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Which preposition to use with  rights

Which preposition to use with rights

The next to be asked was Diespiter, son of Vica Pota, he also being consul elect, and a moneylender; by this trade he made a living, used to sell rights of citizenship in a small way.

I am against cat-terwauling, especially in the night season, when honest people have a right to their natural sleep.

I have since found that the Brahmin was more right in his last argument, than I then believed possible.

Nothin' like a little walk to get you fit and right for your bunk.

'Right as usual; very thoughtful of you; you're a clever little woman sometimes, Edith.

You make it right with me, Lew, and" He cast a quick glance about, grasped at the sides of the table, and leaned toward her, sotto.

She was right about this, as fifteen miles an hour on horseback would, in a short time, shake any man "all to pieces"; and there were but very few, if any, riders who could stand it for any great length of time.

"Oh, it'll be all right by-and-by," he said cheerfully.

It was not till about 1850 that Mr. W.H. Smith secured the entire bookstall rights on the London and North-Western Railway, much against his father's advice.

I'll try all ways, and the Devil's in it, if I don't hit upon the right at last.

On this occasion father Paul was most eminently distinguished, by his Defence of the Rights of the Supreme Magistrate; his treatise of Excommunications, translated from Gerson, with an Apology, and other writings, for which he was cited before the inquisition at Rome; but it may be easily imagined that he did not obey the summons.

Here, about two o'clock, we turned up a small branch three or four rods wide, which comes in on the right from the south, called Pine Stream, to look for moose signs.

Suppose Germany says to us, 'We will cede our lease and all rights under it, but we will cede them back to China.'

The Taiya Pass is not a pass at all, but a climb right over the mountains.

The sometimes imprudent form in which the young reformer enounced his ideas caused him to be very badly treated by his compatriots at his return from Europe.] The facility with which a man can divorce his wife at his pleasure, contrasted with her rights against him, is a still more serious impediment to the development of family life than the institution of polygamy; more serious, also, than veiling and seclusion of women.

"They seem to have more right than anybody else.

Indeed, save for the rummage 'round, already mentioned, I doubt whether I had ever, before, been right through the cellars.

The first part lay through a long, straggling village leading right into a beautiful forest.

"What sweet little creeters!" said Mrs. Rosenberg, bending over and kissing them both; "just like seraphims right out of the clouds."

As if the thought suggested the act, Jack suddenly assumed an air of paternal authority, and, arresting his cousin as she was about to begin again, he said, in a tone she had never heard before, "I promised Pris to take care of you, so I shall carry you off to rest, and put yourself to rights after this game of romps.

I'm so kinder worked up I couldn't sleep, so Saul and me will put things to rights without a mite of noise to disturb you;" and Aunt Plumy sent them off with a smile that was a benediction, Sophie thought.

"We will have everything right before this little police agent returns.

In a certain sense, authority indeed becomes justice, and we look to its proper exercise as one of the surest means of asserting what "is right between man and man.

Historically, the period begins in a remarkable way by the adoption of the Bill of Rights in 1689.

And again: Resolved, That the preceding measures of Congress relative to Indian affairs shall not be construed to affect the territorial claims of any of the States or their legislative rights within their respective limits.

A moment later Captain Jack whirled to the right across the Santa Fe tracks and bearing a little to the east, in the direction of Capaline, the dead volcano that rises out of the lavas northwest of the Quarter Circle KT, between the Purgatory and the Cimarron, disappeared in the black starlit night.

Before we enter the question of women's rights during the Middle Ages, we must take a general survey of the character of that period; for obviously we cannot understand its legislation without some idea of the background of social, political, and intellectual life.

The main attack seemed to be directed against Bukowina and Eastern Galicia, and for some time the pressure of the Russian attacks forced back the lines of the Austro-German right along the eastern front.

I know how these abuses can be corrected and I intendlater on, when I understand the subject betterto draw up a Bill of Rights for the Insane.

The negroes were so intent upon their speaker that they did not perceive us until we were right among them, and even then for a few minutes, as we forced our way through the mob, no one knew us.

In the recess of a window a clever member of the Majority, M. Desmousseaux de Givrรฉ, who was a little deaf and exceedingly exasperated, almost quarrelled with a Representative of the Right like himself whom he wrongly supposed to be favorable to the coup d'รฉtat.

You see, Aunt Amy has been quite all right until the last two days.

At the door he found that the gambler, with his canvas sack under his arm, had turned to the right toward the line of saddle horses which stood in the shadow; and no sooner did he reach the gloom at the side of the building than he broke into a soft, swift run.

Right up to tea-time They frolic there.

Then, under the guidance of Savary, we struck to the right down a sunken road, and so over the shoulder of a hill until, on a further slope beyond, we saw the old windmill black against the evening sky.

He pulled on his furs, cautiously opened the door, and went outdown, over the crisp new crust, to the river and back in the dimness, past the Fathers' House to the settlement behind, then to the right towards the hillside.

R58543, 14Feb50, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp. (PWH) RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, a play in one act by Paul Gerard Smith.

There were a multitude of other rights due to him, including the provostship fees, the fees on deeds, the tolls and furnaces of towns, the taxes on salt, on leather, corn, nuts; fees for the right of fishing; for the right of sporting, which last gave the lord a certain part or quarter of the game killed, and, in addition, the dรฎme or tenth part of all the corn, wine, &c., &c. [Illustration: Fig.

The uncompromising assertion by reason of her absolute rights throughout the whole domain of thought is termed rationalism, and the slight stigma which is still attached to the word reflects the bitterness of the struggle between reason and the forces arrayed against her.

D. a Senior Fellow for Human Rights at the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies at UC San Diego.

Woman's Rights under the Law.

"What! shall one insignificant individual, who has not a single right above that of the meanest citizen in the county, oppress this great and powerful community!

But she is not content to waive any of those Divine Rights with which her Founder endowed her, even in return for the greatest privileges; still less is she content to receive those privileges under false pretences. . . .

The International Federation for Human Rights and the African Center for Justice and Peace Studies urged the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on July 16 to continue to provide support to Sudan's transitional authorities.

They've no rights near a white man, anyhow."

I saw em kill a nigger right off his mule.

But if you find a painter, or a bear, takin' a nap in your path, and don't want to have a clinch with him, wake him up before you get right onto him, or he'll be very likely to think he's cornered, and them animals have onpleasant ways with 'em when they're in that fix.

Evidently, some of the Swine-things must have been right beneath me.

"Well, you see he has, don't yer?" replied Jerry; "and not only you didn't see him, but nobody else; and didn't he come walkin' into camp this mornin' and not a soul know it, till he was right amongst us?" "I don't care if he did, he never could have carried off my pony and I not see him," declared Hal.

[Footnote 1: In 1827 John B. Russworm and Samuel B. Cornish began the publication of The Freedom's Journal, appearing afterward as Rights to All.

Without much hesitation, he sprang with a single long bound right amid the buffaloes; one of which, winding his body out of the reach of the formidable horns, he seized by the neck with both claws and teeth at once.

Hood's division swung round to assail the portion of the line thus retired, and so rapid was the movement of this energetic soldier, that in a short space of time he pushed his right beyond the Federal left flank, had pierced the exposed point, and was in direct proximity to the much-coveted "crest of the ridge," upon the possession of which depended the fate of the battle.

โ€˜MindFreedom International: Activism for Human Rights as the Basis for a Nonviolent Revolution in the Mental Health Systemโ€™.

The case of Human Rights against Slavery has been adjudicated in the court of conscience times innumerable.

On Dec. 10, people from New Brunswick and around the world are invited to celebrate this day, which marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations in 1948.

I would do much to save that Noble life: Yet would be loth to have posterity Find in our stories, that Philaster gave His right unto a Scepter, and a Crown, To save a Ladies longing.

Ataman Kalmakoff had that morning announced to me his intention to leave my front and make a wide detour on the right behind the hills, and join his Cossack friends at Iman.

Parliament has approved a financial agreement that enables government to access US$35 million as Special Drawing Rights from the International Development Association (IDA), a member of the World Bank Group, to fight the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

Saskatchewan teachers; gay rights re pensions, etc.

Confirms Broad Aboriginal Rights Over Resources"

There was a first-class carr'ge door opin right forninst me, an' into that the gyard crams me holus-bolus.

Dear Tomasz Kaczynski and colleagues, You wrote, > a fundamental discussion on public research and authors rights versus publisher's rights is due The International Mathematical Union (IMU) has a blog for that: http://blog.

"But, after all, better a right armthan a leg," she pursued,"at least, I think so!"

In the near foreground Studland looks very alluring in its bowery foliage, but before descending the hillside the long and almost level Down should be followed to the right past the shooting range, provided the absence of a warning red flag gives permission.

Why does the minister, and this is the question I asked her yesterday in the House, not promise to have this law reviewed or make it possible to have this law reviewed by the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights after one year?

From the platform on which it stands we look down on the Forum Boarium, from which we started, connected with the Forum by the Velabrum and the vicus Tuscus; and more to the right below us is the Campus Martius, with access to the city by that Porta Carmentalis which Evander showed to Aeneas.

Inspectors from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care must enforce the Bill of Rights during their yearly inspections or when someone makes a complaint.

, the sky was constantly overcast and they staggered on in a light which was little better than complete darkness; sometimes they found themselves high on the slopes of Terror on the left of their track, and sometimes diving into the pressure ridges on the right amidst crevasses and confused ice disturbance.