Which preposition to use with rose

to Occurrences 3750%

For this, laid a firm foundation of law for Rome, adorned it with buildings, and all thatmy lords, words fail me; there are none can rise to the height of my indignation.

from Occurrences 2719%

It appeared to rise from the bowels of the earth.

in Occurrences 2451%

"Yes," I answered, and looked back toward the place; but it was hidden from us by a rise in the ground.

of Occurrences 1249%

One principle of growth and development is being slowly revealed,an approach to symmetry and civic form, which is seen in freedom, justice, popular education, the rise of masses, the power of public opinion, and a general regard for life, health, peace, national prosperity, and the individual weal.

above Occurrences 715%

A few minutes, it seemed, and I had risen above the great mountainsfloating, alone, afar in the redness.

with Occurrences 525%

It rose with a steady, perceptible movement.

at Occurrences 489%

A low hill rose at the back.

on Occurrences 481%

For, rising on the world-horizon, are these two World-empires, Russia and the United States.

into Occurrences 309%

A moment later, the face of one of the Swine-creatures rose into view.

out Occurrences 300%

The whole land is bare and unpeopled, the very earth scarcely covering the rock that lies beneath it, and with which the country abounds, in places rising out of the soil in wave-shaped ridges.

of Occurrences 286%

Instead of the lotos of the Ganges and the Nile, there shall bloom the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Vale.

before Occurrences 259%

I'm goneI'm gonebut harkye, Sir, you'll rise before day?

like Occurrences 210%

The sun is now behind the halted line of blue; the bayonets, catching the light, make a sea of liquid, mirror-like rivulets hovering in the air, with the bushy branches of pine rising like green isles in the shimmering tide.

against Occurrences 210%

The little Pilgrim paused upon the way; and her heart rose against her companion, who spoke things so hard to be received, and that seemed to dishonor the work of the Lord.

in Occurrences 203%

" He sat looking at a wreath of roses in the light carpet, lips compressed, beating with fist into palm.

over Occurrences 146%

This was the work of only ten minutes; but before we had finished, the deep voice of the thunder came rolling over the forest, and we could see the storm rising over the hills, in a long black line, all across the Western sky.

for Occurrences 128%

Monsignor Viale, nuncio at Vienna, and Monsignor Sacconi, nuncio at Munich, were assiduous and eager in detailing the sinister reports touching Rome and the Pope, and colored them in such a way as to create an apprehension of schism, the most serious one that could rise for a popeand that pope, too, Pius IX.

by Occurrences 111%

The moon had risen by this time, and they could now see their way clearly.

through Occurrences 76%

But he was yet occupied in public duties, and rose through successive stages to the office of Chief Judge in his own country of Lu.

as Occurrences 71%

And then the roll-call, in the misty morning when the sun, blear and very red, rose as if blushing, or apoplectic after the night's carouse!

on Occurrences 65%

I saw Rose on her way to church in a strange bridal costume, a 14th-century cap, three feet high, on her head, but looking prettier than ever; then suddenly the scene changed to moonlight, in which innumerable helmets and pieces of old china were dancing a wild farandola, while my uncle, clad in complete armour and with a formidable halberd in his hand, conducted the bewildering whirl.

behind Occurrences 57%

The sun was, however, rising behind the pines and a beam of light touched the sand.

without Occurrences 56%

The orator was a very busy man, a charming conversationalist and by no means despised a good dinner; and, I imagine, rose without having given a thought to what he was going to say.

within Occurrences 52%

And a hope rose within me that with all the forces that were here, some revolution might be possible,something that would change the features of this place and overturn the worlds.

from Occurrences 50%

In some places it was customary to scatter roses from the roof of the church, to recall the miracle of Pentecost.

Which preposition to use with  rose