Which preposition to use with reformations

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The first intimation of the existence of this order we find announced to the world in a book published in the German language, in the year 1614, with the following title, "The universal and general Reformation of the world, together with an account of the famous fraternity of the Rosencrucians."

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Hark you, Sir, are you possest, or is it real reformation in you?

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'Our own language has from the Reformation to the present time been chiefly dignified and adorned by the works of our divines, who, considered as commentators, controvertists, or preachers, have undoubtedly left all other nations far behind them.'

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Greater men than he deny that grace underlies the whole original movement of the reformers, and they talk of the Reformation as a mere revolt from Rome, as a war against papal corruption, as a protest against monkery and the dark ages, brought about by the spirit of a new age, the onward march of humanity, the necessary progress of society.

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Such elegant Entertainments as these, would polish the Town into Judgment in their Gratifications; and Delicacy in Pleasure is the first step People of Condition take in Reformation from Vice.

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But before we can appreciate his work and mission, we must examine the system he attempted to reform, even as it is impossible to present the Protestant Reformation without first considering mediaeval Catholicism before the time of Luther.

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Gardiner and Bonner, who opposed the reformation with unparalleled bitterness were only deprived of their sees and sent to the Tower.

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" "But Belle, perhaps you have done him more harm than good; may be you could have effected his reformation by consenting to marrying him.

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He had agreed to go on with you upon those your own terms, and to rely only on his own merits and future reformation for your favour. >>

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The Reformation on the Continent was as hostile to enlightenment as it was to liberty; and science, if it seemed to contradict the Bible, has as little chance with Luther as with the Pope.

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Finding that his advancement had been owing to the opinion of his austerity, he professed himself a partisan of the rigid monastic rules; and after introducing that reformation into the convents of Glastonbury and Abingdon, he endeavoured to render it universal in the kingdom.

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Four evils, all of them very serious and deep-rooted, all calling for instant reformation at his hand.

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No man in Europe at the time had a more lively and impressive sense of the necessity of a general reformation than the monk of St. Mark; but it was a reform in morals, not of doctrine.

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They represent a Hindu heresy led by a reformer named Nanak Shah, who was born at Lahore in 1469 and preached a reformation against idolatry, caste, demon worship and other doctrines of the Brahmins.

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The original aim of the Jesuits was the restoration of the Papal Church to its ancient power; and for one hundred years, as I think, the restoration of morals, higher education, greater zeal in preaching: in short, a reformation within the Church.

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[La Reformation en France pendant sa premiere periode, by Henri Luttheroth, pp.

Which preposition to use with  reformations