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Which preposition to use with  sails

Which preposition to use with sails

For the purpose of seeking that relief to my feelings which change of place only could afford, I determined to make a sea voyage; and, as one of my father's vessels was about to sail for Canton, I accordingly embarked on board the well-known ship the Two Brothers, captain Thomas, and left Sandy-hook on the 5th day of June, 1822, having first placed my three children under the care of my brother William.

"Sailed from New York back in the seventies.

Butterflies, too, and moths of every size and pattern; some broad-winged like bats, flapping slowly, and sailing in easy curves; others like small, flying violets, shaking about loosely in short, crooked flights close to the flowers, feasting luxuriously night and day.

Ringan said he had heard it in Accomac, and had sailed to Sabine to make sure.

Have you ever sailed on her before?

The face revealed was that of Timmins, the bo's'n's mate, who had sailed with the first vanished crew.

The great rivers that rolled in silence through unbroken forests, have become the highways of trade, upon whose bosoms the white sails of commerce are spread, and through whose waters countless steamboats plough their way.

England, wishing to have a share in this world of wonders, sent a Venetian mariner, John Cabot; and he and his son sailed along our northern mainland in English ships.

Leaving England in May, 1845, in command of the Erebus and Terror, with a body of the most staunch and experienced seamen, he sailed into the Arctic Seas.

It was a still, calm night, the glorious moon was sailing through the sky; the river was running water; the clouds were cloudy; the soldiers were soldiering.

For it was an axiom of the men who sailed under Parkinson that the calmer that nervous man grew, the more cause was there for nervousness on the part of others.

The portion of the lake bottom selected for a feeding-ground lies at a depth of fifteen or twenty feet below the surface, and is covered with a short growth of algae and other aquatic plants,facts I had previously determined while sailing over it on a raft.

He and Mrs. O'Flynn would take the first boat sailing out of San Francisco in the spring.

When we sailed at daybreak next morning I had the glow of satisfaction with my own doings which is a safe precursor of misfortunes.

For almost nightly now, huge German Zeppelins were sailing across the sea and dropping bombs upon the coast of Kent, upon Dover, and close even to London itself.

He sailed down the Indus, in the year 326, with eight hundred vessels; having arrived at the ocean, he sent Nearchus with a fleet to run along the coasts of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf as far as the mouth of the Euphrates.

"If you sail by a Cape liner, it's a short run, and after you leave the Spanish coast the sea is generally smooth," he said.

CHAPTER XXI THE DRAGON'S SHADOW The lowdah would have set his dirty sails without delay, for the fair wind was already drooping; but at the first motion he found himself deposed, and a usurper in command, at the big steering-paddle.

Nine years later the equator was passed, and in 1486 Bartholomew Dias sailed around the southern point of Africa, which he had been sent to discover.

Drake, after some deliberation, complying with the pilot's importunities, sailed towards the harbour, but had no sooner entered the mouth of it than he heard the report of artillery, which was answered by others at a greater distance; upon which the pilot told him, that they wero discovered, this being the signal appointed by the governour to alarm the coast.

As Mrs. Legend sailed about her rooms amid such a circle, her mind expanded, her thoughts diffused themselves among her guests on the principle of Animal Magnetism, and her heart was melting with the tender sympathies of congenial tastes.

Fresh discontent appeared at Rome, and Octavian equipped a second fleet to sail against the naval chief; but after two battles of doubtful result, the fleet was destroyed by a storm, and Sextus was again left in undisputed mastery of the sea.

The lady sailed after himand the door closed.

Thus drifting afar to the dim-vaulted caves Where life and its ventures are laid, The dreamers who gaze while we battle the waves May see us in sunshine or shade; Yet true to our course, though our shadow grow dark, We'll trim our broad sail as before, And stand by the rudder that governs the bark, Nor ask how we look from the shore!

It seemed curious that there were not more passengers on the tender's deck; but perhaps he and Liane were among the first to come aboard; after all, they were not to sail before morning, according to the women.

They had not sailed past a hundred leagues before the breeze which Circe had lent them suddenly stopped.

But as that nobleman refused all concurrence with them, and as Lord Montagu also remained quiet in Yorkshire, they were obliged to disband their army and to fly into Devonshire, where they embarked and made sail toward Calais.

He sailed among a crowd of islands where either the bowsprit or the boom was continually getting caught in the shrubbery and rocks, until he came to island No. 18.

It must be the very acme of navigation to sail between America and England!"

Then he fetched an old newspaper, and sitting down on the borders of his lake, fashioned boat after boat out of the paper, and sent them sailing like merchant ships from isle to blooming isle.

His steamer did not sail until daybreak, and since he had gone up the mountain and seen the cathedral and Notre Dame, he did not know what to do.

These were falling one by one in slow, sure starvation along the banks of the hot, sluggish streams, while thousands of buzzards correspondingly fat were sailing above them, or standing gorged on the ground beneath the trees, waiting with easy faith for fresh carcasses.

Sixteen sail beyond the point!

"The next day the wind was again very strong, with thunder and lightning, and we ran dead before the wind with no more sail than a handkerchief.

I told him that I had been sailing during the summer, but that the boat was now laid up, and that I was anxious for another job.

At length, having sailed without sight of land for sixty-three days, they arrived, April 5, at the coast of Brasil, where, on the 7th, the Christopher was separated again from them by a storm; after which they sailed near the land to the southward, and, on the 14th, anchored under a cape, which they afterwards called cape Joy, because in two days the vessel which they had lost returned to them.

"Nothing else marred our pleasant little sail up the river except when we opened the lunch box we found only one sandwich, and no one would eat it.

Then I told him that I was sailing within a month for Virginia, and he suddenly grew solemn.

Men bowed to him with honest good-will, and boys, who had been flogged at school for confounding Congo and Coromandel, and putting Borneo in the Bight of Benin, made an awkward obeisance and stared wonderingly, as they met the man who had actually sailed round the world, and had, in his own person, illustrated the experiment of walking with his head downwards among the antipodes.

Scrubby forelands set with cedars, shadow-flecked paths under the scrub oak, meadows where water glimmered, white sails off Center Island and Cooper's BluffCooper's Bluff from the north, northeast, east, southeast, souththis they painted with never-tiring, Pecksniffian patience, boxing the compass around it as enthusiastically as that immortal architect circumnavigated Salisbury Cathedral.

For here's a tun of midnight work to come, Og, from a treason-tavern rolling home; Round as a globe, and liquored every chink, Goodly and great he sails behind his link.

Then let us sail unto Etruria, And cause our friends, the Germans, to revolt, And get some Tuscans to increase our power.

Each episode stars Whendy Sails of Channel 5 recapping moments in the series.

At the end of his speech, Styger lets fall the sail amid the beating of the drums and the shouts of the multitude; and on the flat sides of the rock appear the gilded metal letters, a foot high,"To the Singer of Tell, Fr.

Nothing diverted me but a man in a Turk's dress and two nymphs in masquerade without masks, who sailed amongst the company, and, which was surprising, seemed to surprise nobody.

good enough; we'll comb the lakes until we find out who is sailing aboard the Seminole.

Mark had, in fact, ascertained that the sail beneath the peak was no other than the little craft that had been swept away, as already described, with Betts in it.

FRANCIS BACON Savonarola's Reforms and Death The French Invade Italy (A.D.1494) PASQUALE VILLARI JEAN C. L. SISMONDI Discovery of the Mainland of North America by the Cabots (A.D.1497) SAMUEL EDWARD DAWSO The Sea Route to India Vasco da Gama Sails around Africa (A.D.1498) GASPAR CORREA Columbus Discovers South America (A.D.1498)

CHAPTER X Sails from Malta to PrevesaLands at PatrasSails againPasses IthacaArrival at Prevesa It was on the 19th of September, 1809, that Byron sailed in the Spider brig from Malta for Prevesa, and on the morning of the fourth day after, he first saw the mountains of Greece; next day he landed at Patras, and walked for some time among the currant grounds between the town and the shore.

The Sails in Kelowna, with Okanagan Lake in the background.

Never was music more sweet to my ears than the hearty "Yo heave ho!" of her negro crew as they sheeted home the topgallant sails outside the bar!

"Nex' we sails fo' Panama.

In briefe, that it was a waterish and fenny countrey, and full of riuers, chanels, and ditches, and that therein was an innumerable multitude of boates and small shippes, as likewise great store of tall and seruiceable ships, wherewith they sailed vnto all quarters of the world, etc.

Still on dark wings We sail beside him!

The 36-year-old veteran wired a diagonal pass to Kubalik, whose one-timer from deep in the right circle sailed inside the near post.