Which preposition to use with sailing

for Occurrences 801%

For the purpose of seeking that relief to my feelings which change of place only could afford, I determined to make a sea voyage; and, as one of my father's vessels was about to sail for Canton, I accordingly embarked on board the well-known ship the Two Brothers, captain Thomas, and left Sandy-hook on the 5th day of June, 1822, having first placed my three children under the care of my brother William.

from Occurrences 643%

"Sailed from New York back in the seventies.

in Occurrences 463%

Butterflies, too, and moths of every size and pattern; some broad-winged like bats, flapping slowly, and sailing in easy curves; others like small, flying violets, shaking about loosely in short, crooked flights close to the flowers, feasting luxuriously night and day.

to Occurrences 355%

Ringan said he had heard it in Accomac, and had sailed to Sabine to make sure.

on Occurrences 309%

Have you ever sailed on her before?

with Occurrences 296%

The face revealed was that of Timmins, the bo's'n's mate, who had sailed with the first vanished crew.

of Occurrences 201%

The great rivers that rolled in silence through unbroken forests, have become the highways of trade, upon whose bosoms the white sails of commerce are spread, and through whose waters countless steamboats plough their way.

along Occurrences 123%

England, wishing to have a share in this world of wonders, sent a Venetian mariner, John Cabot; and he and his son sailed along our northern mainland in English ships.

into Occurrences 98%

Leaving England in May, 1845, in command of the Erebus and Terror, with a body of the most staunch and experienced seamen, he sailed into the Arctic Seas.

over Occurrences 93%

The portion of the lake bottom selected for a feeding-ground lies at a depth of fifteen or twenty feet below the surface, and is covered with a short growth of algae and other aquatic plants,facts I had previously determined while sailing over it on a raft.

under Occurrences 90%

For it was an axiom of the men who sailed under Parkinson that the calmer that nervous man grew, the more cause was there for nervousness on the part of others.

of Occurrences 82%

The master of the ship wanted him to "cut his mainsail and cast about, and to trust to the sailing of his ship"; but Sir Richard utterly refused to turn from the enemy, saying that he would rather choose to die than dishonour himself, his country, and her Majesty's ship, and informed his company that he would pass through the two squadrons in spite of them.

out Occurrences 76%

He and Mrs. O'Flynn would take the first boat sailing out of San Francisco in the spring.

at Occurrences 74%

When we sailed at daybreak next morning I had the glow of satisfaction with my own doings which is a safe precursor of misfortunes.

through Occurrences 71%

It was a still, calm night, the glorious moon was sailing through the sky; the river was running water; the clouds were cloudy; the soldiers were soldiering.

across Occurrences 46%

For almost nightly now, huge German Zeppelins were sailing across the sea and dropping bombs upon the coast of Kent, upon Dover, and close even to London itself.

by Occurrences 37%

"If you sail by a Cape liner, it's a short run, and after you leave the Spanish coast the sea is generally smooth," he said.

down Occurrences 33%

Mr. Luff Williams, if ye want a whole skin over yer body pull about and sail down the coast like the divil was after ye!"

about Occurrences 32%

After sailing about for some time and touching at many ports we came at last to the island of Salahat, where sandal-wood grows in great abundance.

towards Occurrences 32%

Drake, after some deliberation, complying with the pilot's importunities, sailed towards the harbour, but had no sooner entered the mouth of it than he heard the report of artillery, which was answered by others at a greater distance; upon which the pilot told him, that they wero discovered, this being the signal appointed by the governour to alarm the coast.

without Occurrences 30%

The lowdah would have set his dirty sails without delay, for the fair wind was already drooping; but at the first motion he found himself deposed, and a usurper in command, at the big steering-paddle.

around Occurrences 27%

Nine years later the equator was passed, and in 1486 Bartholomew Dias sailed around the southern point of Africa, which he had been sent to discover.

against Occurrences 26%

Fresh discontent appeared at Rome, and Octavian equipped a second fleet to sail against the naval chief; but after two battles of doubtful result, the fleet was destroyed by a storm, and Sextus was again left in undisputed mastery of the sea.

IN Occurrences 23%


for Occurrences 22%

It was a light craft and a jolly crew, and all was smooth sailing for four or five days.

Which preposition to use with  sailing