Which preposition to use with rock

of Occurrences 593%

It was marvellously coloured, like all the volcanic rocks of this island.

in Occurrences 384%

"These stones are common to the earth and to the moon; and some of those which have been so carefully analyzed by your most celebrated chemists, and pronounced different from any known mineral production of the earth, were small fragments of a very common rock in the mountains of Burma.

on Occurrences 324%

Just then he saw WESTCOTT'S huntin' cap above the rocks on the point, and saw his double-barrel poked out in the direction of the leader of the pack, and he knew that that old grey-back's time had come.

at Occurrences 180%

I no longer regarded the sparkling eddies of the little cascade which fell down a steep rock at the upper end of the garden, and formed a pellucid basin below.

to Occurrences 168%

Well, one day, in company with a boy who was visiting me, I went up to the 'falls,' and we concluded to climb the shelving rocks to the 'table;' and taking off our shoes and stockings, entered upon the perilous ascentfor such to some extent it was.

with Occurrences 148%

Barnett examined the rocks with enthusiasm.

from Occurrences 83%

Towards its head, a cold stream comes creeping around the boulders, and dancing and singing down the rocks from a copious spring, a short way back in the forest.

for Occurrences 70%

When we had finished, we had constructed as complete a laboratory on a small scale as you could find on a college campus, even to the stone pillar down to bed-rock for delicate microscopic experiments, and hot and cold water led from the springs.

near Occurrences 65%

The day was warm, and we trudged along leisurely enough, stopping about mid-day to eat our lunch upon a great flat rock near the riverbank.

by Occurrences 52%

" These things acted themselves over and over in Johnnie's mind as, throughout the fresh April afternoon, her long, free, rhythmic step, its morning vigour undiminished, swung the miles behind her; still present in thought when, away down in Render's Gap, she settled herself on a rock by the wayside where a little stream crossed the road, to wash her feet and put on the shoes which she had up to this time carried with her bundle.

like Occurrences 43%

This time the whale struck out wildly, and Kalitan held his breath, while Ted gasped at the Tyee's danger, for his kiak rocked like a shell and then was quite hidden from their sight by the spray which was dashed heavenward like clouds of white smoke.

above Occurrences 40%

I came out on a mossy rock above a deep, clear pool, into which a cascade tumbled.

into Occurrences 40%

There was no room for a sleeping posture, and the danger of rolling down the rock into the water kept him wide awake.

under Occurrences 40%

I sat down on a smooth rock under a tamarind tree, the scene of many an interesting conference between the Brahmin and myself; and I cast my eyes aroundbut how changed was every thing before me!

over Occurrences 33%

The length of the life of any lake depends ordinarily upon the capacity of its basin, as compared with the carrying power of the streams that flow into it, the character of the rocks over which these streams flow, and the relative position of the lake toward other lakes.

around Occurrences 25%

The lakelets, which a few miles down the valley were so richly embroidered with flowery meadows, had here, at an elevation of 10,000 feet, only small brown mats of carex, leaving bare rocks around more than half their shores.

behind Occurrences 23%

After letting it lay there a moment, I jerked suddenly, and up came the trout clean over my head on to the flat rock behind me.

between Occurrences 21%

Stiff-legged, prepared to spring, his neck and head reaching out, he approached the two rocks between which Gray Wolf had crept the night before.

along Occurrences 21%

How we got down I won't undertake to say, but when I got breath and looked out over the side of the boat I saw the old woods and rocks along the shore below the falls, rushin' up stream like a racehorse.

about Occurrences 19%

At half-past four they gave up the attempt, and from that hour Tahta and the rocks about it were objects of terror to them.

beside Occurrences 19%

Once he feebly touched the glittering fish tail that lay on the rock beside him.

beneath Occurrences 18%

These cliff-bound glaciers, seemingly wedged and immovable, are flowing like water and grinding the rocks beneath them.

off Occurrences 18%

Meanwhile the little squadron glided through the water, approaching the newly discovered land, and Columbus named the most eastern point "Cabo de la Galera," by reason of a great rock off it, which at a distance looked like a galley under sail.

without Occurrences 16%

The first rains fell on raw, crumbling moraines and rocks without a plant.

as Occurrences 14%

Seeing we could not get them to kill one of the lions, we bent our footsteps toward the village; in going round the end of the hill, however, I saw one of the beasts sitting on a piece of rock as before, but this time he had a little bush in front.

Which preposition to use with  rock
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