Which preposition to use with sensation

of Occurrences 757%

I may explain my feeling better by saying that it was more a sensation of abhorrence; such as one might expect to feel, if brought in contact with something superhumanly foul; something unholybelonging to some hitherto undreamt of state of existence.

in Occurrences 171%

This is strange, certainly, but not more so than the statement of our young man, TOM, who affirms that, having had his arm around ANNA'S waist some three weeks ago, he still feels the most bewitching sensations in that arm.

at Occurrences 40%

In about an hour more we had the doors secured, and every thing arranged in its place, when, cutting the cords which fastened us to the ground, by means of small steel blades which worked in the ends of other screws, we rose from the earth with a whizzing sound, and a sensation at first of very rapid ascent: but after a short time, we were scarcely sensible of any motion in the machine, except when we changed our places.

to Occurrences 29%

During the process of unrobing neither spoke, for the affair on which they had just been employed, caused novel and disagreeable sensations to them all.

as Occurrences 28%

It is now twelve years since I have felt such a sensation as weariness.

among Occurrences 26%

We farther learnt that this opinion, which was at first cautiously circulated in the higher circles, had become more generally known, and was producing a strong sensation among the people.

on Occurrences 26%

At the commencement of the 18th century, the Illuminati, a sect of astrologers, had excited considerable sensation on the continent.

with Occurrences 24%

We shall not stop to dwell on the awful sensations with which Mrs. Legend heard the first ring at her door, on the eventful night in question.

from Occurrences 17%

She had received a shock so great that it took all sensation from her, and threw her into the seething and surging of an excitement altogether beyond her control.

BY Occurrences 17%


for Occurrences 13%

"Why drag into the light my father's conduct in order to make a day's sensation for the newspapers?

like Occurrences 10%

A warmer breath fanned his cheek; he felt a sensation like ice on the back of his neck.

than Occurrences 9%

To the innocence of Emily such persecution could excite no other sensations than surprise and horror; and as her aunt omitted the part concerning the daughter of Sir Edward Moseley, she naturally expressed her wonder as to who the wretch could be.

about Occurrences 8%

He never looked ugly, save when he encountered Robert's scowling face, and then he felt unpleasant sensations about the shoulders.

into Occurrences 8%

It was most observable in mixed society, and once or twice her imagination pictured his sensations into something like alarm.

throughout Occurrences 8%

George Canning has produced a general sensation throughout this country.

without Occurrences 7%

As the fish lives in the water, so a man lives only in the external medium which surrounds him, the sensations which he receives from it transforming themselves in him into impulses, thoughts, and acts; so that if there were absolute rest, if he continued to receive sensations without giving them out again, digested and transformed, an engorgement would result, a malaise, an inevitable loss of equilibrium.

after Occurrences 4%

She had been talking of dying only the evening before, with a friend, and had described her own sensations after a long illness when she had been at the point of death.

between Occurrences 3%

When she laid herself down at night to rest, and was floating among sweet sensations between sleep and waking, she seemed to be looking into a clear but softly illuminated space.

around Occurrences 3%

"Of course, the Treasury took up the case and subpoenaed Mr. Morton as a witness, so that gentlemanif he wished to hush the matter up, or had been in any way terrorised into a promise of doing sogained nothing by his refusal, except an additional amount of curiosity in the public mind and further sensation around the mysterious case.

through Occurrences 3%

He smiled at her abruptly, and something sent a queer sensation through hera curious feeling of familiarity that held and yet eluded her.

down Occurrences 3%

" Mr. Wilks distinctly felt a cold, clammy sensation down his spine and little quivering thrills ran up and down his legs.

due Occurrences 2%

In short, if we please to call all sensations due to external impressions "direct" and all others "induced" then there are many channels through which the "induction" of the latter may take place, and the channel of ordinary visualisation in the persons just mentioned is different from that through which their visions arise.

inside Occurrences 2%

There is a bookseller's shop at the corner; I almost invariably feel tempted to stop when passing a depôt for literature, especially in a strange place; but on the present occasion a Brobdignagian notice caught my eye, and gave me a queer sensation inside my waistcoat"Awful smash among the Banks!"

within Occurrences 2%

His mother was trying to coax him with kind words, and he actually raised the filled spoon to his lips once more, but the sensation within him was such that he let it drop again with a splash.

Which preposition to use with  sensation