Which preposition to use with rendering

to Occurrences 338%

I happened to speak of the public honours that, I hoped, a grateful, a generous, a magnificent Nation would render to his memory.

of Occurrences 220%

It is pleasant to know, then, that the renderings of the New York Rendering Company are likely to be reactionary as well as suicidal, (perhaps suetcidal might be a better word here,) in their results.

in Occurrences 124%

'The Willows' was simply a charming retreat where he sent them to try his favorite tonics of sunlight and oxygen; they never dreamed they were to be the recipients of favors which would not be rendered in the bill.

into Occurrences 66%

A welcome version of one of Madame DUDEVANT'S novels, well rendered into English by Mr. F.G. SHAW.

unto Occurrences 36%

It "renders unto Caesar

with Occurrences 35%

Arden published, at the same time, in this city, a translation of Ovid's Tristia, in heroic verse, in which the complaints of the effeminate Roman poet were rendered with great fidelity to the original, and sometimes not without beauty.

of Occurrences 24%

But a furious madness constrains me to follow the worse course; vainly does my heart, insatiable in its desires, long for strength to enable it to adopt thy advice; what reason enjoins is rendered of no avail by this soul-subduing passion.

for Occurrences 23%

No one can think it unjust that the parties who provoked the War or those who have, if not the entire, at least the greatest share of responsibility, should be rendered for a certain time incapable.

as Occurrences 18%

"At least that is an interesting view of what is taking place and opens a wide field for speculation as to the future of the League and the verdict which history will render as to its origin, its nature, and its real value.

at Occurrences 11%

He was most earnest and devoted in behalf of the American citizens that came under his care, rendering at Jerusalem the same sort of service that Ambassador Morgenthau has rendered at Constantinople.

on Occurrences 11%

It was very descriptive, with bells, cannon, hurrahs, and a nuptial hymnrather difficult to render on a pianobut there was a certain amount of imagination in the composition.

from Occurrences 6%

Her paper currency, which at the end of 1918 amounted to twenty-two milliard marks, not excessive as compared with that of other countries, immediately increased with a growing crescendo till it reached, in a very short time, the figure of eighty-eight milliards, thus rendering from the very first the payment of indemnities in gold extremely difficult.

in Occurrences 6%

The "Death of Cuchullin" is a rendering in verse of an Irish prose translation of a fragment of the Cuchullin Cycle, which moves in the Bronze Age period.

by Occurrences 5%

The waters have thus been rendered unfit for bathing in, as the air has been rendered pernicious to breatheanother rendering by the New York Rendering Company, whose manifest mission is to offalize the world.

against Occurrences 4%

If the defendant does not make answer on or before the day appointed in the summons and does not appear on that day, judgment may be rendered against him.

than Occurrences 4%

When a book has reached its fifth edition and is evidently destined to a good many more during the author's lifetime, he lies under an obligation to place the new information he may have collected, and the additional thoughts which may have occurred to him, during the intervals between the different editions, in a form more convenient to the render than new prefaces and new notes.

under Occurrences 4%

APPENDIX I The following officers received distinguished mention in General Schwan's reports, for service rendered under fire during the campaign in western Puerto Rico: Lieutenant-Colonel Burke, Eleventh Infantry.

by Occurrences 4%

French translations in Arbois de Jubainville's Epopée celtique en Irlande; German translations in Thurneysen's Sagen aus dem alien Irland (1901); free rendering by S. O'Grady in The Coming of Cuchullain (1904), and in his History of Ireland, the Heroic Period (1878).

like Occurrences 3%

Do not render like for like, but write me soon.

than Occurrences 2%

The translations I leave on one side, as lying outside my present purview, only remarking as I pass that if there is a finer rendering than that of Ajax645-692I do not know where it is to be found.

into Occurrences 2%

A modest and kindly care for his reader's convenience has induced the translator often to supply the rendering into English of a Greek quotation when there was no corresponding rendering into German in the original.

without Occurrences 2%

If Don Camillo Monforte has claims in Venice, whether it be to palaces on the canals, or to lands on the main; to honors in the state, or voice in the senate; justice should be rendered without delay, lest it be said the Republic vaunts more of the sacred quality than it practises.

during Occurrences 2%

Lord Curzon, the governors of the various provinces and other officials are hearty in their commendation of American men and women and American methods, and especially for the services our missionaries rendered during the recent famines and plagues.

as Occurrences 2%

I mention this rendering as the suggestion of Mr. G. Smith, though I prefer that given above.]

with Occurrences 1%

A comparison of this and the preceding renderings with the original will show that while Talbot's is by far the more fiowing and imaginative, Sidnam's is on the whole rather more literal, except where he appears to have misunderstood the original.

Which preposition to use with  rendering