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Which preposition to use with  rights

Which preposition to use with rights

of Occurrences 7450%

The next to be asked was Diespiter, son of Vica Pota, he also being consul elect, and a moneylender; by this trade he made a living, used to sell rights of citizenship in a small way.

to Occurrences 1582%

I am against cat-terwauling, especially in the night season, when honest people have a right to their natural sleep.

in Occurrences 1118%

I have since found that the Brahmin was more right in his last argument, than I then believed possible.

for Occurrences 283%

Nothin' like a little walk to get you fit and right for your bunk.

with Occurrences 252%

New York ain't no place for a divorced woman to set herself right with the Lord.

as Occurrences 222%

Look here, my little Puskin, here's fine Playthings for its nown little Coxcombgoget you goneget you gone, and off with this St. Martin's Trumpery, these Play-house Glass Baubles, this Necklace, and these Pendants, and all this false Ware; ods bobs, I'll have no Counterfeit Geer about thee, not I. Seethese are right as the Blushes on thy Cheeks, and these as true as my Heart, my Girl.

on Occurrences 158%

It was not till about 1850 that Mr. W.H. Smith secured the entire bookstall rights on the London and North-Western Railway, much against his father's advice.

about Occurrences 158%

She was right about this, as fifteen miles an hour on horseback would, in a short time, shake any man "all to pieces"; and there were but very few, if any, riders who could stand it for any great length of time.

by Occurrences 158%

"Oh, it'll be all right by-and-by," he said cheerfully.

at Occurrences 105%

I'll try all ways, and the Devil's in it, if I don't hit upon the right at last.

OF Occurrences 82%


over Occurrences 67%

From the historical point of view, he said, Poland has no rights over Silesia.

from Occurrences 52%

Here, about two o'clock, we turned up a small branch three or four rods wide, which comes in on the right from the south, called Pine Stream, to look for moose signs.

against Occurrences 47%

The facility with which a man can divorce his wife at his pleasure, contrasted with her rights against him, is a still more serious impediment to the development of family life than the institution of polygamy; more serious, also, than veiling and seclusion of women.

under Occurrences 42%

one first could descry the white spires of the old St. Louis Cathedral, you would be pretty sure to spy, just over to your right under the levee, Belles Demoiselles Mansion, with its broad veranda and red painted cypress roof, peering over the embankment, like a bird in the nest, half hid by the avenue of willows which one of the departed De Charleus,he that married a Marot,had planted on the levee's crown.

than Occurrences 39%

"They seem to have more right than anybody else.

without Occurrences 29%

She said men who did like this would have a noble and beautiful reward by-and-by in another world, and although we animals would not go there, to do well and right without reward would give to our brief lives a worthiness and dignity which in itself would be a reward.

into Occurrences 25%

And there were many songs, but yet more tears, and then Night said, "Go to the right into the dark fir wood; for I saw Death take that path with your little child.

through Occurrences 21%

Indeed, save for the rummage 'round, already mentioned, I doubt whether I had ever, before, been right through the cellars.

before Occurrences 20%

Here I am right before you."

between Occurrences 19%

Then they went off towards Aldgate wayand we were keeping nicely behind 'em when all of a sudden a blooming 'bus came to grief right between us and them, and blocked the traffic!

along Occurrences 11%

Mounting the tarred road, the wayfarer bore slightly to the right along the original village street; bating the aggressive "fronts" of one or two commercial innovators, this was old, calm, serene, gray in tone and restful, ornamented by three or four

among Occurrences 9%

The negroes were so intent upon their speaker that they did not perceive us until we were right among them, and even then for a few minutes, as we forced our way through the mob, no one knew us.

toward Occurrences 9%

At the door he found that the gambler, with his canvas sack under his arm, had turned to the right toward the line of saddle horses which stood in the shadow; and no sooner did he reach the gloom at the side of the building than he broke into a soft, swift run.

after Occurrences 8%

" As if the thought suggested the act, Jack suddenly assumed an air of paternal authority, and, arresting his cousin as she was about to begin again, he said, in a tone she had never heard before, "I promised Pris to take care of you, so I shall carry you off to rest, and put yourself to rights after this game of romps.

like Occurrences 7%

In the recess of a window a clever member of the Majority, M. Desmousseaux de Givrรฉ, who was a little deaf and exceedingly exasperated, almost quarrelled with a Representative of the Right like himself whom he wrongly supposed to be favorable to the coup d'รฉtat.

within Occurrences 7%

And again: Resolved, That the preceding measures of Congress relative to Indian affairs shall not be construed to affect the territorial claims of any of the States or their legislative rights within their respective limits.

out Occurrences 7%

"Keep out from shore in case of rocks," I cried out as he went, "and turn to the right out of the lagoon.

in Occurrences 7%

Historically, the period begins in a remarkable way by the adoption of the Bill of Rights in 1689.

down Occurrences 6%

The road ran ever and anon right down to where the cold, green waves broke upon the rocky shore.

up Occurrences 5%

The first proposal was that Japan should advance the commander 150,000,000 roubles (old value) and the commander should sign an agreement giving Japan possession of the foreshore and fishing rights up to Kamchatka, a perpetual lease of the Engilsky mines, and the whole of the iron (less that belonging to the Allies) to be found in Vladivostok.

behind Occurrences 5%

But there came up a yellow light in his eyes that made me feel as if a man was standin' right behind me with a bare knife in his hand an' smilin' jest like the kid was doin'.

near Occurrences 5%

They had an automobile right near the tennis courts and we all got in and Pee-wee and I sat in back with our scoutmaster.

towards Occurrences 4%

He pulled on his furs, cautiously opened the door, and went outdown, over the crisp new crust, to the river and back in the dimness, past the Fathers' House to the settlement behind, then to the right towards the hillside.

above Occurrences 4%

It was all the more light from the sudden glare which broke upon the darkness, and there, for an instant, stood the old woods, lighted up like noon, every tree distinct, every mountain, every rock, and valley, as perfect and plain to be seen as if the sun was standin' right above us in the sky.

across Occurrences 4%

A moment later Captain Jack whirled to the right across the Santa Fe tracks and bearing a little to the east, in the direction of Capaline, the dead volcano that rises out of the lavas northwest of the Quarter Circle KT, between the Purgatory and the Cimarron, disappeared in the black starlit night.

off Occurrences 3%

I saw em kill a nigger right off his mule.

past Occurrences 3%

From the Place Royale to the Chรขteau is a very short distance; turning to the right past the Church of St. Martina fine well- built edificeand the Hรดtel Gassion, it stands in full view, and the broad walk passing beneath the side arches leads into the courtyard.

due Occurrences 3%

Nevertheless, since in this contemplation we fix our thoughts entirely on the object without reflecting on ourselves, we transfer the admiration of right due to the reason and its Idea of the infinite by subreption to the object by which the Idea is occasioned, and call the object itself sublime, instead of the mood which it wakes in us.

until Occurrences 3%

You see, Aunt Amy has been quite all right until the last two days.

amongst Occurrences 3%

"Well, you see he has, don't yer?" replied Jerry; "and not only you didn't see him, but nobody else; and didn't he come walkin' into camp this mornin' and not a soul know it, till he was right amongst us?"

with Occurrences 3%

But she is not content to waive any of those Divine Rights with which her Founder endowed her, even in return for the greatest privileges; still less is she content to receive those privileges under false pretences. . . .

below Occurrences 2%

thence passing through Algidum he directed his course to Tusculum; but not being received within the walls, he went down to the right below Tusculum to Gabii; and marching his army down thence into the territory of the Pupinian tribe, he pitched his camp eight miles from the city.

under Occurrences 2%

Woman's Rights under the Law.

beneath Occurrences 2%

Evidently, some of the Swine-things must have been right beneath me.

unto Occurrences 2%

I would do much to save that Noble life: Yet would be loth to have posterity Find in our stories, that Philaster gave His right unto a Scepter, and a Crown, To save a Ladies longing. Are.

against Occurrences 2%

The case of Human Rights against Slavery has been adjudicated in the court of conscience times innumerable.

amidst Occurrences 1%

Blizzard followed blizzard, the sky was constantly overcast and they staggered on in a light which was little better than complete darkness; sometimes they found themselves high on the slopes of Terror on the left of their track, and sometimes diving into the pressure ridges on the right amidst crevasses and confused ice disturbance.

astride Occurrences 1%

In answer he put out his left hand and then put two fingers of his right astride of it, making both go up and down with the same motion of a man riding a horse.

arter Occurrences 1%

He takes right arter his mother.

around Occurrences 1%

I take 495 right around the city, no problem.

onto Occurrences 1%

But if you find a painter, or a bear, takin' a nap in your path, and don't want to have a clinch with him, wake him up before you get right onto him, or he'll be very likely to think he's cornered, and them animals have onpleasant ways with 'em when they're in that fix.

nameAndy Occurrences 1%

"But if I ever get that far I think I'll use my right nameAndy Wildwood.

inside Occurrences 1%

Her method, exploited some time ago in that remarkable book, Pointed Roofs, is to get right inside one Miriam Henderson and keep on writing out her thoughts with as little explanation of her circumstances as possible, so that The Tunnel, to anyone who has missed the earlier books, must be very nearly unintelligible.

for Occurrences 1%

I know how these abuses can be corrected and I intendlater on, when I understand the subject betterto draw up a Bill of Rights for the Insane.

during Occurrences 1%

Before we enter the question of women's rights during the Middle Ages, we must take a general survey of the character of that period; for obviously we cannot understand its legislation without some idea of the background of social, political, and intellectual life.

forninst Occurrences 1%

There was a first-class carr'ge door opin right forninst me, an' into that the gyard crams me holus-bolus.

throughout Occurrences 1%

The uncompromising assertion by reason of her absolute rights throughout the whole domain of thought is termed rationalism, and the slight stigma which is still attached to the word reflects the bitterness of the struggle between reason and the forces arrayed against her.

beyond Occurrences 1%

Hood's division swung round to assail the portion of the line thus retired, and so rapid was the movement of this energetic soldier, that in a short space of time he pushed his right beyond the Federal left flank, had pierced the exposed point, and was in direct proximity to the much-coveted "crest of the ridge," upon the possession of which depended the fate of the battle.

beside Occurrences 1%

I was holding to the pole of the Silver Fox emblem that was right beside me, and, oh cracky, I felt funny.

underneath Occurrences 1%

But that's mighty hard to do when you're right underneath it.