Which preposition to use with rub

through Occurrences 125%

A piece of boiled beef pounded to a pulp, with a bit of butter and flour, and rubbed through a sieve, and gradually incorporated with the soup, will be found an excellent addition.

with Occurrences 110%

Roll out an inch thick; cut with a biscuit-cutter; rub with melted butter; lay in a buttered baking-pan; let raise one hour; then bake in a hot oven twenty minutes.

against Occurrences 68%

For this wind came first from the sea, rubbing against its fresh, briny waves, then distilled through the redwoods, threading rich ferny gulches, and spreading itself in broad undulating currents over many a flower-enameled ridge of the coast mountains, then across the golden plains, up the purple foot-hills, and into these piny woods with the varied incense gathered by the way.

in Occurrences 58%

He would be out of place, and out of uniform, as well as out of temper with himself, if he was for any considerable length of time without the stub of a marvelously black pipe in his mouth, filled with plug tobacco, shaved and rubbed in his hand into a proper condition for smoking.

into Occurrences 48%

Then for quite a minute he sat silent, staring at the table, his fingers aimlessly rubbing into spots of wetness the water beads as they gathered on the outside of his glass.

on Occurrences 37%

and then I forgot everything till I found myself being rubbed on shore.

to Occurrences 30%

Put the milk into a basin with the flour, which should previously be rubbed to a smooth batter with a little cold milk; stir these ingredients together; add the well-whisked eggs, the rice, currants, sugar, and nutmeg.

of Occurrences 15%

They nodded to each other by way of breaking the ice of unacquaintance, and the first stranger handed his neighbor the family muga huge vessel of brown ware, having its upper edge worn away like a threshold by the rub of whole generations of thirsty lips that had gone the way of all flesh, and bearing the following inscription burnt upon its rotund side in yellow letters: THERE IS NO FUN UNTILL I CUM.

over Occurrences 11%

In boiling lobsters, the appearance of the shell will be much improved by rubbing over it a little butter or salad-oil on being immediately taken from the pot.

at Occurrences 11%

I went on rubbing at my helmet.

between Occurrences 7%

When this occurs the exuding discharge from the coronet becomes thinner and more putrescent, and its feel, when rubbed between the fingers, sometimes gritty with minute fragments of broken-up bone.

for Occurrences 6%

In either case they must be rubbed for five or ten minutes, every four or five hours, with the following liniment, previously warmed: Compound soap liniment, one ounce and a half; Laudanum, three drachms.

from Occurrences 5%

and he ran to the door, while Grandmother was still rubbing from her eyes the happy dream which had made them moist,the dream of a rosy, radiant Child who was to be the care and comfort of a lonely cottage.

off Occurrences 5%

"Captain Gar'ner, your eyes are younger than mine," said the Vineyard-man, holding the chart up to the light"will you be good enough to look here?does it not seem as if that key had been noted, and the words rubbed off the chart?

until Occurrences 4%

[Illustration: BUTTERSCOTCH PARFAIT] ARCADIA CAKES Scald and dry a small mixing bowl, put in 3 tablespoons butter and rub until creamy.

along Occurrences 3%

"I've just rubbed along with bad and good luck in streaks; fortunately for me, the good ones were thicker and more frequent than the bad ones.

without Occurrences 2%

We each of us went on rubbing without raising our heads.

out Occurrences 2%

At first it seemed perfectly dark inside the tree, but after the children had rubbed out of their eyes the soft powdery dust which their fall had stirred up, they made out the dull glow of a dying fire, a real one in a real fireplace this time, and no plum-pudding affair.

therewith Occurrences 1%

White-coral, from its resemblance to the teeth, was also in requisition, because "it keepeth children to heed their teeth, their gums being rubbed therewith."

around Occurrences 1%

A pat and a rub around the ears from the man, and a more prolonged caressing from the woman, and he was away down the trail in front of them, gliding effortlessly over the ground in true wolf fashion.

among Occurrences 1%

You know I have no scruples; a man rubs among the people and he rubs off many things; but you have heaped up the measure.

about Occurrences 1%

RICE, in the native rough state, with the husk on, is called paddy, both in India and America, and it will keep better, and for a much longer time, in this state, than after the husk has been removed; besides which, prepared rice is apt to become dirty from rubbing about in the voyage on board ship, and in the warehouses.

Which preposition to use with  rub