Which preposition to use with seasoned

of Occurrences 1241%

When the earth is at the full, which is their midnight, it is also a season of great festivity with them.

with Occurrences 500%

Finding his frankness to be thus seasoned with hospitality, we resumed our seats.

in Occurrences 235%

The season in the official world begins with a reception at the President's on New Year's day.

for Occurrences 209%

The net results were that we found a nesting place of sea birdstoo late in the season for eggs; a hot spring near enough camp to be useful; and that was about all.

to Occurrences 74%

We have gone back for a season to the freedom, the sports, the sights, the exercises which delighted our boyhood.

at Occurrences 72%

He had just been hearing from a friend of the very brilliant season at Deauville this year, and the streams of gold that flowed into the caisse of the management of the new hotel and casino.

on Occurrences 35%

The drama entitled "The Knight of the Plains, or Buffalo Bill's Best Trail," was first produced at New Haven, Conn.; it has proved a great success, and I expect to play it in England, where I purpose to go next season on a theatrical tour, having been urged to do so by my many friends abroad.

from Occurrences 33%

The first endeavours to account for the diversity of seasons from the situations, habitudes, and motions of the planets; and to explain an infinity of phenomena by the contemplation of the stars.

as Occurrences 23%

I wish that there was no such a season as summer-time, or else no such a place as the Adirondacks.

by Occurrences 19%

She harvested that first year, she has sowed and garnered season by season ever since.

during Occurrences 15%

It is probable that the wet season is much shorter in the interior than on the coast, and at no great distance inland the tropical wet season will cease altogether, as Captain Sturt, in latitude 26 degrees, only observed a fall of rain in the month of August; but this might be exceptional, as in the case of Dr. Leichhardt, who never encountered a rainy season during the journey to Port Essington.

without Occurrences 12%

You wouldn't in them days row across any of these lakes in the trollin' season without hitchin' on to an eight, or ten, and now and then to a twenty-pounder.

between Occurrences 11%

It was that glorious season between spring and summer, when the northern nights were brilliant with moon and stars, that Kazan and Gray Wolf set up the valley between the two ridges on a long hunt.

after Occurrences 10%

After listening to it in all kinds of winds, night and day, season after season, I think I could approximate to my position on the mountains by this pine-music alone.

than Occurrences 10%

And, sure enough, Ethelyn arrayed herself in a most resplendent gown which, though very beautiful, was made in a style more suited to a belle of several seasons than a young miss of sixteen.

before Occurrences 9%

Besides the common honey-bee there are many other species herefine mossy, burly fellows, who were nourished on the mountains thousands of sunny seasons before the advent of the domestic species.

about Occurrences 5%

They are in season about the end of April, and gradually improve till February, when they attain their highest condition.

into Occurrences 5%

Pick the meat from the shell, and cut it up into small square pieces; put the stock, cream, and seasoning into a stewpan, add the lobster, and let it simmer gently for 6 minutes.

with Occurrences 5%

The atmosphere of this particular inn is not unlike that of every other inn in the White Empire, inasmuch as it is heavily seasoned with the scent of cabbage soup.

under Occurrences 4%

Five American League teams started the season under new managers.

against Occurrences 3%

The first occasion on which this spirit clearly manifested itself was some ten days after the elections, when the college played their first football match of the season against Ronleigh town.

among Occurrences 3%

The American autumn, or fall, as we poetically and affectionately term this generous and mellow season among ourselves, is thought to be unsurpassed, in its warm and genial lustre, its bland and exhilarating airs, and its admirable constancy, by the decline of the year in nearly every other portion of the earth.

like Occurrences 3%

Their food, instead of bread, is flour of Indian corn boiled, and seasoned like hasty-pudding, and this called hommony.

than Occurrences 2%

ALL DISHES PREPARED FOR BAKING should be more highly seasoned than when intended to be roasted.

unto Occurrences 2%

As I sit at my desk my eye is attracted by the row of books before me, and what a comment on life are their very titles: "Songs in the Night," "Light on Little Graves," "The Night of Weeping," "The Death of Little Children," "The Folded Lamb," "The Broken Bud," these have strayed one by one into my small enclosure, to speak peradventure a word in season unto my weariness.

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