Which preposition to use with  read

Which preposition to use with read

W. was really quite exhausted when he got back to Parissaid it was absolute luxury to sit quietly and read in his library, and not talk.

I drew up the following proclamation to read to the U.S. official in my district: Q. What is your name?

Hence we read of old-world warriors,of Gog and Magog and the Kings of Bashan; of the sons of Anak; of Hercules, with his lion-skin and club; of Beówulf, who, dragging the sea-monster from her lair, plunged beneath the drift of sea-foam and the flame of dragon-breath, and met the clutch of dragon-teeth.

"How about that place, Ophir, I read about?"

Another man reads with his heart open for new impressions, new insight, new fancies and ideals.

I dare say, I had read for a couple of hours, when, suddenly, I heard a sound that made me lower my book, and listen, intently.

This I did, and then, as we could not both read from it at the same time, he suggested that I should read the thing out loud.

Or I wave the theory and now conceive that the volume was read at breakfast.

Reading on one of the bulletin boards, the other day, the words "War to the Last!"

Who would read through a long discourse on Admiralty business, if it be known before that Pepys is engaged with the pretty Mrs. Knipp for a trip to Bartholomew Fair to view the dancing horse, and that the start is to be made on the turning of the page?

He read as in an allegory the discipline which a soul needs to fit it for the kingdom, and so throughout the meshes of his daily toil John Randolph wove his parable.

Government reports read like the Shaftesbury attacks on the conditions of early factory days.

After reading over the depositions, produced on the trials with the greatest care, and interrogating the culprits themselves most vigorously by means of a Croatian interpreter, these great physicians discovered that the three old women were not witches, and prevailed with the Empress to send them home in safety.

Patricia had mentioned casually at the breakfast-table that she intended to spend the forenoon on this terrace unsabbatically making notes for a paper on "The Symbolism of Dante," which she was to read before the Lichfield Woman's Club in October; but Mr. Charteris had not overheard her.

(f) To read without critical judgments.

Some men read into noble words only their own silliness, vulgarity, prejudice, or preconceived ideas.

The fewer words the better,so that nobody may be able to read between the lines, you know,and the signature attested by two witnesses; but they must not be witnesses that have any interest; that is, that have anything left to them by the document they witness."

After all, private reading, he decided, was the only study which was really profitable, and he announced to his mamma that he should read by himself a great deal more and in public a great deal less.

Nothing whatever of his thought was to be gathered from his countenance, though eyes more shrewd to read than those of Phinuit or Monk were watching it intently.

His list of books, drawn up in 1807, includes more history and biography than most men of education read during a long life; a fair load of philosophy; the poets en masse; among orators, Demosthenes, Cicero, and Parliamentary debates from the Revolution to the year 1742; pretty copious divinity, including Blair, Tillotson, Hooker, with the characteristic addition"all very tiresome.

"I know what you are looking at," he said; "you are looking at that wild turkey, and thinking that I am a poor sort of a lawyer, with such a book to read out of.

Johnson, in his "Life of Waller," gives a most delicious specimen of him, and adds, in the true manner of that delicate critic, as well as amiable man, "It may be presumed that this old version will not be much read after the elegant translation of my friend Mr. Hoole."

Brown's Lectures I did not read until two or three years later, nor at that time had my father himself read them.

One day as Rhoda sate and read under the shade of some closely-interwoven evergreens, in a lonely and sheltered part of the neglected pleasure-grounds, with her honest maid Willett in attendance, she was surprised by the sudden appearance of her father, who stood unexpectedly before her.

It turned out that they were the right sort of jacks; for, when the attendant went round to see if all was safe for the night, he found the three seated together, one of them reading aloud the Bible.

Some might regret that the last three chapters of Deuteronomy are not read among our Sunday lessons.

By means of a vernier or eye-piece, the diameter of the Sun could be read off the discometer, and from his diameter my distance could be accurately calculated.

Too much cannot be done in this way to brighten the life of the village during the cold, dark days of December and January, for the labouring man hates reading above all things.

And now, before the look in his eyes, her own wavered, and fell, lest he should read within them that which she would fain hide from him,and which

Was she reading beneath the boisterous assurance of Landis?

A reads throughout the scene 'Prin.'

To the Crescent Turkish Restaurant for its Business Men's Lunch comes Fourth Avenue, whose antique-shop patois reads across the page from right to left.

Did you receive your livery and fee, And never heard our orders read unto you?

In a comfortably furnished sitting-room, with windows looking upon the sea-parade, a Woman of distinguished beauty sits reading beside the fire, so intently occupied that she pays no heed to the entry of the Servant, who unobtrusively lights the gas, draws down the blinds, and closes the curtains.

The book which these old hunters read around their camp-fire in the Indian-haunted primaeval forest a century and a quarter ago has by great good-luck been preserved, and is in Col. Durrett's library at Louisville.

She tried to read the story, but could not read beyond the fact that there was a story.

Her very gayety, though it affected nonchalance, revealed happiness to such as can read below the surface of her sex.

Among their samples of human breast cancer tumor tissue taken at biopsies, the team was able to produce an average of 100 reads per region.

The monument itself is plain, not to say hideous, but the simple words inscribed thereon are unspeakably grand when read amongst the surroundings of "wood" and "rugged elm" and "yew-tree's shade," unchanged as they are after the lapse of a century and a half.

[Footnote A: "La victoire marchera au pas de charge."] Such was the paper, which was read amidst the mad demonstrations of my schoolfellows.

The caption of one indictment that has been preserved reads against the defendant "in toryism."

reading along with b alone, the other copies of the Old Latin (all except the revised f) with the Curetonian Syriac having gone wrong.

The record of these experiments, and investigations, fill a number of good sized volumes of the Society's reports, which are well worth reading by all students of the subject.

The proposal was read amid a deep silence.

All the metrics go up when you send an email that you want to read versus one that you don’t.

Needless to say, he’s got one heck of an opinion, which you can read via his National Post column.

When only 40% of the U.S. public read past the headlines, that means a good majority of readers have their worldviews shaped by the short bits of stories editors choose to highlight.

Thus with the ambush set by Joshua before Ai (Josh. 8: 1-26): the Canaanites did not read aright the riddle of the Israelitish commander, and they suffered accordingly.

Electronic Publication for: --Young children's participation in the arts and reading outside of school in 2008: K24-1/10-1E-PDF - http://publications.

His Lectures, published in 1860 and 1861, I had read towards the end of the latter year, with a half-formed intention of giving an account of them in a Review, but I soon found that this would be idle, and that justice could not be done to the subject in less than a volume.