Which preposition to use with sendest

to Occurrences 2796%

I don't know what became of them; I fancy they were sent to the cavalry stables.

for Occurrences 2262%

Their life was very short and stormy; they were really dead before they began to exist and in December the marshal sent for M. Dufaure and charged him to form a Ministere de Gauche.

from Occurrences 547%

The paper will be | | sent from the first number, (April 2d, 1870,) when not | | otherwise ordered.

in Occurrences 436%

He told me that the Mirvoon, uneasy at my not returning as usual in the evening, had sent in search of me, and that the servant, finding me safe, was content to return without me.

into Occurrences 349%

A man is sent into the world to wield a hammer, a saw, and run an engine.

on Occurrences 319%

It was suggested that she be sent on an expense-paid trip to the Canary Islands.

with Occurrences 211%

Soon after returning to Fort Hays, I was sent with dispatches to Fort Harker.

as Occurrences 147%

About this time agents were being sent to the East to induce emigrants to locate in Kansas, and father was sent as one of these agents to Ohio.

against Occurrences 139%

A small band of soldiers was sent against this tribe to make them obey.

after Occurrences 99%

We succeeded in making our escape, though a farewell shot or two was sent after us.

at Occurrences 77%

Married a child still playing with her dolls, and sent at once to a convent to learn to read and write, she became a woman the instant her husband became a captive; while he watered his pinks in the garden at Vincennes, she went through France and raised an army for his relief.

through Occurrences 73%

I shall insist to-night on accompanying her, as some of our physicians are going to be sent through the lines at the same time.

out Occurrences 73%

He was sent out of the country for a little while, but I don't think his exile was a very terrible one.

across Occurrences 48%

I had no difficulty in obtaining work under my old employers, and in May, 1857, I started for Salt Lake City with a herd of beef cattle, in charge of Frank and Bill McCarthy, for General Albert Sidney Johnson's army, which was then being sent across the plains to fight the Mormons.

by Occurrences 45%

One of the stories which was always told of the Foreign Office was her "petit paquet," which she wanted to send by the valise to Berlin, when the Comte de St. Vallier was French ambassador there.

under Occurrences 42%

They would hold the emperour in perpetual dependence, would, perhaps, take possession of his hereditary dominions, as a mortgage for their expenses; would awe him with the troops which they sent under a pretence of assisting him, and leave him only the titles of dominion, and the shadows of empire.

unto Occurrences 29%

"When the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me.

before Occurrences 28%

He sent before him a herald to the Roman general, informing him that he was willing to act as arbitrator in the dispute between the Romans and the Greek cities of Italy, if they chose to terminate it peacefully.

of Occurrences 26%

He was sent of Jesus.

among Occurrences 21%

Our object is not to subvert them: you are not sent among those Churches to proselytise.

over Occurrences 19%

More than 800,000 men were sent over the border into Prussia.

about Occurrences 17%

So it came to be "the great room," and no more; and a great thing it was for Dick Lee to find himself sitting on one of the front seats of it, with his friends all in line at his right, waiting their turn with him to be "classified," and sent about their business.

without Occurrences 12%

The enemy thus became of formidable strength, and in consequence it was thought proper to communicate the inequality to Kai-khosráu, that reinforcements might be sent without loss of time.

along Occurrences 10%

blockif you can't fight the ball back to the Navy goal," was the word that Captain Hart, of the college team, sent along his own line.

vs Occurrences 7%

The Master being a wise fellowe, and a good sayler, beganne to deuise howe to escape the danger, and to loose litle of our way: and while both he, and all of vs were in our dumps, God sent vs a merry gale of winde, that we ranne threescore and tenne leagues before it was twelue a clocke the next day, and in sixe dayes after we were seuen leagues past Zante.

Which preposition to use with  sendest