Which preposition to use with  rowing

Which preposition to use with rowing

There were three or four old men with grey hair sitting in the first row of stalls (most uncomfortable seats) who followed every note of the music, turning around and frowning at any unfortunate person in a box who dropped a fan or an opera-glass.

When we try to realize what work is, when it is merely an amount of toil prodded out of man or woman by a hard taskmaster, we have only to look back to the bondage of Israel in Egypt, or to the time of Scylla, when there were thirteen million slaves in Italy alone: slaves whose set tasks were of over two hundred and fifty kinds; who worked on the road-building, on public works, and in rowing in the galleys of the slave-propelled ships.

I say, there's a fine row on up at the schoolsuch a lark; I'll tell you about it as we go along.

I vote we go and have a jolly row with him to-morrow morning."

So he rowed to the rock, and, as he supposed, secured his boat, and climbing up its side seated himself on his boat cushion, on the top.

We spent the next day in rowing about the Upper Saranac, exploring its beautiful bays and islands.

He'll get a jolly row for being late when he gets back, and he won't dare to say where he's been; because I know it's against their rules to come anywhere near us, and Locker's Lane is out of bounds.

"I believe it's either Noaks or Mouler," said Mugford; "they were both of them siding with Thurston, and trying to kick up a row at the meeting.

You wouldn't in them days row across any of these lakes in the trollin' season without hitchin' on to an eight, or ten, and now and then to a twenty-pounder.

Other places proving barren, we finally brought up at Wesnoi Leide, half an hour's row from Ozinka, and found the dog fish just beginning to run up stream, at the head of the bay.

It was a pleasant thing to row along the shore, into the bays, around the islands, and into the creeks that came in from other little lakes deeper in the wilderness.

" "Talking about rows over feeds," said Acton, "my brother John is at Ronleigh College, and I remember, soon after he went there, he said they had a great spree in his dormitory.

"Yes," said Keith, "everybody's got to come, even if it's only the usual row between pardners, who want to part and can't agree about dividing the outfit."

The furniture of course was "ministerial"stiff and heavygold-backed chairs and sofas standing in rows against the walls.

On one of these sun-drenched Saturdays dedicated by a growing tradition to this or that national expression, the Ninety-ninth Regiment, to a flare of music that made the heart leap out against its walls, turned into a scene thus swept clean for it, a wave of olive drab, impeccable row after impeccable row of scissors-like legs advancing.

By and by the boat was rowed into the center of the river, and Coubitant appeared to be seeking for a good fishing spot, as he pointed in different directions, and once or twice darted his spear into the water, and drew it out again without any success.

He took up the last of the gin slings set in a row before the party.

They were rowing towards me with tremendous energy, the officer in charge half standing up in the stern and encouraging them to still fiercer efforts.

I like to see hawks sitting daunted in shallow holes, not daring to spread a feather, and doves in a row by the prickle bushes, and shut-eyed cattle, turned tail to the wind in a patient doze.

He really rowed like steam, you know."

They just rowed down the river.

And two rows behind them is old Charlie, the Covent Garden 'drop,' with Holder Jack and Kemp, Birchill's mate.

The main body of our command had meanwhile arrived, and got into the row without ceremony, the firing now being heavy on both sides.

I should say it took about ten minutes for the first of them to reach the dirt road, where our autos stood hub-deep in mud, and by that time we had shoved and pulley-hauled them into movement, our engines making as much row as a nest of machine-guns as they struggled against the strain.

* * * * * Meanwhile, Terrence Malone and the lieutenant, Fernando's rival, were rowing toward Duck Island fire or six miles away.

"You can put a double row around it, if you like, and I'll be awfully glad to have it.

The row out to the ship was wet and dangerous.

Dust and ashes, dust and ashes, echoes from the gray walls, the mouldering thatch of the souks, the long lamentable song of the blind beggars sitting in rows under the feet of the camels and asses.

After this, taking his leave of the king, he rowed past the ships of the Indian merchants, which he saluted in passing with his ordnance; and when they saw us pass, they held up their hands, exclaiming Christe!

There were others toorows and rows within the arches, in the dusk of the mosque itself, and from man to man emotion passed like a spark upon the wind.

Having ended their conversation, and confirmed their mutual friendship, the king rowed through among our ships, examining them with much pleasure and admiration, and was saluted in passing by many discharges of the ordnance, at which he and his attendants seemed much delighted.

And when he came out of the forest he beheld before him a country of perfectly level marish, very lush and green, with many ponds of water and sluggish streams bordered by rushes and sedge, and with pollard willows standing in rows beside the waters.

From a photograph by Lewis Carroll.] On July 4, 1865, exactly three years after the memorable row up the river, Miss Alice Liddell received the first presentation copy of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland": the second was sent to Princess Beatrice.

But they know better how to row than how to fight at sea.

On passing the last gate, the general and his attendants entered along with the noblemen into a great hall, surrounded with seats of timber raised in rows above one another like our theatres, the floor being covered by a carpet of green velvet, and the walls hung with silk of various colours.

There was no need to steer, for there had been a dead calm for many hours, and they did not row during the night.

A double piece cannot move out of the double piece row until the next turn.

To cross on broken ice, as Eliza did to freedom, or to row amid floating ice, as Washington did to victory, is harder still.

They had now neared the whale and ceased rowing for a moment, lest they should miss it when down.

The growth of the oranges, lemons, cocoa-nuts, limes, figs, &c., placed in rows beneath the cliffs, had been prodigious.

To judge by the row outside the keepers of the gate had got their hands full.

"GermFalcon, along with Dimer's other products, are capable of delivering those dosages and recommend a reduced operating speed (10 rows per minute) to deliver three times the dosage required to kill coronaviruses of the past."

The relevant comparison is death row versus the population of murderers, not death row versus the general population, he said.

Both boats were now straining their uttermost, and from now on to the finish it was to be the stiffest rowing of which each was capable.

I am ready to lay down eight cards in a horizontal row off my double deck.

No one can imagine the commotion that existed at the cabins on the tenant row near the stream.

At last I perceived a boat rowing towards me, which, being very small and white-bottomed, I had some time taken for a fowl with a white breast; and I was taken off the barge by Captain Johnstone, after being ten hours on the water.

of Iuly in the morning we saw certaine ships, whereof one came vnto vs, wee rowed vnto it with a shalop, and spake with it, but we could not vnderstand them, but they shewed vs where we should haue water, which made vs glad, that wee might once againe haue our bellies full of water: it being almost foure Monthes that wee had not seene any land, nor taken in any fresh victuailes.

Meanwhile the row inside the hut is fiendish.

Was it possible that in our own little church at homein our own little church, where we could hear the birds twittering outside in every interval of the quiet servicethe old familiar faces, row beyond row, were even now upturned in reverent attention to the words of the preacher?