Which preposition to use with seconds

of Occurrences 568%

In the same second of time, the world-noise was drowned in the roar of the wind, and then my ears ached, under the stunning impact of the thunder.

in Occurrences 364%

Longer and longer became the nights, and the days equaled them; so that, at last, the day and the night grew to the duration of seconds in length, and the sun showed, once more, like an almost invisible, coppery-red colored ball, within the glowing mistiness of its flight.

to Occurrences 216%

A pair of apaches whirl for one hundred and twenty consecutive seconds to a great bang of cymbals and seventy-five dollars a week.

at Occurrences 56%

Five seconds at the longest is all that is allowed him when he sees these motions, for within that time, with its fears thoroughly aroused, the game will be plunging for the shelter of the woods.

with Occurrences 54%

" "Have him fill up the second with print paper," proposed Arthur.

on Occurrences 53%

With one out in the fifth Yerkes batted for a base, but was thrown out at second on Speaker's grounder and Speaker died trying to steal.

by Occurrences 51%

The second by Euripides with the Alexander, Palamêdês, Troädes and Sisyphus, a Satyr-play.

from Occurrences 50%

Scarcely ten seconds from the time when she first answered the knock, Nelly was opening the door and peeping out into the hall.

for Occurrences 50%

Many looked askance when Larry Gardner, supposedly a second baseman, was assigned to third, but the results more than justified the move, and it made room at second for Yerkes, a player who had proved only mediocre on the other side of the diamond.

over Occurrences 32%

Then dredge in the flour gradually, and when the whites of the eggs have been whisked to a solid froth, stir them to the flour, &c.; beat the mixture well for another 5 minutes, then draw it along in strips upon thick cartridge paper to the proper size of the biscuit, and bake them in rather a hot oven; but let them be carefully watched, as they are soon done, and a few seconds over the proper time will scorch and spoil them.

after Occurrences 29%

XIV AN ADVENTURE IN THE NIGHT Ten seconds after entering the arroyo I was stumbling along in an absolute blackness.

as Occurrences 21%

They objected is the first as savoring of Paganism and to the second as pertaining to Judaism; and yet they enforced the observance of the Christian’s day of rest with almost Mosaic strictness.]

before Occurrences 20%

" It wasn't thirty seconds before sonny was adding: "Did that half-breed think it was any use our trying to get dogs?" "Ain't to be had now for love or money.

into Occurrences 11%

The villains first mentioned, or those of the lowest class, had all these gradations to pass through, from the first into the second, and from the second into the third, before they could become free men.

between Occurrences 11%

There was only the split part of a second between the rising and the fall of the canvas, but in that swift interval, Donnegan saw the girl starting up to receive Landis.

like Occurrences 9%

She sat silent for a few seconds like one who is afraid of saying too much.

per Occurrences 8%

This, or the reverse, which we believe might happen any year, and could certainly not be detected without far more accurate observations and calculations for the mean sea-level than any hitherto made, would slacken or quicken the earth's rate as a timekeeper by one- tenth of a second per year.

through Occurrences 7%

While I hesitated to reply, gathering up as well as I could the thread of these thoughts as they passed in a few seconds through my mind, my left hand touched an object hidden in my bride's zone.

without Occurrences 6%

He looked at her for quite thirty seconds without replying.

under Occurrences 5%

Yet, from the way he talked, you would have thought I was one of those chaps in sweaters with medals all over them, whose photographs bob up from time to time in the illustrated press on the occasion of their having ridden from Hyde Park Corner to Glasgow in three seconds under the hour, or whatever it is.

against Occurrences 5%

Faint, she swayed for a second against the balustrade, then turned and ran downstairs, ears strained for the sickening crash from below.

than Occurrences 5%

In comparing the order in which the ideas presented themselves, I find that a decided precedence is assumed by the histrionic ideas, wherever they occur; that verbal associations occur first and with great quickness on many occasions, but on the whole that they are only a little more likely to occur first than second; and that imagery is decidedly more likely to be the second than the first of the associations called up by a word.

past Occurrences 4%

When the clock strikes twelve in Madrid, it is 8 hours, 18 minutes, and 41 seconds past eight in the evening at Manila; that is to say, the latter city lies 124° 40' 15'' to the east of the former (7 hours, 54 minutes, 35 seconds from Paris).

toward Occurrences 3%

If you don't believe mewhy, ask the lady herself, Billy!" As he spoke, he turned his sneering eyes for the fraction of a second toward Joanne.

towards Occurrences 3%

The first detachment left towards one o'clock in the morning, and was driven to Mont Valérien; the second towards five o'clock, and was driven to Mazas; the third towards half-past six, to Vincennes.

Which preposition to use with  seconds