Which preposition to use with services

of Occurrences 3116%

Throughout the world there is being turned to the service of religion the highest training, the most intellectual power.

in Occurrences 1367%

She plunged at once into her subjecther brother's delicate health, accustomed to all the comforts and what the books call "higher civilisation" of Europe, able to do good service in courts and society, as he knew everybody.

to Occurrences 1352%

Beside these things the average church services to-day are both stupid and poky.

for Occurrences 514%

There was a magnificent service for him at Notre Dame.

at Occurrences 285%

Our first great function that winter was the service at the Madeleine for the King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel, who died suddenly in the beginning of January, 1878.

on Occurrences 262%

She continued to teach school and hold worship services on Sunday.

as Occurrences 245%

He heard of my sickness, and on Wednesday morning called to see me, proffering his services as a nurse and watchman, prompted by gratitude for the past.

with Occurrences 189%

"From his services with my command, steadily in the field for nine months, from October, 1868, to July, 1869, and at subsequent times, I am qualified to bear testimony to his qualities and character.

by Occurrences 124%

" "And how well all your choir has the service by heart!

from Occurrences 86%

"All you say is true, but I want a different kind of service from you.

without Occurrences 67%

We're to have from the plunder gotten out of St. Leger's camp all we may need in way of an outfit, so that we'll really show up before the commander equipped for service without cost to the colonies.

under Occurrences 57%

A day or two later, Frank and Jack again found themselves installed in the comfortable home of Lord Hastings, where they sat down to await what time might bring forthconfident, however, that it would not be long before they were upon active service under the command of their good friend, Lord Hastings.

during Occurrences 47%

Twelve crusaders were chosen from the thirty-three students who volunteered for dangerous service during a summer vacation on the Vassar College farm.

than Occurrences 43%

You can do the Union no better service than listening to what he has to say.

against Occurrences 27%

From what he said, it seemed that some Russian woman, married to an Englishman, a captain in the garrison, had been impressed into the secret service against her will, but that she had, in order to save herself, promised to obtain the photographs and plans that were required.

over Occurrences 17%

While we were looking at the Mormons they were holding a funeral service over the remains of some of their number who had died.

until Occurrences 15%

He must possess this knowledge in addition to the lessons derived from his study of war, and the naval officer is learning from the day that he enters the Service until the day that he leaves it.

of Occurrences 13%

A DAILY PRAYER BOOK, for FAMILIES and SCHOOLS; arranged from the Services of the United Church of England and Ireland, after the Form and Order of Morning and Evening Prayer.

into Occurrences 13%

Another letter from M.Y., written at the conclusion of this journey, supplies a few more traits of the Christian service into which they were led in the course of it.

among Occurrences 13%

She was an ardent Christian, and devoted herself to works of beneficence and Christian service among the poor, as far as her delicate health would allow.

before Occurrences 12%

Supposing now that the incidents detailed in the "Lytell Geste" really took place at this time, Robin Hood must have entered into the royal service before the end of the year 1353.

between Occurrences 10%

They have organised regular steamship services between German and Turkish ports, multiplied the volume of Turco-German trade, and extended their capital investments, particularly in the Ottoman Debt and the construction of railways.

out Occurrences 10%

Belyve the elder bairns come drapping in, At service out amang the farmers roun'; Some ca' the pleugh, some herd, some tentie rin.

after Occurrences 10%

The Institute ended there, except for a simple vesper service after the evening meal, and on Monday morning the whole company was homeward bound.

beyond Occurrences 9%

Some of them took no pay and were not bound to service beyond the neighbourhood of Quebec, thus being very much like the Home Guards raised all over Canada and the rest of the Empire during the Great World War of 1914.

Which preposition to use with  services