.

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