Which preposition to use with resplendent

in Occurrences 45%

And now, while the trumpets blared, the two knights took their ground, Sir Gilles resplendent in lofty crest and emblazoned surcoat, the three stooping falcons conspicuous on his shield, his mighty roan charger pawing the ling with impatient hoof; his opponent, a gleaming figure astride a tall black horse, his round-topped casque unadorned by plume or crest.

with Occurrences 45%

Now behind this herald two knights advanced, the one in glittering armour whose shield was resplendent with many quarterings, but beholding his companion, Beltane stared in wondering awe; for lo!

as Occurrences 15%

Caves full of gold and silver, and lighted by gems resplendent as the stars, were all very well, but soon tired.

on Occurrences 6%

The Governor looked at Dennis, who was resplendent on the platform; but Isaacs, to give him his due, shook his head.

than Occurrences 5%

At no place are these lovely insects more numerous and resplendent than at Kandy in Ceylon.

like Occurrences 3%

On the night following the martyrdom of these holy friars, they appeared to the melich in a vision, glorious and resplendent like the noon-day sun, each holding a sword on high, in a menacing posture, as if about to stab or cut him in pieces.

round Occurrences 2%

There, while the Muses wanton unconfined, And wreaths resplendent round their temples bind, 'Tis yours to strew their steps with votive flowers; To watch them slumbering 'midst the blissful bowers; To guard the shades that hide their sacred charms; And shield their beauties from unhallow'd arms!

under Occurrences 2%

All Millville celebrated that first night when its streets shone resplendent under the glare of electric lights.

through Occurrences 1%

'Moreover even as the elect handmaid of God, the most blessed Elizabeth, had shone during her life with wonderful signs of her virtues, so since the day of her blessed departure up to the present time, she is resplendent through the various quarters of the world with illustrious prodigies of miracles, the Divine power glorifying her.

for Occurrences 1%

One of these tributes, especially, waswe are informed by vague traditionperfectly resplendent for its imagery and diction; contesting seriously, we are assured, the palm, with Homer, Virgil and our Milton; though unlike bright Patroclus and the peerless Lycidas, the subject of the eulogy had not suffered change when it was penned.

Which preposition to use with  resplendent