Which preposition to use with servant

of Occurrences 1404%

And, in order that thou mayest understand in a few words the power of the deity, I tell thee that, while everything succumbs to nature, and nothing can ever be emancipated from her dominion, Nature herself is but the servant of Love.

in Occurrences 522%

The number of servants in red liveries, the solitary standing figure at the end of the long enfilade of rooms, the high diamond comb and long veil, quite transformed the very stout, red-faced lady whom I used to meet often walking in the Bois.

to Occurrences 296%

Two Seamen. Lopez, Servant to Baltazer.

from Occurrences 178%

Cartwright saw his wife had forgotten him, and turning to the others with a commanding gesture, drove them and the servants from the hall.

with Occurrences 160%

Happily our carriages and servants with our wraps were waiting in one of the inner courts, and we got away easily enough, but the evening was disastrous to most of the company.

for Occurrences 150%

A servant for herself, so I could pass, maybe, Mrs. Suss and Mrs. Katz by on the street.

at Occurrences 130%

She had too good an opinion of herself to take a message to a servant at a house from which she had been expelled by the owner, who had been keeping her.

on Occurrences 59%

The party consisted of the chieftain and his trembling secretary, a negro servant on horseback, two postilions,one of them a mere lad,and a couple of couriers who were travelling in the same direction.

as Occurrences 57%

Should I go home and by some sort of subterfuge now unthought of, try to deceive my servants as to the time of my return, or attempt to create an alibi elsewhere?

by Occurrences 31%

Despatching his baggage and servants by sea to Gibraltar, he and his friend started on horseback through the south-west of Spain.

about Occurrences 26%

We do not know what Alcibiades said to his man-servant about the care of his clothes, baths, perfumes,nor what his man-servant retailed to other retainers of the eccentricities and vanities of his master.

than Occurrences 24%

The woman was much less cordial; she was curt, and treated Beaumaroy rather as the servant than the friend of her dead cousin; there was a clear suggestion of suspicion in her bearing towards him.

under Occurrences 23%

There were three masters with four or five servants under them.

into Occurrences 20%

He followed the servant into a vast room, where a great company was seated round a table covered with all sorts of delicacies.

without Occurrences 18%

M. St.-Ange remarked to his servant without turning his head that somehow he felt sure he should soon return those bons that the mulatto had lent him.

out Occurrences 14%

Honest, mama, toto think how you're letting a crowd of old, flabby women that aren't fit even to wipe your shoes make a regular servant out of you!

during Occurrences 14%

A family can not get rid of a servant during her term of employment without official intervention.

against Occurrences 13%

Since the Conqueror's days no Pope might be recognized as Apostolic Pope save at the king's command; no legate might land or use any power in England without the king's consent; no ecclesiastical senate could decree laws which were not authorized by the king, or could judge his servants against his will.

through Occurrences 13%

But the lines of care grew deeper on the master's swarthy cheek, While around the weakest fainted and the strongest waxéd weak; And the water-skins were empty, and a silent murmur ran From the faint, bewildered servants through the straggling caravan: "Let the land we left be blessed!that to which we go, accurst!

among Occurrences 12%

If buying servants among the Jews shows that they were property, then buying wives shows that they were property.

behind Occurrences 11%

So he was very glad when a gentleman dressed in black, on horseback, with a mounted servant behind him, came to fetch him away from Ealing.

unto Occurrences 10%

He says that man preached a sermon that proved niggers were born to be servants of servants unto their brethren.

after Occurrences 9%

But now no one would employ him as a house servant after the revelations that had been made in this court.

before Occurrences 9%

He at last complies; and having finished his repast, departs with his servants before the morning.

until Occurrences 6%

I think it would be well to leave them here in the care of our servants until our return.

Which preposition to use with  servant