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to Occurrences 1896%

At 9 o'clock, the whole of India was a little to the west of us, and we saw, as in a map, that fertile and populous region, which has been so strangely reduced to subjection, by a company of merchants belonging to a country on the opposite side of the globea country not equal to one-fourth of it, in extent or population.

in Occurrences 145%

The following extract from his journal will show the trials to which Mr. Müller has been subjected: "Never were we so reduced in funds as to-day.

from Occurrences 72%

This sum, which we have reason to believe was duly paid by said SALADIN at the time appointed, when reduced from golden byzants into greenbacks, and compound-interest at seven per centum for the term of six hundred and seventy-nine years calculated thereupon, will be found to amount to upwards of one hundred and seventy thousand million dollars.

into Occurrences 34%

It seems to this noble author that the glossopetrae should be classed in the animal kingdom, because, being burnt, they are changed into cinders as bones, before they are reduced into a calx or ashes, whilst calcined stones are immediately reduced into a calx.

under Occurrences 19%

The whole country is overrun, and reduced under pagan rule, without a blow struck, so far as we know, and within the year.

by Occurrences 14%

The production of iron ore is reduced by 19 per cent., of anthracite by 14 per cent., of lignite by 70 per cent.

within Occurrences 12%

It rejects whatever is superfluous; but the question of superfluity must, as I showed just now, be determined in each individual case by various conditions too complex and numerous to be reduced within a formula.

to Occurrences 10%

| | | Reduced to $1.75 per yard.

for Occurrences 8%

A border family having been dispossessed of their castle and lands by a more powerful chief, were reduced for many years to great indigence, the expelled owner only living in the hope of wreaking a terrible vengeance, which, agreeably to the motto of his house, he was content to "bide his time" for.

at Occurrences 8%

Sir, all the arguments which have been offered in support of this bill, are reduced at last to one constant assertion of the necessity of passing it.

as Occurrences 6%

" Hereabouts the people generally are not so much reduced as in some parts of the town, because they have had more employment, until lately, than has been common elsewhere.

during Occurrences 5%

Many sank beneath the accumulated evils of hardship, privation, and sickness, and the number of the little settlement was sadly reduced during the inclement months of January and February.

with Occurrences 5%

These formidable retrenchments had a double aimto increase the confidence of the barbarians by making them believe that they were feared, and next to allow the number of the garrison to be reduced with safety when they had to go far for provisions.

below Occurrences 5%

Those who are laboring under consumption, asthma, epilepsy, insanity, and other incurable disorders, and those whose constitutions are broken, or withered and reduced below the standard of military requirement, are generally, and by some Governments always, discharged.

beneath Occurrences 4%

Animated by this opportunity, they who already, previously to this occurrence, were indignant that they were reduced beneath the dominion of Rome, begin to organize their plans for war more openly and daringly.

on Occurrences 3%

Trade resumed normal conditions and the Bank of England rate, which earlier in the week had mounted to 10 per cent, was reduced on August to 5 per cent.

through Occurrences 3%

The expenses of sustaining the troops employed in Florida have been gradually and greatly reduced through the persevering efforts of the War Department, and a reasonable hope may be entertained that the necessity for military operations in that quarter will soon cease.

near Occurrences 2%

That we have accomplished much toward the relief of our citizens by the changes which have accompanied the payment of the public debt and the adoption of the present revenue laws is manifest from the fact that compared with 1833 there is a diminution of near twenty-five millions in the last two years, and that our expenditures, independently of those for the public debt, have been reduced near nine millions during the same period.

before Occurrences 2%

We shall find that the 600 reported as impressed had to be considerably reduced before long.

of Occurrences 2%

Thus the extent of the evil will become reduced of itself, and instead of advancing, as during some years past, towards a colossal development of servitude, it will proceed in the direction of its gradual attenuation.

without Occurrences 2%

It may seem, says he, a Paradox, that the Price of Labour should be reduced without an Abatement of Wages, or that Wages can be abated without any Inconvenience to the Labourer, and yet nothing is more certain than that both those Things may happen.

vnto Occurrences 1%

But if the rebel would not appear, or, on appearance, remain stubborn to reason, then the churchwardens should sue him before the ordinary at the parish costs "vntill suche tyme as he be reduced vnto a good order, and hath paid bothe the costys of the sute and the chargs that he owith vnto the church...."

until Occurrences 1%

"Gradually this remnant became still further reduced until on March 31 there existed only a strip of dry skin about four inches long with a tail-like appendage of nearly the same length.

after Occurrences 1%

COOMASSIE, the capital of the negro kingdom of Ashanti, 130 m. NNW. of Cape Coast Castle; once a large populous place; was much reduced after its capture by Wolseley in 1874, though it is being rebuilt.

beyond Occurrences 1%

She described their condition as wretched and reduced beyond anything she had ever witnessed.

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