Which preposition to use with require

for Occurrences 747%

And because an ax, and saw, and frow are all the capital required for the business, many of that drifting, unsteady class of men so large in California engage in it for a few months in the year.

of Occurrences 635%

He hired me at once as a pony express rider, but as I was so young he thought I would not be able to stand the fierce riding which was required of the messengers.

in Occurrences 318%

When the human being has more energy than he requires in order to supply the bodily needs of himself and his family, then he feels impelled to use it.

from Occurrences 139%

The few which contain no chlorophyll and are colourless, are unable to extract the carbon which they require from atmospheric carbonic acid, and lead a parasitic existence upon other plants; but it by no means follows, often as the statement has been repeated, that the manufacturing power of plants depends on their chlorophyll, and its interaction with the rays of the sun.

at Occurrences 92%

This he willingly did, and then informed me that my services would soon be required at Fort McPherson, as there was to be an expedition sent out from that point.

on Occurrences 48%

Everything that was required on this hunt was paid for in the most liberal manner by Mr. Medley, who also gave the members of the party several handsome presents.

as Occurrences 39%

The provender for the war-horses is required as sustenance for the soldiery; the very horses themselves are killed for food; of seven thousand steeds which once could be sent into the field, three hundred only remain.

than Occurrences 30%

To do it full justice a larger canvas would be required than the one I propose to take.

to Occurrences 26%

"I understand," he said, "that it amounts to this; the sanction of the Vatican is required to the remittance of the usual novitiate in the case of a young person who is in a great hurry to take the veil; once that is obtained the money is set at liberty and all goes merrily.

after Occurrences 15%

Thus, they are uniformly required after dining at a friend's house, or after a ball, picnic, or any other party.

with Occurrences 12%

The cover of Miss Pollock's copy bears the date 1809, which means that the little book was re-bound as required with the date of the current year upon it.

before Occurrences 11%

Good architecture requires before all things a definite aim, long persisted in.

during Occurrences 11%

Lemonade should form the common drink during the fever; and gruel, barley-water, and roasted apples are all else that is required during this period, and not until the disease is going off must any change be made in the diet.

without Occurrences 8%

You will observe that some important conditions can not be carried into execution but with the aid of the Legislature, and that the proper provisions for that purpose seem to be required without delay.

between Occurrences 8%

It required between 6 and 7 minutes to cross the bridge, over two miles long, which connects Venice with the land.

about Occurrences 6%

If ever in the whole history of human affairs there was a moment when that lofty brain was required about the home, this is it.

by Occurrences 5%

When I give out a job, it is accomplished in about half the time that it would have required by giving the customary wages.

under Occurrences 5%

Sacrifice was one instance of worship required under the Law; and it is said;'He that sacrificeth unto any God, save unto the Lord only, he shall be utterly destroyed' (Exod.

within Occurrences 4%

But, though her character was unspoiled by those false wants, which frequently make people of family miserable while they have every thing that nature requires within their reach, yet she had been little used to opposition, and was terrified at the growing sternness of her kinsman.

per Occurrences 4%

This, it will be remarked, is the theoretical area required per actual horse power; but as the friction and contractions in the pipe further reduce the discharge, the area is made 1/15th of a square inch per actual horse power, or rather per cubic foot of water evaporated from the boiler.

beyond Occurrences 3%

Is an argument required beyond the exposition of these facts to show the impropriety of using our banking institutions as depositories of the public money?

until Occurrences 3%

Not a soul was there; the servants had gone elsewhere, knowing that their services would not be required until the early morning hours, when the ball broke up.

above Occurrences 3%

The operation will seldom require above a minute to effect, and less frequently demands a repetition.

over Occurrences 2%

Lay the cutlets in a dish, keep them hot, and make a gravy in the pan as follows: Dredge in a little flour, add a piece of butter the size of a walnut, brown it, then pour as much boiling water as is required over it, season with pepper and salt, add a little lemon-juice, give one boil, and pour it over the cutlets.

beneath Occurrences 2%

The block of the pulley must have its permanent attachment; the wheel of the locomotive engine requires beneath it the fixed rail; the foot of the pedestrian, solid earth; the wing of the bird rests upon the relatively stable air to support his body, and upon his body to gain power over the air.

Which preposition to use with  require