Which preposition to use with seat

of Occurrences 1922%

" Pedo brings him before the judgement seat of 14 Aeacus, who was holding court under the Lex Cornelia to try cases of murder and assassination.

in Occurrences 1778%

And there seated in the opening of our little tent, I began the strange tale of The House on the Borderland (for such was the title of the MS.); this is told in the following pages.

on Occurrences 1101%

Happily it was a beautiful warm day, as all the guests invited by the marshal and the Government were seated on a platform outside the Trocadero building.

at Occurrences 805%

Once, while I was seated at the foot of a Hemlock Spruce in one of the most inaccessible of the San Joaquin yosemites engaged in sketching, a reckless fellow came up behind me, passed under my bended arm, and jumped on my paper.

with Occurrences 264%

I picture myself seated with my family on the heights at Weehawken, smoking a good cigarette, and musing on the affairs of nations as I watch the flow of that superb river (as much finer than the Rhine, my friend, as wine is finer than lagerbier!) which I have often, in days gone by, admired and extolled by the hour.

beside Occurrences 224%

" I lifted him up on the seat beside me, and smoothed his auburn ringlets.

for Occurrences 200%

The pavilion at Ronleigh being raised some distance above the level of the field, there was a space between the floor and the ground used for storing whiting-buckets, goal-posts, and a number of forms, which were brought out on match-days to afford seats for visitors.

by Occurrences 170%

" With no very amiable face Kelson got in and took the vacant seat by the stranger.

near Occurrences 126%

I therefore prevailed on my indulgent parent, with the aid of my mother's intercession, to purchase for me a neat country-seat near Huntingdon, which presented a beautiful view of the Sound, and where, surrounded by the scenes of my childhood, I promised myself to realise, with my Susanna, that life of tranquil felicity which fancy, warmed by love, so vividly depicts.

under Occurrences 83%

" Without waiting for an answer, he went off to his favourite seat under the little birch-tree.

before Occurrences 67%

" "Then don't be so horrid," returns the pensive girl, taking a seat before him upon the rustic settee, and abstractedly arranging her dress so that only two-thirds of a gaiter-boot can be seen.

to Occurrences 66%

The Nigger became more sullen; Perdosa more snake-like; Pulz more viciously evil; Thrackles more brutal; while Handy Solomon staggering from his seat to the open keg and back again, roaring fragments of a chanty, his red headgear contrasting with his smoky black hair and his swarthy hook-nosed countenancehe needed no further touch.

behind Occurrences 51%

A girl who sat in the seat behind me giggled in an irritating manner.

among Occurrences 49%

The queen her mother was already up, and seated among her maids, spinning at her wheel, as the fashion was in those primitive times, when great ladies did not disdain housewifery: and the king her father was preparing to go abroad at that early hour to council with his grave senate.

as Occurrences 41%

" An officer who had been sharing the seat with Merry arose on hearing this and said, kindly: "Madam, if you will make use of your seat as a couch, perhaps your mother will feel more comfortable reclining.

between Occurrences 41%

And the little Pilgrim cried out again, in wonder and joy; and presently found herself seated between them, her father and her mother, the two who had loved her most in the other days.

around Occurrences 39%

There were shadows seated around that pretty little table à quatre, beside the guests in their pretty dresses and their black coats; silent cold shadows, who ate nothing, while they chilled the dainty food and took the sweetness from the succulent dishes.

round Occurrences 37%

One of them was of a party seated round a table and an angel looking on.

opposite Occurrences 35%

Instead of replying, however, he laid down his boot, rose, and first taking from a shelf a whole skin of calf-leather, and next a low chair from a corner of the room, he set the latter near his own seat opposite the window.

beneath Occurrences 26%

As thus he walked along with a brisk step and a merry whistle, he came suddenly upon some foresters seated beneath a great oak tree.

from Occurrences 26%

No dog is a fit thing to occupy a girl's time, and this imp o' mischief Mumbles must take a back seat from now on.

without Occurrences 20%

At first it comforted her to see how something nobler in every man would answer to the pleadings; and then her heart failed her, to perceive that notwithstanding this the judge would leave his seat without a decision, and all would end in vanity.

like Occurrences 20%

Our civil war would have been three campaigns shorterBurnside's, Hooker's, and the stupid massacre of Popeto say nothing of the saving of untold treasure, had the political authorities abandoned a capital which must be defended for a secure seat like New York or Philadelphia.

within Occurrences 19%

The only sign of life he gave was to rush away the moment the coroner had taken his leave, and regain his seat within sight and hearing of his still unconscious sister.

about Occurrences 15%

Mr. Washington and half a dozen friends were seated about the room, talking through clouds of tobacco smoke of the coming expedition.

Which preposition to use with  seat