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Which preposition to use with  rocks

Which preposition to use with rocks

It was marvellously coloured, like all the volcanic rocks of this island.

"These stones are common to the earth and to the moon; and some of those which have been so carefully analyzed by your most celebrated chemists, and pronounced different from any known mineral production of the earth, were small fragments of a very common rock in the mountains of Burma.

Just then he saw WESTCOTT'S huntin' cap above the rocks on the point, and saw his double-barrel poked out in the direction of the leader of the pack, and he knew that that old grey-back's time had come.

I no longer regarded the sparkling eddies of the little cascade which fell down a steep rock at the upper end of the garden, and formed a pellucid basin below.

Well, one day, in company with a boy who was visiting me, I went up to the 'falls,' and we concluded to climb the shelving rocks to the 'table;' and taking off our shoes and stockings, entered upon the perilous ascentfor such to some extent it was.

Barnett examined the rocks with enthusiasm.

Towards its head, a cold stream comes creeping around the boulders, and dancing and singing down the rocks from a copious spring, a short way back in the forest.

When we had finished, we had constructed as complete a laboratory on a small scale as you could find on a college campus, even to the stone pillar down to bed-rock for delicate microscopic experiments, and hot and cold water led from the springs.

The day was warm, and we trudged along leisurely enough, stopping about mid-day to eat our lunch upon a great flat rock near the riverbank.

CHAPTER X HOW BELTANE MADE COMRADE ONE BLACK ROGER THAT WAS A HANGMAN The sun was low what time Beltane came to a shrine that stood beside the way, where was a grot built by some pious soul for the rest and refreshment of wearied travellers; and here also was a crystal spring the which, bubbling up, fell with a musical plash into the basin hollowed within the rock by those same kindly hands.

There was no room for a sleeping posture, and the danger of rolling down the rock into the water kept him wide awake.

This time the whale struck out wildly, and Kalitan held his breath, while Ted gasped at the Tyee's danger, for his kiak rocked like a shell and then was quite hidden from their sight by the spray which was dashed heavenward like clouds of white smoke.

I sat down on a smooth rock under a tamarind tree, the scene of many an interesting conference between the Brahmin and myself; and I cast my eyes aroundbut

I came out on a mossy rock above a deep, clear pool, into which a cascade tumbled.

The lakelets, which a few miles down the valley were so richly embroidered with flowery meadows, had here, at an elevation of 10,000 feet, only small brown mats of carex, leaving bare rocks around more than half their shores.

The length of the life of any lake depends ordinarily upon the capacity of its basin, as compared with the carrying power of the streams that flow into it, the character of the rocks over which these streams flow, and the relative position of the lake toward other lakes.

How we got down I won't undertake to say, but when I got breath and looked out over the side of the boat I saw the old woods and rocks along the shore below the falls, rushin' up stream like a racehorse.

After letting it lay there a moment, I jerked suddenly, and up came the trout clean over my head on to the flat rock behind me.

Among such indications I may remind you of the predominance of Holostome Gasteropoda in the older rocks as compared with that of Siphonostone Gasteropoda in the later.

Stiff-legged, prepared to spring, his neck and head reaching out, he approached the two rocks between which Gray Wolf had crept the night before.

At half-past four they gave up the attempt, and from that hour Tahta and the rocks about it were objects of terror to them.

These cliff-bound glaciers, seemingly wedged and immovable, are flowing like water and grinding the rocks beneath them.

Once he feebly touched the glittering fish tail that lay on the rock beside him.

The first rains fell on raw, crumbling moraines and rocks without a plant.

After all his labour, he was no better off on the rock than in the snow-hole below the alder, down there where he dared not look.

Meanwhile the little squadron glided through the water, approaching the newly discovered land, and Columbus named the most eastern point "Cabo de la Galera," by reason of a great rock off it, which at a distance looked like a galley under sail.

JOHN JACKOL "Russia is the rock against which the sigh for freedom breaks," said Kossuth, the great statesman and patriot of Hungary.

So Amedeo of Spain rode into his capital one snowy day in January, 1871, carrying high his head and looking down with courageous, intelligent eyes upon the faces of the people who refused to cheer him, as upon a sea of hidden rocks through which he must needs steer his hazardous way without a pilot.

Some springs are so highly impregnated with salt, as to have received the name of "brine" springs, and are supposed to have become so by passing through the salt rocks below ground, and thus dissolving a portion of this mineral substance.

But to what purpose is observation, if we must shut our eyes against it, and appeal for ever to the wisdom of our ancestors?if we must fall into errour, merely because they were mistaken, and rush upon rocks out of veneration to those who were wrecked against them.

Being down below on the plain with a native schoolmaster, named Mebalwe, a most excellent man, I saw one of the lions sitting on a piece of rock within the now closed circle of men.

Head in close to those rocks before us.

Non-violence means reliance on God, the Rocks of ages.

The rich pasture of our midland counties would take years in making the wiry Orkney fat and profitable, while one day's fatigue in climbing rocks after a coarse and scanty herbage would probably cause the actual death of the pampered and short-winded Leicester.

[Illustration] [Illustration: Rocks in the Sea.] THE WRECK.

And the body came forward over me, and did be utter dead already, and fell down upon the rock beyond me, and rolled horridly and went over the edge of the rock.

Wait!" commanded the Judge, as the crowd rocked towards Butts: "P'raps you'll tell us what kept you at home?

The horses having suffered much amongst the rocks during the last few days, I determined to follow the southern edge of the plain until a stream could be met with to lead us to the south-east.

The rock among these mountains, as I have said already, is very seldom laid bare.

Two minutes later Diablo was rocking across the hills with his mighty stride, and the cow pony of Pete Reeve was pattering beside him.

He purchased a fine Jersey cow of Will Johnson, sold his own flock of Plymouth Rocks at a high price to Mr. Merrick, and hired Ned Long to work around the yard and help Hucks mow the grass and "clean up" generally.

"The blue rock down the hillside.

LOOKING EAST FROM MOUNT CARMEL Photograph by Underwood & Underwood THE BAZAAR OF JAFFA ON A MARKET DAY Photograph by Underwood & Underwood STORMY SEA BREAKING OVER ROCKS OFF JAFFA Photograph by Underwood & Underwood

The bold adventurer ploughs his way, Through rocks amidst the foaming sea, To gain thy love; and then perceives Thou wert not in the rocks and waves.

Yet we felt that it was no stray visitor from another island that had peeped over the top of the massive table, and it was with a suspicious eye upon the sleeping Leith that we crept quietly over the coral rocks toward the tremendous stone piers of the structure that rose like a monster gateway against the gray sky.

I'm known from Saddle Rocks to Kennebunkport as a brave man and a capable master, even if old.

* * * * * Let other streams rejoice to roar Down the rough rocks of dread Lodore, Rush raving on with boisterous sweep, And foaming rend the frighted deep; Thy gentle genius shrinks away From such a rude unequal fray; Through thine own native dale where rise Tremendous rocks amid the skies, Thy waves with patience slowly wind,

We reached Cathedral Rocks on the 19th.

[By "D" cars on Geary street and Union street car at Ferry depot, or by taxi, auto or sightseeing bus.] Ocean Beach: This playground of San Francisco fronting the sea, with the Cliff House, the Esplanade, Sutro Heights, the Sutro salt water baths and the Seal Rocks with their barking sea lions, should be seen by every visitor to San Francisco.

As it was, the fall whirled him over and over, and by the time he had picked himself up the lighted caboose of the train was rocking past him.

From a gentle ascent, they had a view, before and behind, which showed them the richness of the country to the greatest advantage; and then, entering a grove of trees, they found themselves, on again emerging from it, on the rock opposite the castle.

There was evidently a deluge here after the land had dried and cracked, and it must have lasted a very long time for the waves to have hollowed, smoothed and polished the rocks inside the caverns and elsewhere as we now see them.

Agony bore quickly down on her paddle to offset the pull of the current; it struck an unexpected rock underneath the surface and twisted itself out of her hands.

Members of Clean Surf Project (CSP) ventured from Amanzimtoti Lagoon to Chain Rocks for another beach clean-up on Saturday, 15 August.

We ordered day-old Barred Plymouth Rocks from the feed mill twenty females and two males, all black balls of fluff with a white spot on their foreheads.

All the great songs and lyrics from the "Los Clasicos del Rock en Espanol" album ont he Web's largest and most authoritative lyrics resource.

Numerous cases may be cited where the ores have increased or decreased in quantity and richness, or have otherwise changed character in passing from one formation to another; but even here the proof is generally wanting that the vein materials have been furnished by the wall rocks opposite the places where they are found.

But if he be alive, and we do not save him, he will assuredly perish when the tide comes up and covers over those rocks amongst which he may now be hidden."

Why was religion, firm as a rock throughout the centuries, which had defied persecutions, schisms and wars, beginning to dissolve before the discoveries of a few men, and entering into that wild current which sought for the cause and explanation of everything?

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They found the shack wrapped in the warm, mellow light of the late afternoon; and on a flat-topped rock outside it big

The monster caught the sleeping knight in his powerful claws, and dashed him against the rocks until every bone in his body was broken into bits, although the magic armor remained quite whole.

And I made no more pause, but lifted mine Own and set her easy upon the earth, with an hump of smooth rock unto her back.

Inmates were forced to carry heavy rocks up the stairs.

Yet, arts are thine that rock th' unsleeping heart, And smiles to Solitude and Want impart.

The Rocks about her are shaped into Artificial Grottoes covered with Wood-Bines and Jessamines.

Breccia often has sharp edges on the contained material (i.e. other rocks) while Conglomerate has rounded rocks due to transportation in water.

Sibonelo Makhanya of Paarl Rocks during the Mzansi Super League match between Nelson Mandela Bay Giants and Paarl Rocks at St Georges Park on November 27, 2019 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.